MasterClass Alice Waters’s The Art of Home Cooking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Alice Waters The Art of Home Cooking Lesson Review

MasterClass Alice Waters The Art of Home Cooking Lesson Review

Home cooking is an art. It needs the right approach and strategy to put the best meals on the table. More importantly, if not done correctly, it will not provide the benefits that are often associated with home cooking.

By cooking at home, you would be giving yourself more control over the kind of food you are preparing and serving to your loved ones. Additionally, you feel happier preparing food at home. The entire household also tends to be happy eating such foods.

Home cooking is a great way of saving money too. After all, you would not be paying the kind of money you often spend when eating at the local restaurant or in a hotel. On top of that, you can monitor the number of calories that your loved ones consume each day.

Some people just seem capable of serving home-cooked meals without much effort. However, many are unable to pull off such moves. For these reasons, you may be better off studying home cooking to acquire this skill.

MasterClass offers you a chance to study home cooking. More importantly, you would then be able to turn it into the kind of art that brings a smile across the faces of your loved ones.

With the help of Alice Waters, you can now study home cooking. After you are through with the classes, you would fall in love with the art of preparing meals in your kitchen.

Why MasterClass

Through this class, Alice Waters takes you through a journey into her life. She has all the credentials you may be looking for to determine if the class is worth sitting through.

Alice Waters

Alice Waters

For example, Alice is one of the most popular American chefs. Nevertheless, her popularity isn’t the only thing that’s working for her. As a restaurateur, she has the knowledge and wisdom of offering you a glimpse into the differences between eating at home and dining out.

Crucially, she owns Chez Panisse. The restaurant is in Berkeley, California. Its features of organic and locally grown ingredients make the restaurant more popular.

MasterClass Alice Waters Instructor

Alice Waters opened her restaurant in 1971. Since then, it has been specializing in California cuisine.

More importantly, Alice has authored several books on cooking. In addition to writing books, she also serves as a food activist. For a while, she was the led calls for the need for embracing the ‘slow food’ movement.

Through the ‘slow food movement,’ Alice Waters preached about the need for abandoning the unhealthy love for fast food. Instead, she advocated healthy eating.

Based on these, Alice Waters remains one of the best voices to listen to whenever she rises to speak about home cooking. That might appear a bit contrary considering that she owns a restaurant. Well, not if the restaurant promotes healthy eating.

It’s easy to see why MasterClass offers Alice the chance to educate her students. Anyone who is interested in learning about home cooking should sign up for this course. Through it, students learn from one of the world’s well-known proponents of a farm-to-table diet.

MasterClass The Art of Home Cooking Lesson Online with Alice Waters Review

What the Class Entails

For starters, the MasterClass is 100 percent exclusive! You will not get the contents of this class elsewhere, except for the MasterClass website. Only by registering and paying the fee of $90 will you be able to access the course’s contents.

Alice Waters has a philosophy on food. You might be interested to learn as much as you can from this philosophy. With this lesson in your head, you would now be capable of understanding why Alice teaches whatever she does!

Do you know how to shop for the best and most organic ingredients? Alice will take you through this class too. You will get a detailed appreciation for everything that happens at the farmer’s market.

A meal that mostly features vegetables can leave you licking your fingers and asking for more. Through the Alice Waters The Art of Home Cooking Lesson on MasterClass, you will learn to prepare such types of food.


Are you ready for the class? In that case, the curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Learning to cook deliciously, spontaneously, and naturally
  • Understanding the importance of choosing the right tools
  • Why you need to stock your pantry fully
MasterClass Alice Waters Home Kitchen
  • Learning to be a discerning shopper at the grocery store or farmers’ market
  • Learning three different ways of preparing vegetables
  • How to prepare an Alice Waters menu for your dinner party, plating, and serving each course
MasterClass Alice Waters From Market to Meal
  • Learning to make staples from Alice’s pantry
  • How to use leaves, herbs, and all sorts of aromatics
  • Learning to make Alice’s salsa verde
  • How to prepare a beautiful, mouthwatering salad
  • Learn to cook over a fire by preparing a simple dish of one egg and grilled toast
MasterClass Alice Waters Cooking Simply at Home
  • Learning to prepare Chez Panisse’s excellent must-have dessert
  • Tips for making egg pasta dough that makes pasta in any shape, including Chez Panisse’s world-famous Ravioli
MasterClass Alice Waters Recipes From Chez Panisse
  • How to test the ripeness of fruits and pick those in season
  • How a trip from France changed Alice’s life and set up on the path to lead the farm-to-table movement
  • Five principles of Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard Project
MasterClass Alice Waters Farm-to-Table Movement


Alice Waters The Art of Home Cooking Lesson on MasterClass is available online. It is also on videos, which you can always replay to your satisfaction.

Learning from Alice Waters will only propel you on your journey of embracing home cooking and all its benefits. Furthermore, the lessons are in short videos.

The lessons are accessible any hour of the day or night on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Essentially, you only need a stable Internet connection to access your lessons.

A class cookbook is also available to any person interested in downloading some of Alice’s recipes. The cookbook is full of lesson recaps as well. It contains the supplemental materials that you might consider essential for learning home cooking too.

MasterClass Alice Waters Workbook


Are 17 topics enough to get as much as you want on home cooking? For a MasterClass, it might be enough. However, for somebody looking for more detailed instructions, the course could be deemed too short.


Nevertheless, Alice Waters The Art of Home Cooking Lesson on MasterClass is an excellent start. The fact that a master chef on home cooking delivers it is an added attraction. The $90 you pay for this lesson will prove to be a great investment in your life.


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