MasterClass Dan Brown’s Writing Thrillers Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Dan Brown Writing Thrillers Lesson Review

MasterClass Dan Brown Writing Thrillers Lesson Review

Masterclass always hosts adept educators in all lessons. Such Tutors comprise the likes of Timbaland, Herbie Hancock, Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Anna Wintour, and more. The teachers lecture on subjects they understand to the core, bracing learners with knowledge on a range of lessons.

For the first time, Masterclass brings Dan Brown, a thriller writing doyen, to unveil his writing process. The Da Vinci Code author reveals his step-by-step process for using ideas to develop compelling stories.

MasterClass Dan Brown Instructor

The lesson enlightens with research skills, character development, and the art of using strong suspense to give thrillers a dramatic and intense ending. Dan Brown motivates you to write even when you doubt your skills or storyline. Listen to him, and you’ll spring to action to restart that novel idea you trashed.

Dan Brown, the world’s best thrillers seller, highlights his success process and reveals the core traits essential for stardom. Besides the value of perseverance, the maven writer unleashes tips on building a writing team that believes in your writing skills. Also, the master tutor reveals his proven tactics in writing query letters that will land you publishing deals.

Learners will have the privilege of accessing Dan Brown’s writing philosophy, tips to overcoming writers’ block, and writing strategies that maximize creative output. His class comes packed with insightful wisdom and knowledge nuggets, all guaranteed to mold students into star writers.

About Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Daniel Gerhard Brown started writing after reading Sidney Sheldon’s novel, the Doom Conspiracy. From that moment, henceforth, Daniel Brown went deep into thriller writing. He even quit his teaching job to focus on writing.

Back in 1998, he launched his book; Digital Fortress. He later wrote Angels & Demons and Deception Point, with the former featuring his preferred lead character Robert Langdon.

His earlier works had little success until the release of the controversial Da Vinci Code, which ranked high in New York Times Best Sellers. The book sold over 81 million copies worldwide, earning him stardom status and opened the way for his other titles.

His books have got translated into multiple languages, and three of them adapted for films.

MasterClass Writing Thrillers Lesson Online with Dan Brown Review

Lesson Content

Dan Brown’s thrillers writing lesson comprises 19 heirloom videos pack full of tips, secrets, and strategies. They are videos that will enlighten and open your eyes to what a writer’s journey entails. In the videos, Dan Brown decodes thrillers writing into understandable and straightforward sessions.

MasterClass Dan Brown Class Sections

Besides the videos, Dan Brown unleashes a downloadable workbook that accompanies you in your writing voyage. The book has additional writing tips from the educator and lesson recaps to ensure you never consign to oblivion the cream insights. More, writing exercises and assignments in the book never cease sharpening your skills.

MasterClass Dan Brown Workbook

The writing thrillers lesson comes online, where you can learn autonomously. Plan your classes to fit your daunting schedule, learn at your own pace, from anywhere. If you are traveling, you can use your smartphone to access the Masterclass app. You can also access the classes via a PC or Apple TV.

Why Masterclass?

Dan Brown writing thrillers lesson runs on Masterclass. The e-learning app possesses exceptional features that make it a pro platform. Top class visuals, first-rate security features, and usability mark the platform, making it a choice for many e-learners and tutors.

The platform hosts elite tutors from around the globe teaching courses in your industry. Here are some world-class practitioners hosted in the Masterclass platform

  • Dustin Hoffman acting lesson
  • Usher teaching the art of performance
  • Timbaland shows production and beat-making
  • Christina Aguilera with a singing lesson
  • Gordon Ramsey teaching cooking and many more lessons to over 60 other professionals

Dan Brown’s Thrillers Writing Lesson Pricing

Dan Brown’s lesson, like all other Masterclass courses, has three payment packages. First, you can pay $90, which is a single class access pass subscribing to only the thriller writing lesson.

Secondly, a better and more viable package goes for $180. This option gives you access to all Masterclass classes. For that price, you can take as many courses as you wish from the platform.

The last option also goes for $180. Though, it is a gift package for someone in your life whom you can book the class for, it’s a perfect way to reward the people you hold in high esteem or love.


So, what topics does Dan Brown’s thriller writing lesson cover? Here are some subjects you’ll come across when taking the class.

  • Elements of compelling stories
  • Mining and processing writing ideas
  • Using locations to develop story structure
  • Creating heroes and villains
  • Developing characters and designing characters’ relationships
  • Character case studies
MasterClass Dan Brown writing practical tips
  • Value of research in a creative process
  • Building a story from scratch into a thriller
MasterClass Dan Brown Research
  • Using plotlines and opening paragraphs to develop suspense
  • Crafting appealing exposition
MasterClass Dan Brown Tools for Creating Suspense
  • Power of editing and rewriting
  • Overcoming writers’ block and structure to maximize creativity
  • Value attitude, character and writing query letters and more insights
MasterClass Dan Brown Life of a Writer

Reasons to Take Dan Brown Thriller Writing Lesson

The thriller writing lesson comprises many lessons and insights from the Master tutor. Regardless of your current writing level, the course has value for everyone. A pro writer will benefit more from Dan Brown’s success strategies while the rest profit from all aspects of the class.

Dan Brown’s presentation approach is another thing to look forward to the class. The tutor’s incisive and straightforward approach saves a lot of time plus allows students to understand all the content.

As a writer of over 240 titles and the award-winning; Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown has collected ample experience in writing plus has in-depth knowledge in the thriller writing industry. The master tutor thus has enough information to share with learners.

In the classes, Dan Brown employs case studies to ease elaboration. The case studies include an analysis of his top writings. Meaning, learners get first-hand information, and the practicals enhance learning experiences.

The tutor comes to mentor and empower learners with a writing career tool-kit. He understands writers’ struggles and doesn’t hesitate to use his life stories to inspire students.


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