MasterClass David Lynch’s Creativity and Film Lesson Online Review

MasterClass David Lynch Creativity and Film Lesson Review

MasterClass David Lynch Creativity and Film Lesson Review

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When talking about filmmaking and the acting industry as a whole, one can’t forget to mention a 74-year old American known as David Lynch. He wears many huts, which all point to the incredible talent that he possesses. For example, you would be wrong not to list him as one of the leading filmmakers of his generation. He has also demonstrated his abilities as a television director and visual artist.

That’s not everything, though, as the American is a highly gifted musician who never shies away from trying his hand in acting. Based on this, it’s easy to see why his MasterClass lesson on creativity and film lessons could be so popular.

David Lynch’s Background

David Lynch

David Lynch

Before delving into the Creativity and Film lesson that David Lynch delivers on MasterClass, it would be great to consider his background. What makes his lessons worth learning? For starters, as previously indicated, Lynch is a highly revered name in the industry. He has several outstanding projects under his name.

Moreover, he has attained legendary status. Any project that has his name will always attract massive attention. The quality of his work is unmatched. Furthermore, his decades of filmmaking, directing, acting, singing, and creating make any lessons he shares with his students worth listening to. Some of his successful films are:

  • Eraserhead
  • The Elephant Man
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Twin Peaks
MasterClass David Lynch Instructor

As you might have noted with his projects, his main forte is creativity. Whether you are talking about filmmaking, painting, acting, directing, writing, or playing music, it’s clear that Lynch is a highly creative individual. Because of that, you could not go wrong sitting at the feet of such a person. Through it, you will glean all the lessons he has learned over the years.

Fortunately, he has opted to offer this lesson online through his MasterClass. Consequently, you can expect to receive unmatched lessons that could propel you into a world of untold creativity too. With that out of the way, it would be great to spare some time to focus on the actual lessons covered in the MasterClass.

MasterClass Creativity and Film Lesson Online with David Lynch Review

Lessons Offered

David Lynch doesn’t waste his or your time. His MasterClass covers 13 lessons that should leave you itching to put your creative juices to the test from the word ‘go.’ The lessons cover wide-ranging topics, as you will see later. At this point, it’s worth stating that some of these lessons last a mere three minutes.

MasterClass David Lynch Class Sections

However, other teachings can go up to 25 minutes. Regardless of the of each lesson's length, it is clear that Lynch is providing the folksy wisdom to his attentive students. Nonetheless, you should remember that he won’t teach you how to make films. Instead, he will show you how he makes movies.

The lessons, as mentioned above, are:

  • Introduction
  • Catching Ideas
  • Creativity and the Writing Process
  • Bonus Chapter: Transcendental Meditation
MasterClass David Lynch Harnessing Creativity for the Screen
  • Casting for Character
  • Working with Actors
  • Creating a Happy Family On Set
MasterClass David Lynch Working With Actors
  • Building Unique Worlds Through Production Design
  • Manifesting David’s Vision in Cinematography
  • Sound Design and Scoring
MasterClass David Lynch Manifesting Your Vision
  • Educating Yourself
  • Breaking the Rules
  • Make it True to the Ideas
MasterClass David Lynch Film Education and Rule-Breaking

Undoubtedly, Lynch remains one of the most remarkably legendary minds. His creativity is out of bounds, as you already read above. His uniqueness in terms of how he evaluates the world also emerges clearly here. As he goes through his lessons, you learn to appreciate the thinking that went into the creation of such legendary projects like Twin Peaks.

Additionally, through the lessons, you also get to enjoy the process he followed not only to create but also develop some of the most beloved and unforgettable characters. Lynch also enlightens you on the process he relies on to catch ideas. Through this MasterClass, students can identify his approach, which is:

  • Tapping into your hopper
  • Daydreaming
  • Using your intuition
  • Being where the magic happens
  • Completing the puzzle by following the idea

Exceptional Delivery

None of the lessons would be valuable without the extraordinary delivery that only a man of David Lynch’s expertise and creativity could pull through. In this MasterClass, Lynch is in his element delivering line after line of impeccable wisdom. To the untrained eye, Lynch could even be in one of his many acting roles playing a part. The humor and warmth that shines through in his lessons are worth every penny.

Furthermore, the earnest manner through which he addresses his students to stand out like a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night. Remember, the goal of the entire MasterClass is to help you tap into your creativity.

Through his outstanding delivery, you also learn the importance of writing your ideas down. As creative as Lynch is, it’s no coincidence that he is a firm believer in writing ideas down. Lynch says that over the years, he has just been as guilty of letting ideas disappear from his mind simply because he never wrote them down. He believes that you are most likely to forget your thoughts if you never take the time to write them down.

What is more, Lynch understands that creativity and the writing process is an example of a match made in heaven. How do you develop a character? Well, by learning from Lynch, who is an old hand at this sort of creativity!


Are you ready to learn all that you need about creativity? If that’s the case, then this is the best time to register for David Lynch’s MasterClass on creativity and film. Through the class, you will learn why chances of success in your filmmaking career could suffer irreparable damages if you stop prioritizing creativity.

The best filmmakers in the world are also the most creative. Without that level of creativity, their filmmaking careers would collapse with a thud. Though his lessons are short, what comes out is the fact that David Lynch wants to encourage you to educate yourself on filmmaking. As you do that, you could be as creative as David Lynch!

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