MasterClass Gabriela Cámara’s Mexican Cooking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Mexican Cooking Lesson Review

MasterClass Gabriela Cámara’s Mexican Cooking Lesson Review

Do you dream of becoming one of those celebrity chefs on TV or YouTube? Cooking is one of those arts which are truly open to charting your own path of creativity. There are thousands of cultures, each with its culinary style, which gives you a very wide field to play in. But making a name as a chef is not easy as there are many good cooks including the millions who do it for the fun of it.

One way of standing out is by picking a niche and becoming excellent at it. Mexican cooking is a good start since there are millions of people that identify with this culinary culture.

While cooking by apprenticing in the kitchen is the most common way of learning how to cook, you may not have a local expert in the culinary style you want to learn. Learning online has an advantage in the cooking experts and learning material you can access. The good thing is that you can learn from anywhere and at any time.

This self-paced learning may be what you need if you are busy with other career or family commitments. If you are interested in Mexican cooking, you could learn from Gabriela Cámara, a celebrity chef in Mexican cooking.

MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Instructor

What exactly is Masterclass?

Where can you get the top names in the culinary arts coming together to instruct aspiring cooks? Masterclass is one of the premier online learning platforms, bringing together experts in varying subjects. You can access lessons by big names in cooking such as Gabriela Camara, Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Massimo Bottura, Aaron Franklin, and Wolfgang Puck. The broad range of subjects offered on Masterclass include;

  • Culinary Arts
  • Design, Photography, & Fashion
  • Film & TV
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Writing
  • Business, Politics & Society
  • Sports & Games
  • Lifestyle
  • Science & Technology

Who is Gabriela Cámara?

Gabriela Cámara is an award-winning Mexican chef and restaurant owner, who has been awarded for her creativity in Mexican culinary style. She started with a restaurant in Mexico City that specialized in seafood. She later moved to San Francisco where she opened the restaurant, Cala. Gabriela's influence in the kitchen is also felt in restaurant brands Barricuda Diner, Capicua, and MeroToro.

Gabriela has made a mark on American palates with her signature dishes; the tostada de tuna (tuna tostadas) and Pescado a la Talla, the red and green roasted fish that has made her Contramar restaurant in Mexico City a favorite with culinary tourists and adventurers.

Gabriela has been recognized and feted for her contribution in popularizing Mexican dishes. She has been a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation award in 2019 and 2017. She was also appointed as a member of the Council of Cultural Diplomacy in Mexico, as well as an advisor to the president. Gabriela’s varied recipes can be found in her cookbook My Mexico City Kitchen. She is also the inspiration for the film ‘A Tale of Two Kitchens.’

MasterClass Mexican Cooking Lesson Online with Gabriela Cámara Review

What the MasterClass entails

Gabriela Cámara teaches how to cook creatively and sustainably while remaining true to Mexican culinary traditions. You will be introduced to the rich variety of Mexican recipes as well as Gabriela’s signature twist to traditional dishes like huevos rancheros, Tortillas, aguachile de camaron, golden quesadillas, tamales de guayaba Salsa, and Tacos. You will learn how to make these dishes as well as give them your touch to make delightful dishes. You will learn to make the following dishes in detail;

  • Masa
  • Corn Tortillas (Tortillas de Maíz )
  • Raw salsas: Salsa Verde Cruda and Salsa Brava
  • Charred Salsa (Salsa Tatemada)
  • Achiote-Marinated Pork Tacos (Tacos al Pastor)
MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Foundational Mexican Recipes 1
  • Fried Eggs with Two Salsas (Huevos Rancheros)
  • Golden Quesadillas (Quesadillas Doradas)
  • Raw Shrimp in Lime and Chile (Aguachile de Camarón)
  • Guava Tamales (Tamales de Guayaba)
MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Foundational Mexican Recipes 2
  • Tuna Tostadas (Tostadas de Atún)
  • Red and Green Roasted Fish with Refried Beans (Pescado a la Talla)
  • The Art of the Detailing Mexican dishes
MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Tastes of Contramar

What the MasterClass payment entails

Masterclass annual membership costs $180, for which you get two passes. This means that you study the course you chose for as long as you want, and you can access all the other courses that you want in that year. Masterclass offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


  • You will be learning from the best. ordinarily, getting an apprenticeship in a 5-star establishment is hard, leave alone learning from a master chef. But this course is bringing you lessons from the best you can get in the field. This is true access to quality learning, and surely beats spending a whole year in a conventional cooking class.
  • You can learn from anywhere in the world. You can access this course as long as you have a good internet connection. This is a game-changer if distance hampers your access to quality learning.
MasterClass Gabriela Cámara Class Sections
  • You can download these high definition videos to watch offline as reference material in your cooking.
  • The all-access pass gives you access to other culinary lessons that can add to your repertoire in the culinary arts. You can supplement your Mexican cooking with related dishes e.g. Italian or South American.
  • Low-cost learning. Such a course would ordinarily cost thousands of dollars but you are accessing it at $180 for the whole year, in addition to anything else you would want to learn on the platform. You can be on a tight budget and still access quality learning.


  • The lessons are offered in the English language only, which locks out non-English speakers.


There is hardly anywhere else the kind of quality learning you get from these lessons at that price. These lessons are self-paced and without pressure which is highly advantageous if your learning hours are limited. If you are interested in learning or improving your skills in Mexican dishes, Gabriela Cámara is at the top and there is none better to take you to the top of your culinary arts than this talented Mexican chef.


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