MasterClass Aaron Franklin Texas-Style BBQ Lessons Online Review



We love briskets, but most of the times it leaves us craving for more. Few people have the skills essential for turning chunks of meat into mouthwatering pieces. Luckily, Aaron Franklin, the legendary and award-winning barbeque expert, has a BBQ lesson on Masterclass.

Whether you’re a chef or a home cook, it is a golden opportunity to learn the skills that make Aaron Franklin’s briskets so special. As an owner of the best barbeque joint in the World, Aaron has mastered superior skills in barbequing. Look for a barbequing tutor, and you’ll find none better than Aaron.

Known for barbequing TV shows and his best-selling book; A meat smoking manifesto, Aaron has always committed to sharing his artistry. While the book and TV shows reveal loads of barbequing info, the masterclass is on another level. After analyzing his writing and plays, he unearths the missing tactics, blends them with many of his secrets, to create an exceptional course.

The James Beard Foundation Award winner designed the most comprehensive barbeque course. With videos delving deep into brisket making techniques, you’ll finally learn all aspects of barbequing. Aaron elaborates all details; for instance, he takes 17 minutes talking about brisket slicing techniques.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Instructor

From head chefs to commis chefs, all can pick abundant tips from the course. With exclusive materials and lessons, the course befits anyone. You’ll learn a range of barbequing techniques. From beef and wood selection to fire building, to smoke mastery and seasoning, to wrapping skills, the class has everything.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Smoking Technique

Aaaron Franklins Background and History

Revered as a barbeque legend, Aaron has achieved everything chefs dream. Starting as a host for family and friends cookouts, the kitchen maestro has grown into one of the most sought chefs in the World.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin History of BBQ

Founder of one of the most visited barbeque joints in Texas, US, Aaron’s artistry has earned him immense accolades as a person. Texas monthly once listed Frank Barbeque as the best BBQ joint in the World. And he possesses, the best chef title in James Beard Foundation Awards.

As a writer of best-selling cooking books, Aaron possesses lethal knowledge about barbequing. For recognition of his skills, famous people, including former President Obama, have visited his famous joint for a taste of his unique briskets.

As a passionate chef and tutor, Aaron has featured as the main actor in the favorite BBQ with Franklin show where he shared his enviable barbequing tricks.

Famed for his stunning briskets, Aaron pours out all his effort and intelligence into anything he touches. As a tutor, he is passionate and wants his students to suck everything out of him for excellence in their careers and home dining experiences.

MasterClass Texas-Style BBQ Lesson Online with Aaron Franklin Review

In his Masterclass, the `pit-master` unleashes all the details, in 16 videos. The exhaustive videos encompass a range of topics including a deep into the life and experiences of Aaron. Follow his journey from a backyard hobbyist to a reputable restaurant owner. For your confidence, he delves into how he messed up his first brisket to becoming an award-winning chef.

Besides the videos, you’ll find a unique, downloadable cookbook to serve as your reference anytime you need a tip or a step when barbequing. The cookbook contains additional tips, recipes, and info that could not fit into the course.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Cookbook

All classes in Masterclass are online. Meaning you don’t have to reschedule your activities to take the course. You’ll take the courses at your own pace and convenience. So, you can absorb all the tips. In case statements from the master bypasses you, you don’t have to worry. Rewind and redo the bypassed session.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Class Sections

Besides the quality of the BBQ class, Masterclass, the platform hosting the course is one of the unique and most credible platforms. From the platform, you’ll find the mighty and majesty of various industries offering classes in their expertize. From Jodie Foster to Timbaland, to Carlos Santana, to Serena Williams, no platform can compete with Masterclass.

You’ll get exclusive access of the BBQ masterclass and any other course you may wish to take at only $15 per month, billed yearly. The class also comes with the option of taking a single session, I.e., BBQ masterclass at $90.


Taking the BBQ master class provides you with a unique piecemeal learning experience where the pitmaster introduces you to his award-winning restaurant; the Franklin Barbecue. It is an introduction that is not only enlightening but reveals to you how the pitmaster embraces his artistry.

You’ll enjoy every moment where he delves into the awesomeness of turning a piece of meat into a grand meal. Sections of the course include Aarons detailing of how he skillfully uses fire to cook delectable barbeque pieces of pork butt and pork ribs.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Intermediate

With his calm approach, the barbeque master teaches how to use wood creatively for an unreal and distinctive brisket flavor. Every part of the BBQ masterclass is exciting, and if you’re mad about barbequing, you won’t miss this Masterclass.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Advanced

Why Aaron Franklin is the Perfect BBQ Tutor

There are many chefs and cooking tutors, but finding a specialist to take you through barbequing is extremely hard. Aaron turns out as a genius, a rare chef who found out the minute details that elevate his artistry.

Rising from a clueless backyard hobbyist, Aaron has passion and experience vital for taking students from naivety to stardom. Students taking the course will pride in working with a tutor brimming with love and a heart to share all knowledge.

As a mentor of many brilliant chefs and restaurant owners, Aaron prides, in using his experience to inspire prospective restaurant owners to believe in their journeys and make barbequing into a passion.

Students can count on the pitmaster for an educative, informative, and exciting sessions that will sharpen their brisket making skills to master level.

Aaron doesn’t ignore home cooks. With exclusive sessions, tailored for Home cooks, they have everything to look forward to in the course. Aaron takes the class from the restaurant to his home to provide cooks with relatable experiences.


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