MasterClass Dominique Ansel’s French Pastry Fundamentals Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Dominique Ansel French Pastry Fundamentals Lesson Review

MasterClass Dominique Ansel French Pastry Fundamentals Lesson Review

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We all know how spectacular French pastry is; fluffy, luscious, and divine. Have you ever contemplated what making them entails? Well, it takes passion, patience, and learning from the best to master the artistry behind them.

More, you must learn from an expert chef who has perfected the art of making all the delectable confectioneries and the savory pastries from France.

Where can you find a pro tutor for French pastry lessons?

Masterclass always has gems in its list of teachers. In the French pastry fundamentals lesson, they unleash Dominique Ansel, a James Beard Award-winning Chef, to share his superior artistry of making stunning deserts.

Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel

Dominique reveals the A-Z of pastry making. He teaches a whole new approach to pastries, opening your eyes to new concepts and tricks of adding beauty to your deserts.

He covers all the building blocks of pastry, from the base to finishing, therefore broadens your perspective about food. It’s a lesson that will bolster your creativity; afterward, you can achieve top-class meals from simple recipes.

Dominique’s lesson braces you with confidence to take on baking without fear of intimidation. He will teach his slow but sure approach to cook by highlighting the value of precision, planning, and following instructions.

MasterClass French Pastry Fundamentals Lesson Online with Dominique Ansel Review

What the Class Entails

Dominique Ansel French pastry fundamentals lesson contains 17 classes delivered in 17 videos. The videos cover Dominique’s approach to pastry, pastry techniques, recipes, and creative thinking.

MasterClass Dominique Ansel Class Sections

Let’s check what more the lesson contains;

  • Making mini-madeleines, pillow cakes within five minutes
  • Methods for making the best croissants
MasterClass Dominique Ansel Classic French Pastries
  • Fruit tart base process
  • Using Chef Dominique’s technique to make pastry cream
  • Creating a simplified and quick strawberry jam
  • Chef Dominique’s creative pastry cream piping method and incorporating color in an apple tart
MasterClass Dominique Ansel Fruit Tart Two Ways
  • Biscuit making from mixing to cutting layers
  • Chef Dominique’s process for making meringues
  • Mousse texturing technique
  • Cake assembling, coating, and topping with mini deserts
MasterClass Dominique Ansel Glazed Chocolate Cake
  • Making banana and passion fruit ganache
MasterClass Dominique Ansel Dark Chocolate and Banana Passionfruit Bonbons

A student’s coursebook also accompanies all Masterclass classes. The workbook contains more recipes and technique notes from the Chef.

MasterClass Dominique Ansel Workbook

They’re also assignments, exercises, and lesson recaps which you can rely on to sharpen your skill-set further.

What to Expect from Masterclass

Dominique Ansel French pasty fundamentals lesson is only available in Masterclass. Masterclass only hosts virtuoso tutors who have broad practical industry experience.

You can, therefore, learn to cook from other tutors in the caliber of Dominique Ansel. Check out some experts you can explore their culinary styles;

  • Thomas Keller teaching cooking techniques 1&11
  • Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking
  • James Suckling teaches wine preparation
  • Alice Waters teaches the art of home cooking
  • Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking

All these subjects are unique and based on the teacher’s experiences. Even though they have a curriculum, they focus more on revealing their success strategies and secrets to a specific industry.

Masterclass is also famous for its quality and comprehensive classes. All courses in the platform have high definition quality videos and excellent audio.

Many learners prefer the platform because it’s easy to use, and possesses exceptional security and privacy features. You can expect the safety of personal information and a bug-free learning experience.

Classes come with a unique student community and a question asking session. During the students’ community, you can discuss and share culinary experiences and discuss taught concepts. Plus, it also interacts with many other life subjects.

We also know the question asking session as office hours. Here students compile students regarding the subject at hand, and tutors find time to respond.

Dominique’s French Pastry Lesson Pricing

No e-learning platform can beat Masterclass on positives. All classes offered are pocket-friendly, and you have two main payment options, i.e., a single class priced at $90 and an all-access plan priced $15 per month.

The single access will give you the rights to take only Dominique Ansel’s French Pastry fundamental lesson. Enrolling allows you to explore all the benefits of Masterclass.

The all-access plan is the most popular with learners. Paying the fee allows them to take all cooking classes and any other Masterclass lesson they would wish to add to their catalog.

Masterclass also has an additional boon for subscribers. They can buy the class as a gift for their loved ones and friends.

Why take Dominique Ansel French Pastry Lesson

In Dominique Ansel, you will learn from one of the most creative tutors gracing Masterclass. He stands as an inventor of top-class menus and always incorporates creativity into his works.

Dominique takes you through his creative process, furnishing you with tricks on how to think out of the box. While exploring how he invented the Cronut in 2013 he opens your eyes to the value of imagination and experimenting in cooking.

You will meet a teacher who has deep roots in cooking and is passionate. From age 19, Dominique has been a cooking tutor. And he has always committed to sharing insights and exploring new techniques.

At its price, Dominique Ansel’s class is a bargain. How he breaks down pastry techniques is so enlightening. Each step shows styles you can blend with many other desert styles.

Learning from him is a worthwhile experience because of his tentacle experience. Besides innovation, he can mentor and show you the exact pathway from learning to become a food industry entrepreneur.


  • Elite e-learning platform
  • An all-access plan allowing you to take many other classes
  • Quality and straightforward presentation
  • Affordable
  • Top class teacher with comprehensive experience into cooking pastries
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and refunds in-case of dissatisfaction


Compared to other Masterclass, lessons, Dominique’s class is shorter as it contains only 17 videos. However, his commitment to stick to a single subject, i.e., French pastry, allowed him to offer as many details in a shorter time.


Any hobbyist or Chef should take the class to understand first-hand, Dominique’s culinary art. Covered topics include lessons delving into his range of unique inventions that no one can teach better than him.

Completing the class adds a new and exceptional skill to your portfolio. With the popularity of French cooking, you can expect career growth and an enhanced menu list in your home.

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