MasterClass Christina Aguilera Singing Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Singing Lesson Review

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Singing Lesson Review

Even with a passion in singing, you need a voice coach to perfect your art. Many people know Christina Aguilera for her musical career that has span over 20 years, scooping loads of accolades and international fame. As a star of the Hollywood walk of fame, Christina clearly has a lot to offer upcoming artists and songwriters.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Instructor

What many people might not know is that she is a voice teacher, and her services are available to anyone who wants them and is able to pay for them. As a music teacher, Christina teaches her students to find their voice, expand the musical range and master voice techniques that have characterized her successful career. By taking 23 lessons that are entirely online, Christina literary ushers in trainees into her secret world of vocal prowess.

MasterClass Singing Lessons Online with Christina Aguilera Review

How does each of the 23 lessons prepare voice students for a musical career that moves the world and leaves a mark in the hearts of the audience? Let us explore;

1. Introduction

This is the ‘meet Christina’ lesson. Her role as the voice coach is unmistakable as she already has a request. To get rid of every rule that has confined your singing and gets ready for class.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

2. Christina’s Inspiration

Even the best draw their inspiration from somewhere. This lesson is about finding personal inspiration either by looking at what is happening outside or looking inward for aspects of oneself that the audience can relate to.

3. Warming Up

Just like every other muscle, the vocal cords must be warmed up and stretched before a show. By sharing her own personal routine, Christina helps you to get ready through simple stretches.

4. Protecting the Voice

The greatest asset for any singer is their voice. A performer must be aware of activities that affect the quality of their voice, damage vocal cords and remedies to soothe a strained voice; Christina shows you how.

5. Voice range

A plain tone is boring as can be heard from the highs and lows in most songs. Christina shares insight on how to achieve high and low for a diverse voice range. Not sure if your voice has benefitted from this lesson? There is a Range Finder tool for practice.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Preparing Voice

6. Demonstrations: Pop style

This is part of the lesson where a model student applies what they have been taught plus what they already know. By giving a professional critique, the student is able to identify incidents where they changed vocal placement or posture and the impact on overall performance.

7. Demonstrations: Simplify

Another student interactive session, this part of the lesson is based on a video where Christina can be seen coaching a student. Other than projection, this is the session where she reveals vocal techniques that allow the performer to connect with their listeners at an emotional level.

8. Demonstrations: Rock style

Have you noticed the gritty style that Christina uses on her Fighter song? By critiquing a pop singer, the learner is able to understand how to combine attitude and grit to make a pop performance sound like rock.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Coaching

9. Diction

Contrary to what people believe, the best singers are not always the best sounding. This lesson exposes learners to the use of enunciation and diction in narrating a story through singing.

10. Vocal techniques mastering

Why do some songs stick your mind even when you are not necessarily thinking about them? Techniques such as Slides, Vibrato, Harmony and Belting are in play. Christina breaks these techniques down one-by-one.

11. Experimenting with tone and texture

The audience must be active and engaged in performances to make them successful. This can be made possible through the use of gritty growls or haunting sadness. Christina has the secret of how to make this happen.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Mastering Vocal Techniques

12. Collaborations: Rehearsal stage

When thinking of making a song with another singer, Christina shows her learners how important it is to screen the partner, to use timing to complement each other and the best way to handle the rehearsal sessions.

13. Collaborations: perfecting a performance

A song that is being performed by a pair must demonstrate the emotional connection between the two which will then be transferred to the audience. Christina will show her students how pitch, emotion, and timing are projected to the audience.

14. Singing to the beat

Every song has a beat and Christina teaches how to develop an internal rhythm for every song such that you can have a brand new performance every time you perform. This lesson is accompanied by a demonstration where Christina incorporates beat and tempo into a song.

15. Live stage performance

Forget lip-synching for a while because Christina will teach you how to take charge of the microphone and deliver a breathtaking performance before an audience of any size.

16. Handling yourself at the studio

There is a difference between using the microphone placed before you in a huge arena for a live performance and the microphone that sits behind the recording booth in a music production studio. Either scenario calls for a different set of conduct from the singer and Christina demonstrates this.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Performing Part 1

17. Overcoming anxiety

It is normal to feel a bit nervous when called upon to perform before a crowd. Even Christina Aguilera experiences stage freight but there are techniques to deal with the rowdy nerves. Let Christina show you how to center your nerves before you climb on to the stage.

18. Engaging a crowd through recording

A studio performance should be done in a way that it engages the listener. Christina demonstrates how to do this with her Fighter song.

19. Getting past mistakes

What do you do when you were called upon to perform a popular patriotic song but tripped over some words? It has happened to Christina so she has a few tips for you.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Performing Part 2

20. Living life as an artist

Christina has few words of wisdom when it comes to curving an identity as an artist, ignoring the negativity around you and aiming for success.

21. Self-expression

Without having to turn up your stomach, there are techniques you can use to express opinion especially when it is contrary to others. This is where the subject of sexuality and shame of image, identity, and purpose arise.

22. The journey to the top

It is often empowering to listen to what others have been through in the path that you intend to follow. Christina shares her journey; the ups and downs. She has some interesting lessons that she picked up along the way.

23. Final remarks

Christina closes her singer training by encouraging people to follow their dreams. Times can be tough and unbearable but she teaches you that you can thrive in the storm by owning the challenges.

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Advice

All these lessons pointing you in the direction of fame and fortune cost a mere sum but even one lesson plans are encouraged. $180 is the total cost of the entire package of 23 lessons to access for an entire year, while $90 caters for a single lesson. Only on MasterClass will you get this exclusive training by a 5-times Grammy award winner who now puts content into 3.5 hours to raise a new generation of singers.


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