MasterClass Jimmy Chin’s Adventure Photography Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson Review

MasterClass Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson Review

Have you been thinking of ways of enjoying the outdoors while capturing magical moments on the camera? In that case, you should consider adventure photography. With the camera in your hands and a healthy dose of adrenaline in your veins, the world would be your oyster.

This type of photography entails taking action shots. Nonetheless, it does not end there. Instead, it also revolves around shooting wildlife pictures. Every time you go underwater with a camera to take photos, you would also be practicing adventure photography.

The one theme that runs through all facets of adventure photography is fun. You will enjoy the work. Nothing will stand in your way because there is always something adventurous happening around you at any given moment.

Furthermore, you don’t even have to take adventure photos of activities that you are participating in. You are free to take photos of the activities that other people are doing. That is why you can never run out of subjects to capture with your camera.

Imagine a world where you are always running up and down near stunning landscapes and dynamic personalities! Do not let your imagination end there, though. The shooting conditions are challenging and always changing. Nothing beats this kind of work.

To take mesmerizing photos, though, you would need to be ready. You have to be well trained too. Luckily, for you, MasterClass offers you an opportunity to enjoy quality training that helps you to be the best adventure photographer too.

The Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson on MasterClass is a different animal altogether. It is the sort of education that will not consume too much of your time while filling you with the skills needed to be a tremendous adventure photographer.

Why the Jimmy Chin MasterClass

What makes the Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson on MasterClass unique? Isn’t it like any other lesson or class that you can take online? When answering these questions, you have to start by understanding and appreciating the reputation of the instructor; that is, Jimmy Chin.

Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin

When struggling to define what adventure photography is, you should simply look at the portfolio of Jimmy Chin. More importantly, he is also a highly skilled and successful photographer and filmmaker.

Interestingly, Chin is not only a professional climber but also a highly trained skier. Based on this, it is easy to see why MasterClass has offered him a chance to share his knowledge with students from different backgrounds.

MasterClass Jimmy Chin Instructor

As a film director, Chin has won an Academy Award. Other than that, he has been involved in multiple climbing and ski-mountaineering expeditions. Some of the countries that he has visited for a bit of adventure include South Africa, Greenland, China, and Pakistan, to mention a few.

MasterClass Adventure Photography Lesson Online with Jimmy Chin Review


What does the Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson on MasterClass cover? The curriculum is quite extensive. It touches on several issues that Chin believes are important for a successful adventure photography project. The curriculum has 20 lessons that touch on:

  • Meeting the instructor and his team that includes Bree Auckley and Conrad Anker in an ongoing photoshoot
  • How to take outdoor portraits with plenty of natural light
  • Jimmy Chin’s philosophy
  • Tips for constructing photo narratives that win magazine projects and tell superb stories
  • How to work with your editor and subject to imbue your story with life and character
  • How to shoot photos from the tallest point
  • Chin’s approach to taking photos of mountain landscapes
MasterClass Jimmy Chin Storytelling With Images
  • How to prepare a pitch for commercial projects
  • The best approach for leading a team to take photos in the mountains
  • How to build and lead a team
  • Practical tips for running creative shoots safely and constructively when the stakes are high
  • Forming and relying on creative partnerships between photographer and subjects
MasterClass Jimmy Chin Mastering Commercial Photography
  • Sifting through and editing the best photos to present a perfect narrative
  • How to tweak an adventure photo before presenting it to clients
  • Techniques for retouching a portrait
MasterClass Jimmy Chin Post-Production Process
  • How to select the most suitable cameras, lenses, and all relevant accessories for each project
  • How to get the most out of each camera
MasterClass Jimmy Chin Understanding Gear and Settings
  • Importance of perseverance, passion, and hard work in building a successful career
  • How Jimmy Chin grew up from a child in Mankato, Minnesota to gracing the cover of National Geographic as a professional adventure photographer
  • Prioritize the process instead of final achievements; live in the moment; and, pursue your passion
MasterClass Jimmy Chin Becoming a Photographer


Jimmy Chin has seen it all. Nothing can and will surprise or shock him about adventure photography. He has enjoyed a hugely successful career climbing some of the most adrenaline-pumping landscapes. He shares his lessons out of the experience that he has lived.

His MasterClass lessons also involve showing you how it is done right on location. He places more emphasis on the practical – rather than theoretical – aspects of adventure photography. He demonstrates rather than merely talking about his approaches.

MasterClass Jimmy Chin Class Sections

A workbook that recaps the lessons that you have already gone through is available for download. Additionally, the workbook also contains supplementary learning materials on Jimmy Chin’s kind of photography. The class is a powerful tool for showing you how to do it.

MasterClass Jimmy Chin Workbook


Each lesson is roughly 10 minutes long. For this reason, you roughly spend around 200 minutes learning different aspects of adventure photography. To many learners, the time might not be enough to learn all that you need to know about this kind of photography.


When you feel inspired to learn from one the best, then the Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Lesson on MasterClass would and should be an excellent choice. It does not disappoint. The class is full of fun activities that keep you attentive until the end of each class.

Over the years, Chin’s techniques and approaches have proven massively successful. He shares some of these with students through the MasterClass lessons. He has broken down a career spanning many years into 20 lessons that capture the fundamentals of adventure photography.


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