MasterClass Deadmau5 On Music Production Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Deadmau5 Music Production Lesson Review

MasterClass Deadmau5 Music Production Lesson Review

It takes time to grow from being a bedroom producer to earning your spot as an event headliner. This happened to deadmau5 and it did not take time alone; it took a great deal of hard work which he is now sharing with others on the starting point of the same journey. Just an ordinary man who never thought of anything much beyond old toasters for Christmas so that he could dismantle them, Joel Zimmerman’s has now turned to take apart music as he feeds it to audiences. He has never done any other online class so his work on MasterClass is exclusive.

Enrolling into this class exposes prospective music producers to approaching melodies, then mixing before mastering to end up with a unique sound that cannot be found anywhere else. As if this is not good enough the 23 lessons in his class, not only teach music production but how to do it without investing in expensive equipment. Here is an overview of each;

MasterClass deadmau5 Class Sections

MasterClass Music Production Lessons Online with Deadmau5 Review

1. Introduction

Joel introduces himself in this session; he is the face behind mau5head. He breaks down what the learner can expect from the electronic music production classes.



2. Retracing deadmau5: Theory

For Joel, his journey to greatness has been marred by a lot of experimentation. He will show you his approach to creating music and through this unique process, teach you how to use your time at the studio to the maximum.

3. Retracing deadmau5: in practice

A demonstration class on the course, it is clear how deadmau5’s music shapes up I real-time. it is the process of turning a project that never existed to a track.

MasterClass deadmau5 theory & practice

4. Putting together a studio in the house

Most producers start out working from their homes and Joel advises you to take this path. What gear do you need and what can you do without? Joel breaks it down.

MasterClass deadmau5 Building Home Studio

5. Creating melody structures

You do not have to have gone through any form of music training to start creating melodies. Joel shows you how to create loops easily.

6. Arranging melodies

The basic chord structure must be arranged systematically to come up with a melody. See how deadmau5 does this while spreading these structures across various instruments to complete an arrangement.

MasterClass deadmau5 Melody

7. Using synthetic sounds

With a chord structure that has been developed into an arrangement, it is time to add character to the track. This lesson sheds light on the basics of using synthetic sounds.

8. Exploring Modular Synths

The wall of flashing lights and knobs can be quite intimidating. This lesson teaches the techniques applied by deadmau5 that border on trial and error to get new sounds. There is a demonstration as he creates and adjusts the synths from scratch.

9. Analog vs digital synths

While a large chunk of deadmau5 sound is created with analog synths, Joel plays some of the deadmau5 patches on both analog and digital equipment. The difference is quite clear and this is where you get to choose which one works best according to the music you intend to produce.

MasterClass deadmau5 technical elements

10. Sound shaping using processing and effects

When tired presets land on the desk of deadmau5, they get a chance to get a breath of life. Other techniques of achieving the same thing are building stereo images and fattening the basses by use of effect processors and plug-ins.

11. Creating the beat: part 1

The heartbeat of any electronically produced music track is the kick drum. Joel teaches his students how to layer kick drum samples to build the foundation for a big and danceable groove.

12. Creating the beat: part 2

Diving deeper into rhythmic techniques used by deadmau5, Joel offers insight into snare sounds and drum tracks.

MasterClass deadmau5 beat

13. Song structuring

Having finished with creating a chord structure, arranging synth sounds into it and adding the drums, it is now time to combine all that into a song that will excite its audience. Deadmau5 showcases the technique they use.

14. Remixing music

What is in a remix? There is a formula for creating a remix. Get to know what deadmau5 expects when other artists remix his songs and how he remixes those songs that have been done by others.

MasterClass deadmau5 songs structuring & remixes

15. The Art of Mixing

Mixing is not just for DJs; it starts with the music producer. Deadmau5 teaches you how original music is formulated and mixed to create a great sound. Learners will benefit from techniques used to shape tracks in a mix.

16. Mastering

Many artists do not master music for themselves but deadmau5 does. He teaches how to approach the process to achieve structure, limiting and EQing.

17. Snowcone: Mastering Case Study

In this lesson, the learner is exposed to the process that saw the creation of Snowcone. From plugin to plugin over the master chain of Snowcone, the lesson demonstrates each piece and how it affects the sound of the track.

MasterClass deadmau5 mixing & mastering tracks

18. Starting out in music production

Joel takes on the label manager’s role in this lesson to speak about what he is concerned about before he signs new artists. The lesson he gives on brand development and promotion is quite useful for entrepreneurs.

19. Insights into the music business

Creating a label to attain recognition in the industry is quite a headache. Joel will give you advice on the logistical process to follow when building a recording business.

MasterClass deadmau5 music career

20. From the studio to the stage

Creating a track from start to finish is a lot of work but what is even more tasking is getting the audience captivated. This lesson is all about tailoring your music to suit the stage.

21. From the studio to touring

A complete track must be all-rounded to perform on a stage, event and on tour. This means managing a lot of equipment and gear for artists. Joel has a few techniques to share with prospective music producers on how to have a smooth run on all fronts.

22. From the studio to live shows

Having a great song does not guarantee great performance. For deadmau5, every live show is an opportunity to give the audience a memorable experience. It is your turn to impress the crowd through the lessons you learn here.

MasterClass deadmau5 performing on Stage

23. Final remarks

Having gone through the steps of turning yourself from an amateur to a professional music producer, Joel puts it all into context. Learn how to use what you have learned to make a career in production.


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