MasterClass Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting Lesson Review

MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting Lesson Review

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Over the years, Masterclass has developed a trend of unleashing non-pareil lessons in a range of subjects from cream personalities around the world. Aaron Sorkin is another top-notch addition to their list of elite tutors. The illustrious screenwriter, producer, and director comes to the platform to unveil a peerless screenwriting lesson.

MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Instructor

The writer of the famed West Wing, The American President, and the Social Network opens up on his artistry. He reveals all strategies, secrets, and tricks that have earned him immense success and respect in the film industry.

In the class, Aaron shares his knowledge of writing, concept, and story development. You’ll love the lesson for its versatility, for it comprises extensive information broken down into understandable bits and presented in style yet witnessed in the platform.

Aaron understands dealing with learners of all caliber. Thus, his design of content and lesson presentations allows learners of all levels to stay on track. The course contains well thought of aspects, and the flow of presentations is exceptional as it reflects the tutor’s storytelling styles. How the tutor takes you from idea conception to writing is so smooth and perfect for comprehension.

Lesson styles include direct presentations, group sessions, and assignments. In the groups, Aaron accepts questions and provides feedback to learners. Besides, learners can interact in a students’ platform and discuss learning sessions.

About Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Benjamin Sorkin stands as one of the most successful screenwriters today. Having produced top works in writing and films, he has reached levels many people in the film industry can only fantasize about.

His top works include broadway plays such as To Kill a Mocking Bird and A Few Good Men. Television series and films in his portfolio include Moneyball, Steve Jobs, West Wing, Sports Night, and The Newsroom.

His success has earned him tremendous respect and won him several awards. After writing the Social Networks, Aaron bagged an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and many other accolades.

MasterClass Screenwriting Lesson Online with Aaron Sorkin Review

Curriculum, Learning Material, and Class Pricing

Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting lesson covers many topics revolving around the fundamentals of television writing and film. Main areas of the curriculum include the following subjects;

  • Using intention and obstacles to come up with storyline concepts
  • Idea testing and analysis
  • Using storytelling rules for your writing success
  • Story pacing and overcoming writing challenges
MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Finding and Developing the Story
  • Case studies on character development
MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Characters
  • Writing scenes from script momentum to theme development and setting up characters’ roles
  • Strategies to win and grip audiences
  • Scenes case studies from Aaron’s top works
MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Writing Scenes
  • Lessons on perfecting research strategies
  • Including research in the storyline
  • Rewrites and use of editors to strengthen scripts and more topics
MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Research and Rewrites
  • Group workshops involving sharing of tricks, filming tips and feedbacks from Aaron
MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Group Workshop

Learning Material

Aaron Sorkin’s writing lesson is one of the most extensive courses in Masterclass as it comprises 32 videos. The videos contain live sessions from the educator breaking down the subjects around screenwriting. Top-notch shooting and editing from Masterclass ensure you take the classes under elite graphics and visuals.

MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Class Sections

You’ll also access a downloadable workbook which is your other learning tool designed to act as reference material and refresher on all subjects. The book contains additional screenwriting lessons, assignments, exercises, and notes from the writing maestro.

MasterClass Aaron Sorkin Workbook

Again you can share writing samples, team up with other students taking the course, and gain feedback on projects on the Masterclass online community.

You can only find Aaron’s class on Masterclass. Masterclass is a second to none e-learning platform flourishing for its easy-to-use features, quality learning material, bang-up visuals, security, and privacy.

The platform further includes top tutors from around the globe, teaching an array of subjects. You can learn to act from Dustin Hoffman, filmmaking from Werner Herzog, the art of performance from Usher, dramatic writing from David Mamet, and many more topics.

The course has two pricing plans: a single pass and an all-access plan. The single access plan goes for $90 and allows you access to only one lesson, in this case, Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting lesson.

If you want to access over 61 masterclass courses, at the price of two lessons, i.e., $180, subscribe for the all-access plan. The plan gives you exclusive rights to take other courses for one year.

Besides, the all-access plan allows you to purchase the class as a gift for a friend, kids, or relatives.

Why Take Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting Lesson

Quality of learning material and the depth of the content are the first reasons you must take Aaron’s course. Many online courses don’t have the extensiveness learners desire, but this class is a gem for its all-round features. With over 30 videos, the course covers many subjects.

Aaron Sorkin’s presentation styles are also class. The way he explains concepts and digs into screenwriting allows learners to absorb all learning material seamlessly. Unlike other classes, the lesson comprises multiple learning workshops, character insights, scenes case studies, and top- productions analyze, which all enhance comprehension.

The lesson still serves as a toolkit for learners and burgeoning writers, for it contains more content than many online curriculums. In the class, you’ll find strategies to encounter daily writing challenges, creativity guides, plus you’ll gain problem-solving skills.

With its comprehensiveness, any learner can take the course. Even if you’re a pro screenwriter, there are skills unique to Aaron, which you can only study them from the screenwriting lesson.

With Aaron Sorkin, you have the most experienced and polished tutor. He understands what success in screenwriting entails and knows the must-study topics for aspiring film writers.

As a selfless person, Aaron pours down all his knowledge into the lesson, leaving no stone unturned. Combine his experience, success, approach, and character, and you can’t imagine having any other tutor.

With the lesson being in Masterclass, you’re sure of first-rate customer service and a smooth learning experience. Further, the class boasts of 100% satisfaction and a one-month money-back guarantee to ensure your investment’s safety.

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