Losing Mind Over Gospel Singer’s Vocal Range

Everyone is excited about listening to a gospel singer going from bottom D to top A#. Callie Day was practicing ‘Hear My Prayer’ and somebody shot a clip from his or her mobile and uploaded it on the internet. This video displays a wide range of vocal range that you can enjoy. Callie Day is a gospel singer who is going viral nowadays.

The viewers are thankful who have put the rehearsal video on the internet and this mobile footage is going viral. Callie Day has launched a campaign gofundme.com to make her first recording. She is now a Doctoral Candidate in Vocal Performance at the University of Kentucky.

The way she displays her vocal is just marvelous. This video has been watched by more than 2 million viewers and it is reaching the count of 3 million views very soon. In the video, she has involved her deep into the world of music and the video is now very enjoyable. By just looking at the video, we can judge how much soul and energy she has put into the rehearsal of the song ‘Hear My Prayer’.


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