MasterClass David Baldacci’s Mystery and Thriller Writing Lesson Online Review

MasterClass David Baldacci Mystery and Thriller Writing Lesson Review

MasterClass David Baldacci Mystery and Thriller Writing Lesson Review

The field of writing is one that has been explored for some time now with a lot of writers coming up almost daily. The mystery and thriller genre, however, is one most writer shy away from due to their self-inflicted doubts and preferred areas of expertise.

This genre requires one to be highly creative. Fortunately, the bestselling thriller author David Baldacci has designed a course that teaches you how to fuse suspense and mystery to create jaw-dropping action.

MasterClass David Baldacci Instructor

David Baldacci’s lesson brings to light the very concept of fictional writing and provides the learner with techniques and possible ideas on every scenario to be able to create suspense-filled thriller novels that are sure to get readers hooked.

In this module, David talks about avoiding predictability by hushing out the moral lines and steering away from black and white. This, he says, prevents your story from being boring and predictable - a situation which no one wants.

He talks about adding non-fiction to fiction which also helps to spice up the book which you are looking to write.

If you have never read any of David Baldacci books before and still want to appreciate good lessons on writing thrillers you will not feel left out in this course as it is pretty straightforward.

David Baldacci will take you through each process of writing. From coming up with ideas needed for the book to the publishing aspect. That’s not all, and he also talks about the business aspect of writing. This means that if you’ve been looking to commercialize your writing skills then he’s got just the right way for you to do so.

David Baldacci is also quite relatable since he used to work as a lawyer before jumping into writing full time. He speaks about making the transition and finding that which works for you in the long run in this MasterClass.

About David Baldacci

David Baldacci

David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a renowned New York Times bestselling author and tutor. His work speaks for himself as he has written and published 38 successful books inclusive of 7 sets of series.

Some of the awards he has bagged include the Honorary Platinum Nielsen Bestseller Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from Library of Virginia and The Gold Medal Award for Best Mystery/Thriller.

Baldacci started writing from a very early age, and therefore writing has always been a part of him from the onset. His writing has earned him worldwide acclaim and earned him a spot as one of the best fictional writers.

MasterClass Mystery and Thriller Writing Lesson Online with David Baldacci Review

Class details and curriculum

David Baldacci’s module consists of 18 rich videos. Each lesson contains a well thought out subject and delves into it right into the second video. You will be able to learn how to find ideas out of everyday situations and research on each idea to create the ultimate thriller novel.

MasterClass David Baldacci Class Sections

Aside from the videos, there’s a downloadable course workbook which saves you the hustle of having to take down notes. The workbook covers every lesson and contains additional guides, tips, and assignments.

MasterClass David Baldacci Workbook

The class runs on a top-notch e-learning platform, MasterClass. You are therefore able to plan lessons that will fit into your schedule. MasterClass also boasts of compatibility with many devices; therefore you can learn from anywhere using your phone or tablet.


From the talented author of the bestsellers, The Memory Man and Absolute Power, you’ll be able to learn a lot in simply 18 rich videos. The module is as follows;

  • Introduction
  • Finding ideas out of possible situations
  • How to do your research and where to find it, part 1
  • How to do your research and where to find it, part 2
  • Outlining
  • Construction of chapters
MasterClass David Baldacci Writing Getting Started
  • Creating pulse pacing tension and suspense
  • How to create compelling characters
  • Creating dialogue for your characters
  • Writing the action
MasterClass David Baldacci Thriller Writing
  • Editing and revising your novels
  • Working relationship with an editor
MasterClass David Baldacci Editing and Revising
  • Writing process that encourages creativity
  • The journey as a writer
MasterClass David Baldacci Life as a Writer
  • Navigating the inner workings of the publishing business, part 1
  • Navigating the inner workings of the publishing business, part 2
  • How to write a series
  • Words of encouragement to aspiring writers
MasterClass David Baldacci Publishing Book


There are two payment options for this MasterClass. For only $180 you get an all-access pass to every other MasterClass lesson ever taught. This includes Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing MasterClass, Phil Ivey’s Poker Strategy MasterClass among others.

If your interest is in this particular class by David Baldacci only, then the fee is $90. The single-pass access only limits you to David Baldacci’s MasterClass.

It is advisable however to get the $180 subscription since you get access to classes that cost $90 each. You can also gift your loved ones to this class.

Why should you take David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing MasterClass

David Baldacci is an accomplished writer with 38 books under his belt.31 of them being a part of a series. He is an award-winning, bestselling author which makes him the perfect tutor for this.

He is heavily experienced since he started writing from an early age, thus carries a vast array of knowledge.

On the course in question, David holds of his own. He teaches about making writing your full-time business. He talks about his own struggle as he took two years to finish his very first book, Absolute Power and also shares on strategies that his learners can employ to aid them throughout their careers.

David went to Oxford, and this shows in his lessons as he is very eloquent, calm, and composed in his manner of delivery. His composed elaboration ensures you don’t miss a thing.


  • You learn from the best
  • The course is affordable and in-depth thanks to the all-access pass
  • The student discussion platform allows for the submission of any questions the students might have and direct responses from the tutor
  • Benign tutoring approach


It is quite difficult to point out the module’s shortcomings since it is taught by the best in his league. However, the videos are short, but David Baldacci ensures this is compensated for by providing an extensive approach to each topic.


Whether you intend to write for fun or business, you should take the class. If you like writing as a hobby, the class allows you to give back to society. For the latter the course gives you in-depth knowledge on how you can maximize your earnings through the writing of mystery and thriller novels. Regardless this course is a must-take for any aspiring writer.


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