10 Best Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Makeup is like a holy grail for women. The history of makeup goes back centuries, although now it’s a lot more advanced and modern. Makeup helps make a woman look more attractive, and beautiful. Women in almost every part of the world use some kind of makeup. Although the tools and methods might differ, all of them serve the same purpose. To help a woman show her attractive side.

Nevertheless, applying makeup requires balance and skill. Applying too much is always a bad idea, as it will make you look into something else. Applying only a little wouldn’t make a difference at all. The best kind of makeup is the one where you will still look natural, and be able to show your attractive features.

The problem is, many women don’t have much idea on how to properly apply makeup. It also depends on the occasion, sometimes you need to apply a minimal amount, whereas sometimes you will need to apply more makeup. Hence, it is important to learn all about makeup, along with when and how to use it.

Today, we’ll be covering the 10 best makeup and beauty lessons for beginners. The lessons are focused on teaching you everything about makeup from scratch.

10 Best Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners Review

1. Masterclass: Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty

MasterClass Bobbi Brown Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Bobbi Brown is an expert makeup artist and a big figure in the beauty industry. In this lesson, she teaches all about makeup, starting from the basics. She gives a step by step tutorial on makeup, along with beauty tips to help you look your best.

Through the help of her experience in the field, she shares her knowledge about makeup and beauty in this lesson. According to her, makeup should be quick and always look natural. It should enhance your looks, not turn you into a completely different person.

The lesson comes with all the basic makeup techniques and will also teach you stuff like how to do a smoky eye. You will also learn to appreciate and feel confident in your skin a lot more after taking this amazing course.

2. Udemy: Makeup Basics- Learn Eye Makeup Today!

Udemy 1 Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Taught by Laura Hix, this course strictly focuses on teaching you the basics about eye makeup. Laura has been teaching women about makeup and beauty for years. In this lesson, she shares her experience and hopes to teach you eye makeup in the best possible way.

The lesson requirements are minimum, as you will only need a makeup kit, mirror, notepad, and a pen. You will learn how to create simple eye makeup for daily use. You will also learn how to transform that simple eye makeup for a fancy night time look.

The best part about this course is that you will always have the instructor’s support, even after completion. The course will give you a thorough personal instruction for over 3 hours. So, if you’ve ever been worried about not knowing how to apply eye makeup, or struggle to do so, you should definitely take a look at this course! You will be learning all the basic eye makeup techniques.

3. Udemy: Basic Makeup Artistry - Master 12 Most Used Techniques

Udemy 2 Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Andra Stancescu is a certified professional makeup artist. She teaches this course and focuses to teach you the 12 most used makeup techniques around the world. The course starts with teaching the complete basics.

According to Andra, this course will act as your first step to becoming a makeup artist. Not only will you learn how to apply these techniques onto yourself, but you will be able to apply them to others as well. Even if you feel like you lack the proper skills to apply makeup, this course will entirely focus on teaching you by giving you a complete and structured guide.

The only requirement of the course is for you to have a passion for makeup. The course will be teaching you how to make a makeup kit on a short budget as you progress. But for the most part, you only need to have the enthusiasm for learning about makeup.

4. Udemy: Makeup for Beginners - Learn Doing Makeup Like A Pro

Udemy 3 Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Lana Vallo teaches the basics of makeup in this course. Although the course starts from the very beginning, you will be able to apply makeup professionally by the end. The course will also help you develop the skill for choosing the right makeup tools, and how to properly use and take good care of them.

This lesson will also teach you how to enhance and develop your beautiful features. Your skill will look smooth, and flawless once you know how to apply textures or foundations. This lesson will also teach you a few advanced techniques for makeup, such as enhancing highlights, and shadows.

This will also help you create an impression of depth on the face. You will develop the ability to create a sculpted look. For this course, you might need to have a model for practicing all the makeup techniques, if you really want to become a professional artist. Overall, this is a great course for getting started on your journey to become a makeup artist.

5. Udemy: The Basic Makeup Course - For Beginners!

Udemy 4 Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

As the title of the lesson suggests, Amy Loring teaches the complete basics about makeup in this course. The lesson with teaching you techniques for applying makeup that will last all day long. This course will only focus on the basics and will not teach you any advanced techniques. But, taking this course will give you the required skill to improve even after completion.

The course will not only teach you how to simply use makeup tools, but you will also be able to determine the color scheme for each skin tone.

