14 Websites To Learn Yoga Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Learn Yoga Lessons Online

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Yoga is one of the best and most popular forms of exercise you can try out today. It originated over 5000 years ago in India and is still one of the most effective ways to relax yourself.

This also makes it one of the oldest forms of exercise being implemented to this day. Although quite old, yoga became as famous as it is now only a few centuries back.

Yoga is an effective way to get stronger, as its different techniques focus on making your bones stronger and making you more flexible. It is an overall calming thing to do and can really relax both the body and the mind when done on a regular basis.

Yoga isn’t something that you can learn on your though, as you will require the proper guidance only a qualified guru can provide.

If you don’t want to practice in a group with other people, that’s no problem, as there are more than enough courses on the internet that can provide you with the guidance needed to learn yoga.

14 Websites To Learn Yoga Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Udemy have an entire section of their site which is dedicated entirely to yoga instructors and lessons.

There are courses for people that are just getting started with yoga to courses that are meant for people with a little more experienced, Udemy’s collection of yoga courses has something for nearly anyone.

Their beginner courses can help you with a variety of different, useful things such as helping you learn how to control your breathing and teaching you about a wide variety of asanas.

Most of these beginner courses require absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of yoga and even equipment such as yoga mats and special footwear isn’t necessary provided that you are comfortable and can move freely enough with the equipment that you’re already working with.

Other than this, there are also yoga classes made specifically for the people that want to get rid of pain in their body. These types of courses can help you learn poses that can get rid of pain in specific parts of your body, such as your spine.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Yoga Lessons Online

This course on Coursera can allow you to learn more about all the healing effects that yoga and other things such as meditation can have in the physiological system of every human being.

The lesson will be focusing on all the different physiological systems, along with all the different yoga techniques that can help with each of these systems specifically.

The course will be providing you with many helpful activities perform on a weekly basis, such as reading suggested material which can help you learn more about the topic and performing a weekly yoga exercise that can help you calm yourself.

On top of this, it will also cover yoga’s role as a treatment of multiple different diseases and conditions such as diabetes, PTSD and more that millions are effected by.

The course can help you get introduced with all the different types of yoga that can help you with these diseases. The weekly lectures will also be covering new and interesting topics regarding the subject, completely free of cost.

3) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn Yoga Lessons Online

LinkedIn have 212 yoga courses on their site, which may come as a surprise to some people as LinkedIn are mainly a site that focus on business and workplace related content. Yoga can actually be a very helpful part of your everyday workplace routine.

It goes without saying that yoga is a simple and very effective way of reducing stress, and sometimes a day at the office can be more than a little frustrating. 

Luckily for people that have gone through something of the sort, there is a way to do a little yoga from the comfort of your own chair, and this is what quite a few of the courses on the site focus on.

‘’Chair yoga’’ is one of the simplest forms of yoga that can be practiced anywhere as long as you have a chair or desk to sit or lay on.

These lessons focus on the chair yoga exercises that are suitable for the workplace so you can use them to relax yourself if you ever feel too tired or stress.

4) edX

edx Learn Yoga Lessons Online

This course on edX will be providing learners with a completely modern scientific view on what the multiple millennia long practice of yoga is and how it affects our body.

On top of this, the lesson will also be providing you with all the proper guidance you need in order to practice the specific forms of yoga that can help you. The course is for both beginner and advanced yogic practitioners.

It can teach beginners about the basics of yoga while it can help more experienced people get a recap of all that they’ve learned, while also giving them a deeper insight to how yoga helps them and others that practice it.

Spanning over 6 weeks, the lesson will take its time and teach you all the important things you need to learn in order to form a solid foundation.

In all of these weeks, you will be taking 3-4 hour classes that will be brought to you in the shape of video lessons. The course is completely free.

5) Skill Share

SkillShare Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Skill Share have over 300 yoga lessons on their site that can help you learn about all the different techniques related to yoga. There are all sorts of courses on the site that you can take to grow into an advanced practitioner of yoga.

There are lessons for beginners that can give them the simplest tips and guidelines they need in order to get started.

Quite a few of these beginner courses will also be telling you about the different benefits of doing yoga in order to motivate you. All of the lessons on the site are given through multiple videos.

Each course features multiple different videos, with all of these said videos covering different subjects regarding yoga. The first video out of the few will be free of charge and can be taken to get a preview of what you’ll be learning.

All these video lessons are also self-paced and can be taken at any given time once you’ve purchased them, meaning that you can take these lessons when away from your home.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Reed.co have 181 yoga courses on their site that speak about it from a professional perspective. A huge majority of these lessons on Reed.co are provided by professional educational institutes from all over the world, and a majority of them will be speaking about the matter through experience and extremely careful study.

All these lessons have been designed by experts, so you can expect them to provide you with more than enough of the information you’re looking for. They don’t just hep you how to learn yoga, they can also help you teach yoga as well.

A few of the courses available on the site are meant for people that are already completely familiar with yoga and now wish to help others as well.

These courses are longer than the other ones present, and are tricky to learn from as well.

Upon completion, they also provide you with a printable certificate to prove to the world that you are, in fact, ready to teach others more about yoga. Most of these courses are also self-paced.

