MasterClass James Patterson’s Writing Lesson Online Review

MasterClass James Patterson's Writing Lesson Review

MasterClass James Patterson's Writing Lesson Review

As a writer, you will encounter countless problems. Writer’s block, rejection, and a struggle to get published will likely be at the top of your list. But if you find the right tutor, you can sail past any challenge. And achieve what many writers can only dream of.

Sounds easy, but you must take a writing lesson!

Masterclass has an elite tutor for you, the award-winning and best-selling author, James Patterson.

James Patterson will inspire you to become a top writer with his depth of experience and writing knowledge.

As a writer of over 140 New York best-selling novels, he understands the whole shebang of the writing sphere. And he has the tools to unlock your writing potential.

MasterClass James Patterson Instructor

James takes you through his novel writing procedure, revealing his idea conception process and book marketing strategies. You’ll learn plots and character development, beginning and ending novels, working with co-authors, and finding the right publisher.

Besides class materials, James breaks down his life and career to become a top writer. His story is chock-full of enlightening lessons about overcoming unpredictable writers’ challenges.

After completing the lesson, you will gain creativity, confidence, and wisdom vital for success in writing.

About James Patterson

James Patterson

James Patterson

Meet the author of Alex Cross, Witch and Wizard, Maximum Ride, Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennet, NYPD Red, and the Private Series; James Brendan Patterson.

He has had a polished career that earned him a reputation for being the selling author in many years.

With book sales amounting to over 300 million copies and one million e-books, few writers will ever reach his heights.

His works earned him multiple awards, including the Guinness World Record award, New York Times best selling author, Edgar Award, International Thriller of the Year award, and more.

MasterClass Writing Lesson Online with James Patterson Review

What the Class Entails

James Patterson’s writing lesson comes exclusively to Masterclass subscribers.


Masterclass has become a prime platform for hosting experts from around the world as tutors. Besides James Patterson, you’ll find over ten other award-winning writers teaching writing.

The tutors include Jude Blume, Malcolm Gladwell, R.L.Stine, Margaret Atwood, Dan Brown, David Mamet, David Baldacci, Billy Collins, and Joyce Carol Oates.

There are also elite tutors from other fields. For example, Serena Williams teaches tennis, Timbaland teaches beat-making, and Marc Jacobs teaches fashion and design.

It is not easy to include over 60 pros in the link of James Patterson in one platform. Masterclass had to embrace high definition videos, quality audios, unique learning content, and an easy to use interface.

Lessons Presentation

James Patterson’s writing lesson includes 22 videos. These videos cover the core of the curriculum from James’ focus tips, to getting published, to his marketing strategies. Taking the class gives you all-time access to the videos. Plus, they are rewindable.

MasterClass James Patterson Class Sections

An in-depth class workbook from James accompanies the videos. The book comprises exercises, video notes, additional learning material, and assignments, all designed to polish your writing skills to excellency.

MasterClass James Patterson Workbook

Every lesson in Masterclass is online. So, you can expect flexibility and the autonomy to choose your study environment. You no longer have to worry about traffic jams or skipping classes even when ill.

Masterclass has an app compatible with both android and iOS phones. You can, therefore, take the class using your phone. Alternatively, you can access the course via an Apple TV or a desktop.


Before the lesson, James pours down all the details about the class and his teaching objective. There are a bunch of insights to pick from the course. Make sure you devour every bit of the curriculum.

Next is a summary of topics you’ll likely learn from the writing lesson.

  • Generating writing ideas and how to separate the good and the bad
  • Developing a compelling plot to grow audiences and readership
  • Content researching and incorporating researched material into your content
  • Building comprehensive outlines
  • How to create memorable and complex characters
MasterClass James Patterson Finding and Developing Ideas
  • Using the first lines and the introduction to grab readers attention
  • Dialogue pitfalls and how to evade them
  • The secret to character building and suspense writing
  • Conceiving perfect story endings
  • Conquering writers’ block
  • Trimming content to remain with publishable material
MasterClass James Patterson Putting Words on the Page
  • Developing captivating book covers and headlines that grip prospective readers at an instant
  • James’ advertising lessons and applying them to your book marketing
  • James’ life and Hollywood lessons
  • Cohesive partnerships with co-authors and James’ tips to get your work published
MasterClass James Patterson Making It as a Writer
  • Jame’s focus motivation and productivity tactics
MasterClass James Patterson Keeping Passion Alive


Usually, learning under a tutor of James’ caliber would cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, taking the writing lesson costs only $90. This is a single access plan that limits you to one class.

Students can also subscribe to Masterclass at $180 and access over 60 lessons including James Patterson’s writing class.

The second option is more popular with students who intend to learn from different tutors and compile varying tips.

There also learners who take different lessons. For example, some students combine cooking, writing, and music lessons.

Any payment option allows you to join other leaners in a comments thread where you can interact and discuss topics. If you have questions related to the writing subject, you can ask the tutor in a particular office hours session.

The course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, in case the class falls below your expectations, you can seek refunds, though, it is a rare case.

Why take James Patterson’s Writing Lesson?

Including James Patterson in the tutors’ portfolio ranks among the best moves from Masterclass. James is a reading and writing pioneer and has built a name for supporting learning institutions through grants and sponsorships.

James possesses both school and industry experience in writing. His education and career success molded him into a tutor you can trust and respect.

One significant feature of the writing lesson is its simple and understandable presentations. James comes as a friendly and likable tutor. His passionate and straightforward approach creates an exciting learning atmosphere essential for comprehension.

Contentwise, James covered topics that will suit learners of all levels. Every topic has unique insights from his career experiences and is, therefore, unskippable. If you’re a pro writer, you can learn many tricks that can turnaround your career.


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