MasterClass James Suckling’s Wine Appreciation Lesson Online Review

MasterClass James Suckling's Wine Appreciation Lesson Review

MasterClass James Suckling's Wine Appreciation Lesson Review

Since its founding, Masterclass has had a knack for attracting elite professionals as instructors from around the globe. The platform has welcomed personalities in the league of Chris Hadfield, Frank Gehry, Serena Williams, Gordon Ramsay, and Herbie Hancock.

James Suckling is another high profile tutor plying his wine artistry in the Masterclass platform. The renown wine critic and editor spring in to show wine lovers how to appreciate and understand what great wine entails.

James Suckling

James Suckling

Students get to learn from one of the best wine critics in the world. Besides the subject fascination, James covers wine essentials from the vineyard to brewing to wine tasting.

He understands winery to the roots, as he has educated himself from the most beautiful wineries around the world. And he carries comprehensive knowledge about wine gardening, grapes selection, tasting techniques, conservation, and pairing.

Whether you’re selecting wine in a home, eatery, or restaurant setting, the class will fit you. James covers techniques that befit all the settings. For example, he reveals tips that show restaurant wine ordering etiquette and demystifies everything you know about reading a wine list.

As mentioned, the class comes only to Masterclass, which is one of the best e-learning platforms.

About Masterclass

There is no other e-learning platform that comes close to Masterclass right now in terms of features, instructors, quality of lessons and pricing.

Masterclass draws learners with its portfolio of instructors teaching subjects in their career lines. Students access, not the usual classic tutors, but cream educators who exhibit excellent performance in their industries.

For instance, one of your favorite actors, Samuel L. Jackson, teaches acting. And, Timbaland, one of the most talented producers and musicians, takes you into a beat-making class.

The platform does not impose the curriculum to the tutors. But it works hand in hand with them to tap the educator’s unique insights, challenges, experiences and knowledge about their professions.

MasterClass Wine Appreciation Lesson Online with James Suckling Review

James Suckling Wine Lesson Format

The wine lesson from James Suckling covers a curriculum which he structured by himself. The lesson comprises 11 in-depth lessons, studying and revising workbook, community activities, and interactive assignments.

MasterClass James Suckling Workbook

Video lessons cover the primary curriculum and take you through the importance of appreciating wine to James’ wine tasting experiences. You will enjoy the videos for being a clear, seamless flow between lessons and fast load times.

MasterClass James Suckling Class Sections

Videos are accessible both online and offline and are rewindable. Meaning, you won’t have to stress over skipping the lectures or any exclusive tip from James.

After learning, James offers a wine guide, which will become crucial in your wine exploits. The different manuals contain summarized notes, lesson recaps, assignments and a printable worksheet that help you forever in wine tasting.

There is a student discussion thread where you can share progress, thoughts, interact with other learners, upload performance and give mates feedback. The platform has become popular with students, as they found connecting with their mates as an incredible chance to understand subjects.

“Can I ask questions or interact with James Suckling?”

Yes. James Suckling has a question and answers session to pick issues and provide answers to students through the office hours section. Masterclass also hosts regular live sessions to allow learners to interact with their teachers.

How to Get Started

Learners can pick their choice lessons after subscribing to the platform and choosing their payment plans. A simple signing up gives students access to the easy-to-use Masterclass. And they can select any class with no hiccups.

The wine appreciation class is online and accessible via a smartphone, Apple TV or Desktop. You will learn at your pace from anywhere as you can access lessons as long as you don’t cancel the subscription.


Masterclass offers three payment options; a single class, an all-access plan, and an all-access program with a gift.

The single class option, which gives you unlimited access to only James Suckling wine appreciation lesson, goes for $90.

Most students prefer the all-access plan for the opportunity to learn from multiple instructors. The program comes at a fee of $180, which allows taking James Suckling’s class and many other lessons from the platform.

For example, you can combine the wine appreciation lesson with a cooking class from either Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck or Dominique Ansel.

Have you seen a class in the platform that suits your hubby, friend, child or sibling? If yes, an all-access plan with a gift fits your needs on the button. You can book the class on their behalf for $180. The beauty of this plan is the course remains inactive until the intended recipient activates it.


Let’s check out some lessons that you will cover in the wine appreciation class.

  • ​Principles of wine culture in the garden
  • Refining your palate and scaling wine quality
  • Characteristics of different wines based on flavor, texture, aroma, acidity and balance
MasterClass James Suckling Wine Tasting Fundamentals
  • Meet a maker of one of the vintage wines in James Suckling’s collection
  • Tasting wine from the barrel
MasterClass James Suckling At the Vineyard
  • Organizing a home cellar and ordering wine in a restaurant setting
  • Pairing wines and unconventional foods for the perfect flavor combinations
  • Key fundamentals of wine appreciation and integrating passion
MasterClass James Suckling Practical Tips


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and a money-back surety (30 days)
  • Easy to use the e-learning platform
  • Fair pricing
  • In-depth wine appreciation content and access to an elite tutor
  • Access to over 65 plus instructors
  • A downloadable guide with unique lessons from the instructor


James Suckling wine appreciation lesson comes with not too many videos, unlike other Masterclass lessons. The instructor, however, covers the intended subjects well by being non-fluffy and straightforward.


If you’re a chef, home cook or wine lover, taking James’ class is an easy decision. The course opens new insights into wine appreciation. And it unearths James’ wine-tasting techniques that have earned him recognition for many years.

The class impacts you with skills that help you in many environments, and it also teaches you to enjoy the best wine.

You will learn from an instructor who has tasted over 200,000 wine varieties and meet top winemakers. So, expect to pick out only cream wine tasting tips and techniques.


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