Amy adds a few secret makeup artist tips and techniques in the course as a bonus. You will also learn simple stuff like how to do a smokey eye, creating a defined eyebrow, and how to make your skin glow. You do not need to have any prior knowledge about makeup to take this course as it is specifically for complete beginners.

6. The Online Makeup School: The Complete Makeup Course

The Online Makeup School Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

The Online Makeup School provides courses for makeup. The complete makeup course listed on the online school gives you a thorough guide on how to wear makeup. The course teaches you all you need to know about makeup.

The complete course consists of high-quality videos teaching you about makeup. The course also gives you the option of digital downloads, along with a complete textbook to ensure you get the best learning experience possible.

This course should help you get better if you are struggling to figure out the proper makeup style, or if you’re unsure what color and product will suit you, then this course is for you. Thanks to this course, you will learn everything you need to learn about wearing makeup. You will also learn how to use the right tones for your skin. In the lesson, they will apply makeup on different models with different skin tones to help you understand better.

7. Online Makeup Academy: Essential Makeup Course

Online Makeup Academy Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Mariana Bull is a professional makeup artist and the teacher in this course. She teaches you all the essentials about makeup. She has a deep passion for makeup and is a celebrity in the makeup industry. She teaches all the latest and modern techniques for wearing makeup.

This course will help you become a makeup artist yourself. The course will aid you to begin your own career in the makeup industry. But if you are just looking to improve your makeup skills only so you could apply makeup on yourself. This course will also help you achieve that goal.

Starting off from teaching the basics, the course will not shy off to teach you more advanced techniques once you learn all the basics. The best part about taking this course is that you will receive an OMACA approved professional certificate. In summary, this is a fantastic course for learning all the basics and essentials of makeup.

8. QC Makeup Academy: Makeup Artistry Course

QC Makeup Academy Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

The website gives two makeup artistry courses. Learning the makeup artistry course will teach you all the basics about applying makeup on yourself. You will pretty much learn all the good stuff about makeup. Basically, you will learn makeup techniques to be used for everyday purposes.

On the other hand, the master makeup artistry course will teach you more advanced techniques on makeup. The course is more suited for you if you’re looking to become a professional makeup artist. You will even learn bridal makeup and more advanced techniques.

The course includes makeup techniques for eyes, blush, lips, highlighting, contouring, blending, and more! In other words, you will learn all the applications about makeup. You will learn to apply these makeup skills to both yourself and others. This course is a great way to start your journey on becoming a professional makeup artist. You will learn the course with high-quality videos that teach you everything about makeup.

9. The Beauty Academy: Online Courses

The Beauty Academy Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Each and every course on the Beauty Academy is about online makeup and beauty courses. Each course gives a detailed description and guides on how to properly wear makeup. You will also learn various beauty tips, along with ways you can enhance your features.

From teaching you all the beauty tips and tricks you can apply on your nail; you will also learn makeup techniques for other basic features. These courses will be one of your best options for learning both makeup techniques and beauty tips and tricks. Not only do the courses feature video tutorials filmed by professionals, but you will also get a bunch of study materials to help you along the way. Learning these courses will also allow you to start earning by starting your own makeup career.

The courses mainly focus on developing your own skill and teaching you all the fundamentals so you can start your own beauty business. All of these courses are very simple and easy to follow. So, even if you are a complete beginner, we recommend checking out these courses.

10. Brianna Michelle Beauty: Online Makeup Course for Modern Women

Brianna Michelle Beauty Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Brianna Michelle is a complete expert and professional makeup artist. She teaches the latest and modern trends for makeup in this course. She is an award-winning makeup artist and an online coach. She teaches women from all over the world to confidently apply makeup on themselves.

The course thoroughly teaches you all the techniques and methods for applying makeup. If you’re someone who wants to look younger, or want your eyes to pop, and look attractive, or just want to polish and look more beautiful, this course will help you do so.

You will also learn how to properly use makeup tools, such as an eyeliner, and more. You will also learn how to hold makeup brushes properly while applying makeup. In short, this detailed 10 course lesson program will give you the best results, better than you can imagine. The course will initiate with teaching you the complete basics and move on to teach you everything you need to know!

Choosing the Best Makeup and Beauty Lessons for Beginners

Here are the best makeup lessons for beginners, that will also teach you basic beauty tips. We’ve reviewed each and every course, and came up with the conclusion that all of these will provide you with the best learning experience possible.

Even if you have never applied makeup, these lessons will help you to confidently apply makeup on yourself. Each lesson will start from the basics, and a few will also teach you more advanced techniques. All you need to do is pick any one of these lessons to get started!


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