MasterClass Billy Collins’s Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Billy Collins Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson Review

MasterClass Billy Collins Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson Review

Poetry, we all need it. We need poetry to express ourselves, connect, build emotional intelligence and become more creative. Anyone you know needs to learn poetry to grow their imagination, resilience and language skills.

From pre-historical times, poetry has ruled humankind and now stands as the oldest form of art. Billy Collins, a legendary poet, remains as one of the fewest people with deep poetry experience. Being selfless, he committed to sharing his over 50 years of knowledge into the particular art.

MasterClass Billy Collins Instructor

Billy Collins, in his reading and writing poetry lesson on Masterclass, illuminates the whole gamut of poetry. He breaks down poetry essentials, demystifying long-held poetry myths and shows how everyone can learn and fall in love with writing poems.

The lesson covers topics beginning from poetry wording, to the art of playing with words to intrigue, educate and entertain. More, Billy shows you how to develop a unique persona and solve poet challenges.

To spice the class, Billy brings in a friend and virtuoso poet, Marie Howe. Together they discuss top poems showing the attributes to great poetry.

Taking the class will stir your creativity, allow you to come up with new ideas and change your perceptions about many life subjects. From henceforth, you can process emotions and experiences with more maturity and from a unique angle.

About Billy Collins

Billy Collins

Billy Collins

Billy Collins became words fanatic from childhood when her mum would recite poetry verses to him. Taking a B. A in English and a Ph.D. in romantic poetry from the University of California immersed him deep into the language, polishing his passion.

Top mentors and influences in Karl Shapiro, Reed Whittemore, Poet Robert Peters, and the Beat Generation ensured he never lost sight of his goal.

Roles as a professor in English and Writing in cream institutes define Billy as one of the best tutors around. No single poetry teaching class can boast of a first-class tutor in poetry like Masterclass.

Billy’s poems inspire, entertain, and create smiles, winning many fans and touching hearts. Top awards mark how prominent and influential his creations have had a massive impact.

MasterClass Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson Online with Billy Collins Review

What Billy Collins Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson Entails

Billy Collins’s lesson comes online. It, therefore, gives you more flexibility if you’re juggling career and studying. You’ll network with students from around the globe and get unlimited access to learning material, all at zero commuting cost.

The only cost you will incur is class subscription fees and internet expenses. You will need a smart-phone, PC or Apple TV to access the classes. The Masterclass platform, however, thrives for being compatible with a range of devices.

Subscription fees are payable yearly. Paying $180 unlocks over 60 lessons from the Masterclass platform. Besides, the reading and writing lesson, you can study subjects in cooking, TV writing, jazz, beat-making, film directing, BBQ, Italian cuisine, tennis, and many other topics.

If the prospect of taking many lessons is not enticing, you can book only one class. A single course costs you $90. The fee gives you exclusive access to Billy Collins’s reading and writing poetry lessons.

Masterclass further offers a special gift package to all people interested in sharing the class. The gift plan allows you to book the course for anyone. Meaning, you can book the poetry lesson for your kids or let them take their beloved subjects.

Course Content and Curriculum

With 20 great videos, Billy explores poetry step-by-step, pouring down his experience to learners. The videos are the central aspect of the class, so pay attention throughout to collect all insights from the expert tutor.

MasterClass Billy Collins Class Sections

The videos comprise top-notch graphics backed with clear audio to ensure learners’ comprehension. Once you subscribe to Billy’s class, you’ll have lifetime access to the videos and all learning material.

Also, you’ll find a detailed workbook from Billy which you can download. The book contains golden tips and techniques not included in the videos. Besides the tips, Billy added assignments and lesson recaps to guide you always in your poetry journey.

MasterClass Billy Collins Workbook

Office Hours and a student’s community add to the quality of lessons. The students’ community allows you to interact with worldwide poetry students while sharing tips. Meanwhile, Office Hours is an exclusive chance to interact with Billy, ask questions and get feedback.

Lessons start with Billy highlighting the pleasures of learning poetry and how it connects you to history and humankind. Subsequent topics after the tutor’s introduction include;

  • How to use poetry form to win audiences including strangers
  • Embracing poetry freedom to explore subjects and build progression
MasterClass Billy Collins Poetry
  • Analyzing personal notes from Billy highlighting his poetry process
MasterClass Billy Collins Writing the Poem
  • Poetry analysis and discussion with Marie Howe
MasterClass Billy Collins Reading - Connecting With Poetry
  • Billy’s sound and meter tools to achieve poetry rhythm
  • Experimenting with poetry to make branching directions
MasterClass Billy Collins Working With Form
  • Using other peoples poetry to develop your persona
  • Humor and its value in poetry
MasterClass Billy Collins Finding Voice
  • Sessions in the Poets’ club with Billy
MasterClass Billy Collins Student Discussions

Why Masterclass?

Perhaps you’re wondering what Masterclass is, and why Billy chose the platform. Well, the e-learning platform is the leading online school in the World.

The platform flourishes for hosting A-listed legends from various industries to share their unique experiences, tricks, and secrets in their industries.

You’ll find;

  • Thomas Keller teaching cooking,
  • Penn and Teller teaching magic,
  • Simone Biles teaching gymnastics,
  • Daniel Negreanu teaching poker,
  • Herbie Hancock teaching jazz and many other virtuoso tutors.

Masterclass also has advanced security features, comprehensive learning material, and usability.

Why take Billy Collins Reading and Writing Poetry Lesson

Billy’s lesson clears the way for poetry writing success. The lesson illuminates the path of a poet from a beginner to an elite poet. In the lesson, Billy shares unique poetry insights vital for anyone in the poetry writing scene.

Another reason to take the poetry class is, Billy is a perfect tutor. He has adequate experience spanning from his childhood. Having won multiple awards from his record-breaking poems, Billy knows everything about the industry.

Poetry impacts character, creativity and language prowess. So, taking the class is essential regardless of your industry. The course builds learners’ problem solving, wording, presentation, and social skills.


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