MasterClass Frank Gehry’s Design and Architecture Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Frank Gehry Design and Architecture Lesson Review

MasterClass Frank Gehry Design and Architecture Lesson Review

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Frank Gehry's name brings to mind the Guggenheim Museum and the Walt Disney concert hall in Los Angeles. Frank still has more works that denote him as the best among today's architects.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry

MasterClass has added the virtuoso architect to its long list of pre-eminent instructors. The platform has been popular for art and creative subjects, and a move to architecture is not far from its strongholds.

Frank joins other top established names in the kin of Chris Hadfield, Will Wright, and Jimmy Chin. And like all Masterclass tutors, he comes in to share his unique philosophy in his line of expertise.

As one of the most creative architects in the world, Frank fits the lesson to a turn. He is indeed the right tutor to guide students in exploring their creativity. He shares on how learners can develop their architectural signature and ways to overcome personal doubts.

The lesson is poles apart from a standard design and architecture curriculum. The significant distinction in the class is how Frank focuses on his experiences and proven techniques. He passes down self-developed philosophies, which he considers essential in an architect's career.

Case studies into Frank's best works reveal his thinking process and concept development techniques. Plus, he further sheds light on overcoming design obstacles, incorporating the client's ideas and the architectural business.

About MasterClass

In 2015, David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen conceived MasterClass to create a lessons' "Netflix." Years later, the platform ranks as the go-to e-learning solution hosting elite individuals as instructors.

Personalities who can offer lessons in Masterclass are in the ranks of Timbaland, Shonda Rhymes, Thomas Keller, Bob Woodward, and more.

No other platform matches MasterClass for the amount of wisdom shared. More, video quality and workbooks offered in each class are top-notch.

New subscribers enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee for payments made. Meanwhile, the A-level customer service has a backing of a 100% satisfaction warranty.

MasterClass Design and Architecture Lesson Online with Frank Gehry Review

Class Presentation

Frank Gehry's design and architecture lesson contain a compilation of 17 video lessons. The videos cut through Frank's principles of architecture. There is also a range of case studies, models, and sketches that allow students to understand Frank's teachings.

MasterClass Frank Gehry Class Sections

Videos structure allows students to take the lessons at their pace and revise incomprehensible sections. Students can rewind to retake tough topics, and pause when there is an interruption.

While the videos are only accessible on the platform, students can download an individual workbook from Frank Gehry. The book allows students to access Frank's notes and tips collected over the years in his architectural maneuvers.

MasterClass Frank Gehry Workbook

Besides the notes, there are lesson recaps and assignments. These tools help students to refine their architectural skills and also act as reference materials in an architect's journey.

Can students interact with Frank Gehry? Yeah! Through office hours, students can ask questions on difficult topics and wait for a response session from the instructor.

Some issues concerning MasterClass have ready answers in the FAQ section and will not need the instructor's intervention.

From time to time, MasterClass facilitates a live session between instructors and students.

Accessing Lessons

Students can access lessons by using any internet-enabled device. MasterClass is compatible with all browsers, including apps such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

When using a smartphone, students only need to download an iOS or Android MasterClass application. The application lets students access lessons from anywhere as long they have their devices.

Pricing of Frank Gehry's Design and Architecture Lesson

Many architectures and design classes cost an arm and a leg. Despite the caliber of Frank Gehry, his lesson comes at modest prices.

The lesson, if taken alone, goes for $ 90. The payment gives students access to video lessons and all learning materials until they cancel their membership.

Students can pursue other subjects besides taking Frank Gehry's lesson. At the cost of two classes, i.e., $ 180, students can learn from as many instructors as possible.

Besides architecture and design, a learner can take lessons in music, leadership, economics, performance, creativity, and many more subjects.

Sharing is caring. A gift option for new and old Masterclass allows you to share or book the classes for someone else. Meaning, you can book the lesson for your hubby, friends, or kids.


What topics will you cover in the design and architecture lesson? Find out next!

  • Why develop your creative signature and the art of overcoming artistic insecurities
  • How Frank uses shapes to develop his concepts
MasterClass Frank Gehry Creativity and Inspiration
  • Frank's design and architecture philosophies
  • How to exploit crazy architectural ideas and overcoming stagnation
MasterClass Frank Gehry Creating Signature Design Style
  • Overcoming criticism, clients and environmental challenges
  • How to collaborate with clients for inclusive projects
MasterClass Frank Gehry Working With Clients, Teams, and the World
  • Learn to prototype, becoming a master builder and teaming with other experts
  • Learn how 8 Spruce Street got created
MasterClass Frank Gehry Case Studies
  • Running architecture as a business
  • Working with an architectural team
MasterClass Frank Gehry Life of Architect


Frank Gehry's name is a hook for anyone interested in architecture. For his experience, accolades, and works, he has everything for a tutor. Even top architects would want to understand his approach; thus, the class is a fit for all in the architecture industry.

The class comes in a platform that embraces quality and students' satisfaction. The lesson quality is unquestionable while there is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Frank covers subjects that empower and spark students' creativity. He also veers off the norm to cover aspects of architectural business, teamwork, and collaboration for success in the industry.

Presentations include elements that boost a student's comprehension. Items such as case studies and sketches increase the gripping of video content, and the tutor's understanding of the subject is an excellent point for learners.


The lesson does not cover some technical aspects of architecture, and it is not in-depth enough to replace a degree.


The good thing with MasterClass lessons is you're always learning from the cream of the crop instructors. Regardless of the lesson offerings, there is still a unique tip or wisdom nuggets to pick from the teacher.

Whether you're a beginner or pro architect, taking the lesson gives you access to unique anecdotes from the Master Architect. The life lessons comprised in the course also make it a must-take.

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