MasterClass Chris Hadfield’s Space Exploration Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Space Exploration Lesson Review

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Space Exploration Lesson Review

If you love adventure, technology, writing or space science, take a space exploration class. Why? It is the perfect remedy for fun, eye-opening tech insights, imagination and a meet-up with expert astronauts.

The famous and respected astronaut, Chris Hadfield has a space exploration class for you. The lesson comes in MasterClass to ease your space curiosities and open doors to the world of space exploration.

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Instructor

Chris Hadfield’s space exploration lesson will inspire you in all walks of life, build your character, and shape your perspective about life, space exploration, and the environment.

The lesson gouges out the essentials of space exploration from A-Z. From the class, you’ll get to comprehend space missions’ challenges, the greatness of exploring space and the testing nature of space missions.

For aspiring astronauts, the Course is a comprehensive toolset enlightening on a bunch of cream space skills. The training impacts learners with skills including space mechanics, technology, spacewalk, simulation and more.

Besides, the mettle testing nature of space exploration demands learners possess some life skills. Thus, the class polishes your leadership, survival and team-playing skills. Meaning, you’ll turn up an all-round person, brave and raring to go for your first space mission.

About Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is one of the most successful astronauts. He stands as the first Canadian to land and record a song in space. Since being inspired as a kid after watching Apollo 11 moon landing, Chris never turned back on his dream to become an astronaut.

His expeditions to space and life influences earned him multiple awards. Top awards in his possession include NASA Exceptional Service Medal and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

MasterClass Space Exploration Lesson Online with Chris Hadfield Review

Class Details and Curriculum

Chris Hadfield’s space exploration lesson stands as one of the most extended masterclass courses. The class comes with 29 videos, a students’ platform, and an astronaut’s lifetime workbook.

The videos entail space exploration lessons, insights from the tutor, and a recorded Chris’ space exploration journey. Enrolling for the space exploration class gives lifetime access to the videos and all learning material.

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Class Sections

Still, you’ll download the astronauts’ workbook which comprises notes, revision materials, lesson recaps and assignments to sharpen your skill set anytime.

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Workbook

The students’ platform allows sharing of learning experiences, lesson content discussions, group works and ideas.

Also, the tutor has individual sessions with learners where he takes questions, reviews progress and provides feedback.


The lesson covers space exploration well, space leadership and survival skills, and Chris Hadfield’s space stories and insights.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the curriculum

  • Rockets physics and functioning
  • Space exploration as an adventure
  • Atmosphere physics, math, and mechanics
  • Rocket fuels and propulsion
  • Space fear and tragedy management
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Inside Rocket Mechanics
  • Space ships designs, systems, shuttle designs and the impact of navigation
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Spaceships
  • Value of teams, life support systems, and space evolution
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Inside the ISS
  • Preparation for space life and mission control processes
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Leadership In Space
  • Spacewalking and space training for confidence
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Spacewalk
  • Traveling to Mars, exploring life in space, and space robotics
MasterClass Chris Hadfield Getting to Mars


At $180 the Course is worth every penny because of its depth, value and tutor caliber. Besides, the $180 fee gives you exclusive access to all masterclass courses. So, you don’t stop learning once you complete the space exploration course.

However, you can pay half the price if you want access to only one course. The second option limits you to the space exploration lesson.

You can also buy the Course for someone else as a gift package. So, if your schedule is too tight, spread love to your family or friends with a MasterClass lesson surprise.

How to take the Course

Chris Hadfield’s lesson is only accessible on MasterClass. The platform has the best features among all e-learning sites, thus it’s the most preferred by top educators.

Look forward to quality videos, exceptional graphics and smooth audios designed to enhance learning.

With the class being online, you have all the freedom to align courses with your schedule. You don’t need sophisticated equipment to take the Course, but a smartphone or a desktop.

Why Take Chris Hadfield’s Space Exploration Lesson

If you will take a space exploration class, it has to be from a person with a first-hand space exploration experience. Having flown to space multiple times, Chris Hadfield possesses all the requisite experience.

For his experience and personality, you have an open-minded and adventurous tutor committed to your excellence. The subtle approach to presentations and detailed elaboration of the lesson sessions highlight his prowess. For sure, he is the best fit to train, inspire and guide learners to become revered astronauts.

While the class can’t replace a standard space degree, it has adequate content to turn you from a dreamer into a real and growing astronaut. Chris focused on the essentials of space exploration. Thus no fluff to eat up lessons material or your precious time.

Regardless of your career, you can take the all-access payment plan, access the space exploration course and explore the space world. The insights, excitement and the mystery of space explorations make the lesson worth for anyone.


  • Stationed in the world’s best e-learning platform
  • Award-winning, exciting and adventurous tutor
  • In-depth content, exclusive access to learning material and students interaction
  • An affordable all-access plan giving you access to over 6o courses from expert educators
  • Incredible training approach ensures learners comprehend the complicated bits of space and atmosphere maths


The subject looks technical for an online course; however, Chris allays all fears of technicality by the useful breakdown of topics and quality presentations. Besides, many people might misjudge the Course for complexity, but until you take it, it’s when you realize how it can be valuable for people in different careers.


First, kudos to Chris for how he simplified space exploration into an exciting and understandable subject. If you’re a sci-fi or imaginative writer, taking the Course will furnish you with fantastic title and topic ideas.

Anybody looking for inspiration and new insights should also take the Space exploration class. The challenges, missions, and struggles of astronauts can reawaken your spirits to take on many quests.

If you’re looking for adventure, join the musician and astronaut Chris from launching to landing on mass, and experience what space journeys entail.


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