MasterClass Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Lesson Review

MasterClass Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Lesson Review

The world’s #1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren, has joined forces with online education platform MasterClass to offer a first of its kind dance music lesson exclusively online. So, if you have ever wanted to be a Deejay or looking for an affordable electronic dance music course, this is your best bet. Trust me; DJ classes taught by expert mixers don’t come out every so often.

Armin Van Buuren has channeled all of his long-standing experience, knowledge, and expertise as a platinum-selling producer, mixer and DJ to create a vibrant collection of video lessons. The class is chunked down into easy-to-understand lessons that are designed to walk you through how dance music is created from scratch.

MasterClass Dance Music Lesson Online with Armin Van Buuren Review

As you might expect from any MasterClass lesson, Van Buuren takes a rather fresh and unique approach to teach students and fans how to carve a niche for themselves in the world of Deejaying. The lessons are meant to unleash the student’s creative side and help them take their mixing and producing game to the next level.

The icing on the cake is that you are allowed to log into Van Buuren’s studio and watch live as he delivers attention-grabbing music. His wildly popular radio show is reportedly listened to by more than 41 million people across over 80 countries. What’s more, the show is broadcast by over 100 FM stations all over the world.

You will pay $90 for lifetime access to the class. Or pay $180 annually for All-Access Pass to MasterClass lessons. You send the enrollment for the DJ class as a gift.

This is the first-ever music dance lesson offered by the master DJ, Armin Van Buuren. As such, we are super excited to review it and give an unbiased opinion. Let’s get started, shall we?

About Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren, born Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniël van Buuren OON in 1976 in Leiden, South Holland, is a living legend in the world of dance music. And with good reason. The super-star has been voted the world’s number #1 DJ for a record 5 times by the DJ Magazine.

Interestingly, he began making mixes and dance music at the tender age of 14. In the late 1990s, he started Deejaying at Club Nexus several times a week after graduating with a law degree from Leiden University.

Today, Van Buuren is one of the most revered and influential icons in the worldwide dance music space. As a producer, mixer, and DJ, he’s known to host riveting shows that are tuned in my millions of listeners. His weekly radio show aptly dubbed “ A State of Trance” is aired by more than 100 radio stations, and listened to by over 40 million fans.

Van Buuren is also a multi-platinum artist who has headlined several dance festivals across the globe, and his music sounds have topped the global charts. His favorite genres include electric house psytrance, progressive house, progressive trance, and psychedelic trance.

After a colorful and celebrated career spanning at least two decades as a dance music marker, van Buuren has decided to teach his techniques, share his tricks, and help students use his insights to build out their own DJ careers.

Student Experience

Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Lesson on Master Class is designed with students of all proficiencies in mind. He has created video lessons in which he explains his process, the techniques, and how he prepares his live studio sets.

MasterClass Armin van Buuren Getting Started

He chunks down his big hits and showcases to students how he crafts a music dance track from scratch. The idea behind the lesson is to walk the student right from the nitty-gritty of studio production through performance and eventually how to get the word out about their dance music. More importantly, those who enroll in the class will get an intimate look into his artistic and creative process.

As if that isn’t up-close enough, students can also log into the live studio sessions as van Buuren prepares to wow his 40+ million listeners. When they get the hang of it, the students will also be exposed to the more advanced facets of music dance creation. As such, they will also learn how to arrange, mix and build dance-worthy hits.

Not just that – van Buuren goes above and beyond to ensure that the student experience is holistic. To do that, students have access to a wide range of plugins, music samples and other exclusive materials they can leverage to record vocals, mix, and learn how to DJ a radio-worthy set.

MasterClass Armin van Buuren DJ

The fact that students have lifetime access to video lessons, samples, and other materials makes it easy for every student to learn at their own pace. More importantly, this ensures that they have a point of reference, where they can always glean inspiration. Ultimately, this experience makes learning how to DJ truly an ongoing process.


Armin van Buuren dance music master class comprises a curated collection of 33 lessons. They are subdivided into smaller, easier-to-follow bits. That way, students can choose lessons that best fit their level of proficiency.

MasterClass Armin van Buuren Class Sections

The class begins with an introductory lesson that’s designed to prepare you to learn about Deejaying and producing, as well as get your feet wet in the world of dance music. More advanced students can choose next-level lessons such as creating a groove, adding a bass, cleaning up and mixing, etc. There’s definitely something for every level of experience.

MasterClass Armin van Buuren Grooves
MasterClass Armin van Buuren Mixing

Key Features

  • 33 quality video lessons created by master DJ Armin van Buuren
  • Class workbook available for free download
MasterClass Armin van Buuren Workbook
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Cross-platform access to lessons
  • Office hours


  • Top-notch quality music dance video lessons prepared directly by the master DJ
  • Unlimited access to the lessons for one, affordable payment of $90
  • Students can record themselves practicing and submit the videos for feedback during office hours
  • Lessons can be accessed on desktop, mobile or Apple TV


We couldn’t honestly come up with any downside to van Buuren’s dance music lesson.

Verdict: With office hours during which students can get expert feedback, 33 well-created lessons, and lifetime access, we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t enroll for the master class now.


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