MasterClass Hans Zimmer’s Film Scoring Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Hans Zimmer Film Scoring Lesson Review

MasterClass Hans Zimmer Film Scoring Lesson Review

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Imagine your favorite TV shows or films without some background music. They would be lifeless and uninspiring. But film composers bring in their music artistry to ensure films touch hearts with scintillating tunes in all scenes. You can also learn from them and gain the skills to turn standard films into masterpieces.

Hans Zimmer, a film score composer, and world-class producer joined Masterclass to share 39 years of amassed knowledge of film scoring. In the lesson, Hans shares insights into his foolproof film composing techniques, building relationships with directors and working with musicians.

MasterClass Hans Zimmer Instructor

The lesson contains enlightening tips on how Hans develops music from scratch and points to the challenges composers face in every stage of music development. Leaners get to understand his approach, tricks he uses to encounter problems along the process, and what turns little tunes into excellent scores.

In filming, you’ll find a story ready done, and it’s your role to rebrand your voice and style to fit in and highlight the theme. Hans illuminates the value of staying true to the topic and the importance of focusing during the film scoring process.

Hans’s film scoring lesson is not a standard curriculum but a journey through his career. It shows you tips only known to Hans.

Everyone has a success story with unique challenges and wins. Hans recounts his writing career to help you understand the industry realities and conceptualize your pathway to success.

Background of Your Tutor: Han Zimmers

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer

From a young age, Han Zimmers loved music to the core. Playing piano inspired him more to focus on music. But it’s until he watched “Once Upon a Time in the West” by Ennio Morricone when he got inspired to pursue film composing.

Top works in his huge portfolio include the Lion King, which won him the Academy Award for Best Original Score. Also Dark Night Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Inception.

MasterClass Film Scoring Lesson Online with Hans Zimmer Review

Course Content

Hans film scoring comes in Masterclass. The platform has been a choice for many virtuoso tutors. The platform has unique features and tools such as workbook to ensure learners enjoy and have a quality learning experience.

MasterClass Hans Zimmer Workbook

You’ll love the user interface for its smoothness, no bugs, or slow loading times. Everything is as crisp as you can expect in an elite platform. The videos are first-rate, ensuring you get a quality presentation of class content.

Clear audios ensure you pick every word, and in-depth learning material allows coverage of vast film scoring subjects. Usability is also a strength of Masterclass.

Hans Zimmer’s film scoring lesson comprises 31 comprehensive videos that delve into all aspects of collaborating to scoring. The videos contain case studies that boost your understanding of the subjects. More, Hans breaks down previous works to showcase the effectiveness of each tip.

MasterClass Hans Zimmer Class Sections

Also, the class comes with additional learning material comprising notes, assignments, and lesson recap to refer to anytime. Office Hours, a masterclass students’ privilege allows you to interact with the legendary tutor. You can ask questions regarding the study topic. Hans takes time to understand and provide concrete answers.

There is a student community in all Masterclass lessons. The section allows students to interact with their colleagues from around the globe. Here, learners can discuss all scoring topics, analyze films, and share music tips.


Hans Zimmer’s film scoring lesson starts with an introduction into his career, struggles, and events leading to his success. He then covers the study topics before capping the class with insider tips into the life of a music composer.

Here are more topics you’ll cover in the lesson;

  • Han’s theme creation process and the value of simplicity
  • Exploring Han’s story writing approach and rules
  • Working with directors
MasterClass Hans Zimmer Scoring to Story
  • Creating unique sound palettes
  • Creating scores with synths and scene scoring
MasterClass Hans Zimmer Creating the Score
  • Understanding characters to create memorable themes
MasterClass Hans Zimmer Creating Character Theme
  • Finding and working with top musicians
  • Effective communication with musicians and getting the best performances from them
MasterClass Hans Zimmer Working With Musicians
  • Revising and seeking scores feedback
  • Han’s music writing tips and guides and using audiences to evaluate film scores
  • Value of listening to dissect music
MasterClass Hans Zimmer The Life of a Composer 1
  • Hans’s career switch from a renowned radio star to film composing
  • Composers life and overcoming industry challenges
MasterClass Hans Zimmer The Life of a Composer 2


Hans Zimmer film scoring lesson though a masterpiece is affordable. The class price is $90. Paying that fee gives you access to the videos, the workbook, and the exclusive question session with the teacher.

You can, however, double the fee to $180 and be able to take all Masterclass lessons. The second payment package is an all-access plan and the best concept from an e-learning platform to allow learners access to education.

Here are some lessons you can take after paying the all-access plan fee;

  • deadmau5 teaches electronic music production
  • Steve Martin teaches comedy
  • Werner Herzog teaches filmmaking
  • David Lynch teaches creativity and film
  • Billy Collins teaches reading and writing poetry
  • David Mamet teaches dramatic writing and many other tutors

Why Learn from Han Zimmers

Taking an online class requires adequate research to understand tutors’ backgrounds and experiences. But some tutors are a brand, need no introduction, and can only get associated with class; Han Zimmers is such.

There is a guarantee you’re dealing with the best educator before you start. You can commend Masterclass for embracing expertise and dedicating to offer pure quality. In teachers’ selection, they are in their league.

Han Zimmers brings experience and industry knowledge. Is there an online tutor who has a portfolio of 150 elite film scores? None. Taking Hans’s lesson is an assurance you will learn from a person who understands the subject at hand in all angles. You can also look up to him for mentorship.

Masterclass lessons stand out for uniqueness. Han’s lesson surpasses the standards. You’ll love his calm approach and decoding of topics; he is so detailed and straightforward.

With the class being online, you won’t miss a single subject. You will take the lessons at your appropriate time, revise at your own pace until you grip all tips.

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