MasterClass Carlos Santana’s the Art and Soul of Guitar Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Carlos Santana the Art and Soul of Guitar Lesson Review

MasterClass Carlos Santana the Art and Soul of Guitar Lesson Review

Masterclass, the pioneer e-learning platform, has always had a knack for netting only legends to their list of tutors. Tom Morello took the center with a guitar lesson, enthralling and inspiring learners with his uplifting music lessons.

Another top addition to their portfolio is the iconic Carlos Santana. Carlos is famous for his band Santana which pioneered Latin America Jazz fused with rock-and-roll.

The ten times Grammy award winner comes to the platform to unleash his music-making creative process. Carlos explores spiritual aspects of music and guitar philosophy, enlightening learners in self-expression and realism.

MasterClass Carlos Santana Instructor

The lesson’s insights help students build a guitar and music playing identity as they gain skills in melody, conception, and development. Also, they will learn skills to incorporate multiple music genres into music and band creation and leadership.

Carlos goes deep into his performances to show how he created some of his iconic songs and impacts learners with a vast knowledge of music history. Learners of all levels will absorb Santana’s multi-genre playing skills, pick his approaches to composition, guitar playing, and improvisation.

Also, Carlos teaches his unique music process, his art of creating exclusive and stimulating tunes. Plus, how he uses music and guitar playing to immerse and dazzle audiences.

About Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana learned guitar and Violin from age five while under the tutelage of his musician father. Other top influences in his music included virtuoso blues performers like B.B. King, Mike Bloomfield, John Lee Hooker, and Gábor Szabó’s.

Gábor Szabó’s’ “Gypsy Queen” composition had a massive impact on Carlos’ career; thus, it inspired one of his earliest concepts.

Some of Carlos’ works credit his early role models, and he considers Mike Bloomfield as a mentor and a pillar in his career.

Carlos’ performances are electrifying and are famous for following on dazzling blue-based lines from percussion instruments such as congas and timbales.

Carlos has won many awards, which include three Latin grammy awards and ten grammy awards.

MasterClass the Art and Soul of Guitar Lesson Online with Carlos Santana Review

Class Content and Curriculum

Carlos’ art and soul of guitar lessons contain over 15 video lessons covering topics in guitar playing. His goal is to educate you on music purpose and starts by urging you to take a role in achieving it. The videos breakdown unique sounds’ creation and conception of soulful tunes that move audiences.

MasterClass Carlos Santana Class Sections

Masterclass comprises high definition videos and exemplary audio work which allow for seamless intake and understanding of lesson presentations and learning material.

MasterClass Carlos Santana Workbooks

The class is 100% exclusive to Masterclass subscribers and enrolling students. Masterclass has the platform to ensure you receive top-notch quality, and lessons meet the highest standards.

Masterclass reviews classes to determine standards, plus they only enroll hot shots in all fields. Their goal is to become the go-to e-learning platform. Listed tutors in their catalog include;

  • Armin van Buuren who teaches dance music
  • Usher teaching art of performance
  • Herbie Hancock teaching jazz
  • Tom Morello still teaches electric guitar
  • Itzhak Perlman teaching Violin
  • Christina Aguilera in a singing class and more elite teachers

The beauty of the platform is you can access all 60+ lessons by paying a one year fee of $180. The payment package is a key to take Carlos’ art and soul of guitar lessons and any other course you desire.

You also have a second payment option that limits you to only one lesson. So, if you intend to pursue Carlos’ class alone, you can pay $90 for the single access pass. The pass gives you exclusive access to all learning material in Carlos’ course.


What is music’s purpose? Why do you play your guitar? It’s time to get answers to all questions you harbor about music, spirituality, and your career. Carlos Santa takes through the entire process in his lesson.

  • He will cover the following topics to ensure you leave the platform motivated and powered with new skills;
  • Learn Carlos’ strategies for familiarizing and understanding your equipment
  • Unleashing everything from your heart into music playing
  • Combining your experiences and influences to unearth your distinct guitar voice
MasterClass Carlos Santana Find Unique Voice
  • Explore worldwide music genres by following Carlos’ footsteps
  • Carlos’ techniques to elicit your passion and pour it into your plays
  • Learning and using rhythmic traditions in music-plays
MasterClass Carlos Santana Blues and Rhythmic Traditions
  • Using the world around you to draw musical inspirations
  • Carlos’ melody writing strategy
MasterClass Carlos Santana Melody and Inspiration
  • Building bands and collaborating with artists and vocalists
  • Carlos’ process of winning audiences to deliver compelling audiences
  • Explore Carlos’ guitar playing performances
MasterClass Carlos Santana Creating Compelling Performances
  • How to transition from a part-time to a full-time musician, guitarist or artist
  • Carlos’ music outlook and using it to help other people
MasterClass Carlos Santana Parting Words

Why take Carlos Santa Art and Soul of Guitar Lesson

Carlos’ lesson is critical for all musicians. It helps in arousing creativity, an essential process in musicians’ lives. He understands and knows how to immerse yourself deep into your experiences to compile ideas and develop quality music. It is a strategy any musician should learn to come with new concepts and overhaul their careers.

Regardless of your career, self-expression is vital to understand your talents and boost confidence. Carlos’ class has a clear pathway and techniques incorporated to help you understand your emotions and learn to express your feelings. The whole lesson has an immense impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

You’ll learn how to play the guitar following the tutors’ strategy, build bands, and do compelling performances. Achieving the goals of the course requires you to come out of your skin and use the newfound courage to do scintillating performances.

Carlos’ performances and class presentations are sackfuls of emotions and passion. He puts all his efforts to ensure you soak in his tips. His approach absorbs you throughout the sessions. You can expect to understand all the tips and strategies shared in the class.

If you’re looking for a tutor and role model, Carlos Santana is all around. The revered musician experience stretches back to the 1960s. He understands the highs and lows of the industry and knows what musicians require to become creative and full-time artists.


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