MasterClass Jodie Foster’s Filmmaking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Jodie Foster's Filmmaking Lesson Review

MasterClass Jodie Foster's Filmmaking Lesson Review

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With online classes, any aspiring creative can learn filmmaking. However, many students lament the struggle involved in finding an affordable and in-depth filmmaking lesson. Competent tutors with a thorough understanding of the industry are also hard to come by.

However, the renown Masterclass, synonymous with compiling world-class educators, has a filmmaking lesson. The lesson comes from Jodie Foster, and it makes it on quality, pricing, content.

Jodie Foster, actress, producer, and the director is an all-round instructor ready to share her experience in all facets of filmmaking. She makes the filmmaking lesson unique by bringing in her knowledge and multi-faceted perspective.

MasterClass Jodie Foster Instructor

Jodie’s lesson will help you find a story for your film, as she takes you through the challenging aspects of filmmaking and her story development process. Insights into the travails of filmmaking armor you with the knowledge to overcome any bumps along your journey.

One substantial aspect of the lesson is Jodie’s experience as an actor and filmmaker. In acting lessons, she shares her process of getting the best out of an actor. She proceeds to breakdown case studies that will improve your decision-making skills and help you make wise film choices.

About Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster began acting from a young age, and by the time she was six years old, she had made her acting debut. Her first act was in a sitcom, Mayberry R.F.D, and also featured in a film-Napoleon and Samantha at 12.

She has won multiple awards in both filming and directing. Her most spectacular awards include Cecil B. DeMille Award, 3 British Academy Film Awards, two Academy Awards, and two Golden Globe awards.

MasterClass Filmmaking Lesson Online with Jodie Foster Review

About the Learning Platform

By now, you know you’ll take the filmmaking lesson exclusively on Masterclass. Studying on Masterclass is an opportunity to learn from the cream of the crop teachers signed up on the platform.

You can take over 65 lessons from instructors teaching subjects such as fashion design, writing, directing, cooking, beat-making, economics, creativity, and sports. Some professionals teaching in Masterclass include.

  • Phil Ivey teaching Poker Strategy
  • Jimmy Chin teaching adventure and photography
  • Sara Blakely teaching self-made entrepreneurship
  • Judd Apatow teaching comedy
  • DeadMau5 teaching electronic music production

Masterclass focuses on delivering quality content through collaborations with tutors. They, however, allow instructors to develop courses from their experiences to enhance uniqueness.

Lessons Presentation and Format

Jodie Foster’s filmmaking lesson comprises pre-recorded videos, a class workbook, student interaction, and question and answers sessions from the instructor.

The videos focus on the primary aspects of the curriculum and are tailor-made to allow lesson completion. They are HD quality and comprise smooth audios that enable easy comprehension.

In total, there are 18 videos, all delivering the curriculum. The videos are rewindable, thus allow students to retake the sessions as many times as they wish.

MasterClass Jodie Foster Class Sections

Remember, the class book which contains assignments, lesson recaps, exercises, and exclusive learning materials from Jodie’s archive. The book serves as reference material to guide you in your film making journey.

MasterClass Jodie Foster Workbook

Online students always desire a platform they can interact with and chat about subjects. Masterclass contains a chatting thread below learning sessions, which allows students to converse on any topic related to the lesson.

If you have questions regarding the filmmaking lesson, you can compile and forward them to Jodie. Jodie has a special session where she answers a bunch of questions on covered topics and general filmmaking topics.


Masterclass beats its competitors flat out when the focus shifts to pricing and content quality.

At only $90, you will take Jodie Foster’s filmmaking lesson and access all the privileges tied to the course. The fee allows you to access the learning material until you cancel the subscription.

In Masterclass, learning does not stop with only one class. Students take as many lessons as they can absorb in one year.

All lessons are accessible at a fee of $180. You can take lessons on any subject as long as your subscription is active.

Masterclass also has an all-access plan coupled with a gift feature. The feature helps parents and friends who want to share or empower their children and siblings. The class once booked stays inactive until recipients accept the learning offer.


Here are the topics Jodie covers in her filmmaking lesson.

  • Insights into filmmaking challenges and Jodie’s film-making process
  • How to use big ideas as a tool to sharpen your storytelling skills
  • Building dramatic scenes from real-life experiences
  • Collaborates with the writers to build character, tension, and realism in a film
  • Cohesive relationships between screenwriters and directors for fruitful productions
  • Visualizing stories and scenes construction
MasterClass Jodie Foster Developing the Story
  • Collaborating and Jodie’s vision building tools
  • Deconstructing films to understand Jodie’s scene selections reasons
  • Jodie’s prepping and scheduling tools
  • Jodie’s casting process and what to look for in an actor when casting
  • How to inspire robust and compelling performances from actors
  • Shooting techniques and Jodie’s shooting tools
MasterClass Jodie Foster Filming and Shooting
  • How Jodie approaches the film editing process
  • Choosing the right music for a film
  • Insights regarding the film future, the female film makes and wisdom nuggets from Jodie
MasterClass Jodie Foster Post-Production


  • Jodie provides an actor-director perspective unlike other filming classes
  • Additional tips and notes in a workbook after the class
  • Students can interact in their community
  • Jodie’s vast experience in filmmaking and acting
  • The course runs in an easy-to-use platform
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee


Jodie Foster analyzes and uses examples from only her films throughout the lesson. Students, perhaps, would love her opinion and breakdown of other filmmakers’ workers.


Films will continue dominating our lives as a medium of education and entertainment. Unlike writing, they overcome language barriers and are the best way for creatives to convey their concepts, thoughts, and ideas most understandably.

For any creative, taking the filmmaking lesson is a great move, as it empowers them with a tool to explore and share their ideas.

The topics covered in the lesson provide students with a thorough knowledge of filming and the tips essential to succeed in the industry. Taking into account Jodie’s experience, you can be confident she offers quality.

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