Martin DRS2 Guitar Review 2021

Martin DRS2 Guitar Review

Martin DRS2 Guitar Review

Martin DRS2 Guitar

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In the world where there are lots of different acoustic guitars, surely it is not that easy to find the best one. We all know, that when searching for a quality guitar, you actually need to consider many different things like features, value, performance, and so on.

However, we might be able to narrow your search with the introduction of the Martin DRS2 Guitar.

Namely, this amazing electric-acoustic guitar is one of the most convenient guitars on the market when it comes to overall use and playability. So, let’s not waste any more time and get right to the point.

We will now talk about Martin DRS2 guitar so that you can get the full insight into the features, performance, and everything important about the guitar in general.

Martin DRS2 Guitar Review

The first thing that catches the eye about this guitar is the styling that is simply breathtaking. Namely, Martin DRS2 guitar is built on traditional styling which is quite beautiful and provides an amazing tone. Some of the most famous guitar players actually used or are still using this guitar as their personate favorite acoustic guitar.

Besides that, Martin DRS2 guitar is equipped with many different features that any guitar player can benefit from. Also, the playability is quite good since this guitar is made to be played easily and without any complications.


Now, we all know that there are different wood materials that are used to craft guitars. In that light, Martin DRS2 guitar is made out of the high-quality dreadnought that is composing the body of this guitar. Not only that this material is giving the outstanding looks, but also, the dreadnought is quite good when it comes to sound quality.

Next, there is a solid Sitka spruce top which definitely is great in a combination with other materials that are used to build this guitar. Also, a modified hardwood neck with a sapele back and sides is delivering only the best sound quality while being beautiful in the first place.

Key Features

When it comes to key features, this guitar surely is full of them. These features will definitely make it easier for you to use this guitar and they will provide you with the ability to produce the best sound quality and tones for sure.


One of the most popular things that this guitar is known for is the playability. Simply speaking, this guitar is specially designed to be played without any complications and with ease. On the other hand, high-quality wood materials offer an amazing dose of comfort which means that you can play this guitar for a long period of time without getting tired.


Next, all these materials that are used to make this guitar are pretty much durable and long-lasting. This will allow you to have this guitar by your side for a long time. This guitar is quite durable and worth the money.

Convenient hard-shell case

To top it all off, there is a luxury hard-shell case equipped in the package which will allow you to carry this guitar on your travels. Anyhow, this guitar is pretty convenient when it comes to traveling and stage use.


Performance of the Martin DRS2 Guitar

There are plenty of contributors to acoustic guitar sound quality and performance. That is why Martin DRS2 is equipped with some really good parts that will make you experience the best sound quality. First, the A-Frame X-1 bracing and a 25.4 scale that is modified with low oval neck will allow you to produce an amazing tone and sound on this guitar.

Next, this guitar is equipped with famous Fishman sonitone electronics which makes it quite good at performing both live or in the studio. Besides that, this guitar is very valuable because of the Richlite fingerboard that allows you easily play on it.

Appearance and Design

When it comes to appearance and design, one thing is certain, this guitar surely is beautiful and it has a traditional style. This will actually make you look more professional definitely better looking while you play on this amazing guitar.

The color combination is also quite important and it delivers on the best looks which are crucial to an overall guitar appearance. Besides that, you can really enjoy playing this guitar and still look like a professional with a classic and beautiful guitar in its hands.

To top it all off, this guitar is specially designed to provide both great sound quality and amazing looks. The team that made this guitar surely did their job well since this guitar is quite beautiful and definitely one of the most famous on the market.

Overall value for the cash

All in all, this guitar holds pretty good value for the cash for so many reasons. First, you can play easily on this guitar and experience true music and sound quality. Second, you will be able to travel anywhere you like with this guitar since you have hard-shell case equipped.

On the other hand, there are lots of other things that you can benefit from when talking about this guitar. The comfortable wood material will ensure that you don’t get tired after a short time. Also, electronics are definitely great and done well which will ensure maximum performance of this guitar.

Anyhow, this guitar excels in more than just one field of performance and that is why you need to at least consider getting it for your own music experience. The price is not that cheap, but it is also not that expensive as well.

Is Martin DRS2 Guitar Good?

In the light of everything we said about Martin DRS2 guitar, it is surely easy to conclude that this one is almost perfect for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or a beginner, this guitar will suit you perfectly since it is able to meet any standard of yours.

Now, it is only up to you to decide whether will you get it or not. Keep in mind that guitars like these are quite good and possibly the best on the market.

Martin DRS2 Guitar