MasterClass Howard Schultz’s Business Leadership Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Howard Schultz Business Leadership Lesson Review

MasterClass Howard Schultz Business Leadership Lesson Review

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Business has become an integral part of today’s world, with people trading stocks daily and learning the ins-and-outs of running a successful business. It is impossible to imagine a world where business didn’t exist. The number of people getting into business today is overwhelming.

At some point in almost everyone’s lives, the thought of starting our own businesses has lingered in our minds. Even if you are afraid of starting your own business and prefer to sit back but still know about business and how to run it, this Masterclass is perfect for you.

Taught by Starbucks’ former CEO, this course teaches you how to run a successful business even in a crisis. Howard Schultz’s Masterclass will teach you how to breakeven in your chosen field to become a big brand.

MasterClass Howard Schultz Instructor

Howard’s Masterclass brings to light the very concept of true leadership as he emphasizes communication and transparency between you, the leader and your workforce. He outlines his business beliefs and practices that helped him take Starbucks from a 100-employee business to a world-renowned brand.

In this module, you’ll learn about setting priorities in your business and how to stand out from the competition. Howard teaches you how to beat the competition and gives you tips on how to hire a value-based team that is not only competent but also efficient.

Howard’s childhood played an important role in modeling him to be the business mogul he is today. Having seen his own father being let go from a company he’d worked for long, he was able to understand that employee dignity and respect are among the biggest values a company could ever have.

About Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is a mega-businessman. He was former CEO of the coffee company Starbucks from 1986-2000 and later returned from 2008-2017. During his second tenure, he saw that the company got back to organic growth.

He’s also the former owner of the NBA Seattle Supersonics. He has written and published several books such as: Knowing Yourself, For the Love of Country and his most recent; From the Ground Up.

MasterClass Business Leadership Lesson Online with Howard Schultz Review

Lesson details

Howard’s class contains 13 videos. Howard lays out each lesson well and delves into the main subject in the first video. You will be able to learn how to revolutionize your business idea and make it a brand. You’ll also learn how to overcome self-doubt along the way.

MasterClass Howard Schultz Class Sections

The course also contains a downloadable workbook, which can ease the burden of you having to jot down notes quickly during the lesson. The workbook contains additional guides, tips, and assignments for you to work on later on to increase your creativity and productivity.

MasterClass Howard Schultz Workbook

The student platform allows you to engage in conversations and discussions with other students and share content learned during the lesson, ideas, and experiences.

Furthermore, the tutor engages with the students on a one-on-one session called the “Office Hours”, where he picks some questions submitted by students and answers them personally.

Lesson plan

This module covers business and leadership insights from Howard and the personal experiences that shaped him into who he is today. Below is a detailed curriculum breakdown:

  • Jump in: How his story began
  • Values and profits are not enemies: The original story of Starbucks and how he built a company where values and profits go hand in hand
  • Be curious: Learning how to find a mentor and having intellectual curiosity
MasterClass Howard Schultz Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Don’t pioneer, disrupt: How to break-even on a new concept
  • Focus and get in the mud: Establishing priorities in your business and learning the ins and outs of it
  • Finding the right investors: How to establish communication with a potential investor
  • Over invest in culture: How to maintain a healthy culture
  • Cannibalize yourself: Tips on staying ahead of the competition always
MasterClass Howard Schultz Building the Business
  • Hiring a values-based team: Tips on how to hire staff that shares your values
  • Don’t manage. Lead: Tips for effective team leadership
  • Coffee break: Howard teaches you how to make French press coffee while taking a break
  • Real leadership: Handling a crisis
  • Onward: Advice on when to take the big leap
MasterClass Howard Schultz Leading the Team


Unlike other Masterclasses, this one only has one payment option. That is the all-access pass, which is $180. With this, you get access to over 60 Masterclasses available such as the Anna Wintour teaches Fashion Masterclass and the Ramsey Gordon teaches Cooking Masterclass, among others.

Why should you take the Howard Schultz business leadership Masterclass?

Howard Schultz is a successful businessman who never had a business degree. He began his entrepreneurial journey with no formal business education but with his dreams and his values, which he relied on every step of the way.

He has had two stints as the CEO of Starbuck’s, and his second was the epitome of success since he turned around the company, which was experiencing little to no growth. He introduced technological upgrades to the company and closed non-performing branches. A move that saw the company experience its most successful period.

If you’re looking for a tutor who knows more about business revolution, crisis management, and what it takes to run a successful franchise then this Masterclass is what you’re looking for.


  • This course takes a high-level approach that applies to almost any business out there
  • The insights provided by the tutor reflect a business’s lifecycle which is useful for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Benign tutoring approach
  • You learn from the best in his field
  • If you register early for the all-access plan, you get a free hard copy of his published book


  • Its lack of technicality makes it irrelevant for anyone who has no formal business education
  • If you’re looking for other approaches to starting a business or running one, you may have to supplement the course with books from other business moguls since Howard provides only one perspective.


If you’re looking for a class that can teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur, then this class is definitely for you. Regardless of whether you are budding, seasoned or are simply looking for business advice, this class gives you insights on what it truly means to be a business leader. The course is a necessary take for any aspiring entrepreneur.

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