LEJ Marks Summer 2015 With Freedom

Freedom is a subject that has been addressed through the arts for centuries, but never before with this beauty and creativity.

L.E.J. is a force to be reckoned with, a trio of multi-talented women with an incredible vocal range, multi-linguistic, strong instrumentation and diversity of musical styles all within one framework of composition.

This preview of their album done in mashup form illustrates the freedom that the trio L.E.J. writes and performs in. Bouncing from a soulful ballad into an EDM dance tune into a pop-hip-hop track and back only goes to show the true power of their music, the dynamic of their songwriting and the incredible potential they have for garnering fans from many musical interests and locations.

What generally takes a producer with multiple effects to create, Lucie, Elisa, and Julliette (LEJ) does with actual instruments, cello, bass drum, and shaker. This mashup video has been a celebrated part of LEJ’s musical work this summer, with millions of views from all over the world.


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