Lowercase Noises Delivers Capital Sounds On New Album

As a music critic and radio show host I make it a point to showcase only quality and talented musicians. Those who have not reached the level where I want to tell everyone else about them need not apply. I can certainly say that the qualification for quality and talent matches Andrew Othling, a mult-instrumentalist whose musical alias is Lowercase Noises. He has recently released his 10th album This Is For Our Sins.

Slow building and textured, Capital Sounds’ features a myriad of styles from Americana, orchestral, folk/singer-songwriter and more. Layering is what makes each of the tracks on this album shine and each layered instrumental texture builds onto others, creating a soundscape that tells some powerful stories.

Standout songs from Lowercase Noises include Prepare to Die But Sow The Rye which captures an Americana theme with a softly spun banjo tune with stringed accompaniment and light percussion. The title track This Is For Our Sins plays on a similar theme using a light piano melody to gird the banjo’s storyline. Requiem takes the story line to a place of peace and resolve with more inclusive instrumentation.

More information and to purchase the music of Lowercase Noises, click Here.

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