MasterClass David Mamet’s Dramatic Writing Lesson Online Review

MasterClass David Mamet's Dramatic Writing Lesson Review

MasterClass David Mamet's Dramatic Writing Lesson Review

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As Masterclass continues to win favor among online students, more industry experts will want to come aboard and share their knowledge. David Mamet is one such professional who signed up to share his expertize in dramatic writing.

David Mamet

David Mamet

David Mamet stands for writing top movies including Glengarry Glenn Ross, House of Games, Homicide and Heist. He brings all the knowledge in an exclusive dramatic writing lesson on Masterclass.

The elite screenwriter breaks down dramatic writing to show you the right writing mindset and the tools needed to succeed in the field. At the end of the lesson, you will write confidently and possess the knowledge to chalk up content from daily events.

Based on David Mamet’s experience in the film industry and writing, he brings knowledge not found in any other class. He teaches topics that will help you whether you’re an actor or writer.

If you think dramatic writing is sophisticated, the class will break all the myths you hold about the subject. The lesson’s topics allow you to understand it to the roots. David teaches you the purpose of drama, its role in humanity and the reasons it’s useful for expressing societal issues.

MasterClass Dramatic Writing Lesson Online with David Mamet Review

What the Class Entails

David Mamet's dramatic writing lesson comes online in the Masterclass platform. Students will get to enjoy the multiple benefits of Masterclass and studying online.

As a student, you can learn from anywhere and at your own pace. No need to stress over the class’ schedule as you have the freedom to fix the lessons in your routine.

The class comes with 26 rewindable videos. The videos are the primary way of presenting the lessons and cover the more significant chunk of the learning topics.

MasterClass David Mamet Class Sections

Bugs, download speeds and poor graphics are common aspects with online courses. Masterclass is, however, different as the providers focus on presenting quality that beats out all competitors.

You will love the smooth flow of episodes in videos, sound quality, and content comprehensiveness.

The lesson also has a downloadable workbook synonymous with Masterclass courses. The book acts as your tool kit in your dramatic writing career. It contains exercises to sharpen your skills, assignments to help you grip all tips. And lesson recaps to serve as reminders in your writing career.

MasterClass David Mamet Workbook

Is Masterclass compatible with browsers and operating platforms?

Masterclass has apps than run in iOS and Android devices. The lessons are accessible via Apple TV and a Desktop. The site also ranks as the most compatible e-learning platform as it can work well with Google, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Masterclass recommends students to have ample storage space in their machines because of the videos’ and downloadable books’ sizes.

Whether you’re tech-savvy, you will find the platform friendly and easy-to-use. It thrives on a simple interface, easy to maneuver when searching for courses and any information.

Lesson Pricing

Masterclass beats all its online competitors’ hands down for its affordable lessons.

David Mamet's dramatic lesson costs only $90, which is payable once for access to all learning material, student community and office hours.

If you want to explore other Masterclass lessons, you only need to double the single class fee and subscribe to an all-access plan.

The all-access plan gives you access to over 65 lessons from the different Masterclass instructors. The option also allows you to book the class for a friend, child or hubby in a gift package.

While cost is a massive impediment to pursuing your favorite class, Masterclass gives you a deal to save $90 for taking over two courses in an all-access plan.

With the option, you can take more writing classes from the likes of James Patterson, Shonda Rhimes, Billy Collins, Dan Brown and Margaret Atwood.


David Mamet covers all the topics within the 26 video lessons and the workbook. In his introduction, he outlines what the class will involve. And he further provides mindset lessons for dramatic writing before taking you deep into the primary topics.

At the end of the lesson, David shares emotional stories from his career and favorite novels to lighten up the session.

Here are the main topics covered in the lesson’s body.

  • Understanding the purpose of drama
  • How drama functions to provide a platform for exploring and expressing emotions
  • Rules to help you simplify stories and stick to a protagonist’s journey
  • Editing the script and mastering dramatic writing rules
MasterClass David Mamet Purpose and Rules of Drama
  • Exploring imaginations and life experiences for drama
  • Discover what inspires David in his plays
  • Understanding character, creating character objectives and avoiding errors in techniques
  • Understanding plot
  • Structuring the plot and connecting plot points
  • Analyzing David Mamet best works to understand the plot
MasterClass David Mamet Developing and Structuring the Story
  • Understanding scene essentials
  • How to pick out drama points that can draw audiences
MasterClass David Mamet Dialogue and Scenes
  • David’s writing process and how to overcome writing challenges
MasterClass David Mamet Writing Process
  • Understanding actors and how to pick the right actors for a play
MasterClass David Mamet Writing for Actors
  • David’s insights into overcoming self-doubt and the things to avoid to become a successful writer
MasterClass David Mamet Life of a Dramatist

Why take David Mamet Dramatic Writing Lesson

Writers face countless problems, from gaining writing confidence to finding a market for their work. David Mamet’s lesson is, however, awash with techniques to help you overcome the roadblocks in your writing career.

As an instructor, David Mamet has a more elegant profile compared to tutors in other e-learning schools. He possesses diverse experience in the industry that can shower a writer’s path with the wisdom to make the right career strides.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate writer, David's lesson will fit you to a tee. The depth of the curriculum and topics covered will not only turn around your writing career. But they will also give you the armor you have always craved.


  • Affordable
  • Robust e-learning platform
  • In-depth content
  • Top class instructor
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day-money back surety
  • Access to elite instructors and lessons via the all-access plan


David Mamet's dramatic lesson does not cover a standard curriculum but unique insights and lessons from him. While the taught subjects can lead anyone to career excellence, the lesson doesn’t replace a traditional degree.


David’s writing class covers both the basics and his philosophy, making it essential for all writers. Case studies from his best plays, his writing process and ideas shed a lot of light into writing.

If you’re stuck in the writing career, facing anxiety or struggling to craft a single page, the class is yours. Lessons covering David’s challenges and his tips will inspire you to forge a way out of your predicament.

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