Man Stuck Between Flights Overnight Makes An Epic Music Video On His Smartphone

What does a man do when he has an overnight layover at the airport?

Well, instead of crying about it, passenger Richard Dunn decided to create a hilarious music video for Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’. The people who monitor the airport security cameras must’ve had a great time watching what he is doing and probably wondered why he’s doing such things.

Explaining how he filmed his video despite being ‘all by himself’ in the airport, he wrote on his Vimeo page:

I had a person behind a ticket counter give me a roll of luggage tape before she left. I then used a wheelchair that had a tall pole on the back of it and taped my iPhone to that. Then I would put it on the moving walkway for a dolly shot. I also used the extended handle on my computer bag and taped the iPhone to my handle. I would tuck different stuff under the bag to get the right angle. For the escalator shot, I had to sprint up the steps after I got my shot so the computer bag didn’t hit the top and fall back down. Quite fun!

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

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