7) Learn Direct

LearnDirect Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Learn Direct feature only a few courses when it comes to yoga, however their few courses are more than enough to help you with a wide variety of different things. Their few courses cover topics such as the effects of yoga on our health along with how to do yoga in general.

All of these single courses are much lengthier as compared to the other courses you would find online.

They cover multiple different topics in the several hours they’ll be taking to teach you, all of these topics being helpful on your journey to become a more experienced practitioner of yoga.

For those that wish to get into the yoga teaching business, there are also courses available for you to take.

These types of courses are of course for those that have been practicing yoga for a long time, meaning that experience will be required if you wish to fully get a grip of what these type of lessons are trying to teach you. Fortunately, all these lengthy courses are self-paced.

8) Alison

Alison Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Alison is an online platform that provides lessons regarding a variety of topics, from health care to technology. There courses regarding yoga can help you learn more about the specific types of yoga that can increase your strength and fitness, while there are also some that speak about yogic exercises in general.

The lessons that cover yoga exercises cover a variety of different subjects. These will teach you more about the amazing positive benefits that yoga can have on your mind and body while they can also help you learn more about performing different yogic practices.

All of these courses feature multiple different modules in them, while each of these modules will be centred on different topics.

There are also some lessons that talk about developing your core strength. These will be teaching you about specific techniques and they will help you work on your balance.

Balance and alignment are both very important parts of yoga and these courses will help you learn more about working on both of these things and how they help.

9) Study

Study Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Study.com have more than enough courses for you to make a choice from if you wish to learn more about yoga.

Their wide variety of courses cover more topics than you would expect, as they have yoga lessons for children to people that wish to become yoga teachers themselves and everything in between.

Their yoga lessons meant for children are an effective way of getting your children getting started with the ancient practice, if that is something that you wish to do. These types of courses will mostly start off by telling you more about yoga for children.

This includes reasons why it can be beneficial for them and why it is good to get them started with the practice at such a young age.

Other than this, there are also lessons for yoga gurus that can help them learn more about working with children along with what method and style of teaching is most effective.

These types of courses can also be taken by parents to teach their kids about yoga when practicing themselves.

10) Take Lesson

TakeLessons Learn Yoga Lessons Online

A lot of people don’t wish to take part in yoga offline yoga classes, however a lot of said people also want to get the personal attention that any tutor would provide you in offline classes.

For these type of people, Take Lessons offers some of the most experienced yoga gurus that you will be able to find on the internet.

As mentioned, a lot of people prefer to study under the personal guidance of a tutor, which is very understandable as tutors can provide you with the regular feedback that most lessons can’t.

The tutors on the site can be booked at any time when they are free according to their schedule.

At this time, you can communicate with them through a one on one video call where they will be teaching you more and more about yoga while also guiding you.

They will be able to teach you in their own, respectful ways and they will also be able to keep you motivated so you don’t start to lose interest in performing yoga.

11) Coach Tube

Coachtube Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Unlike most of the other sites on this list, Coach Tube features courses specifically for people interested in sports. This may raise some questions in the mind of some people as they might wonder how yoga has any relation with sport.

This is where you would be surprised to know that yoga is actually a very effective and common practice used by professional sportsmen in order to relax their bodies before any after matches.

Yoga can relax a person’s mind and body, making it good for anyone that plays sports on a regular basis. If you are one of these people, then Coach Tube’s courses regarding yoga may be the ones for you.

The lessons cover the yoga postures and techniques most effective for people that play specific sports.

There are 37 of these courses, most of which are provided by fitness coaches that have been working in the field for a long time and are also experienced with the ancient art of yoga. A good chunk of these lessons are free to take.

12) DoYogawithMe

DoYogaWithMe Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Do Yoga with Me is an online platform dedicated entirely to providing people like you with the most effective yoga classes that they can take online.

They have very detailed video lessons on their site that cover a very wide variety of different topics related to yoga. This includes topics such as working on your arm balances.

Arm balances are exercises that can really help build up strength in your arms, while they are also quite effective for maintaining your balance in general.

Other for this, there are also some lessons that focus on the healing aspect of yoga and cover topics such as yoga for your neck or shoulders.

These will feature techniques that work well for specific parts of your body and can relieve you of any pain in said parts of body.

The site features all these lessons and more, while there are also new ones added on a frequent basis. You can also try it out using a risk free one month trial if you have your doubts.

13) Glo

Glo Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Glo have yoga courses regarding 12 different types of yoga that you can take in order to learn more about all these different types. The sites yoga section is quite detailed and features classes for people of pretty much any skill level.

The platform separates the skill level of all its different levels using a ‘’level 1-3’’ system, with level 1 being beginners, 2 being intermediate practitioners and level 3 being experienced practitioners that have been doing yoga for quite some time now.

They focus on different techniques and allow you to take separate lessons for all these techniques, letting you learn about any specific posture if you want.

The site covers exercises for children, for prenatal and postnatal parents and others of the sort, meaning that you should be able to find the right lessons for yourself.

Glo also offer a 15-day free trial which lets you get a hold of most of their courses so you can see for yourself whether or not purchasing a subscription to the site is the right choice.

14) Class Central

ClassCentral Learn Yoga Lessons Online

Class Central feature some of the most well reviewed yoga courses from all over the internet, making finding the best one for yourself a little easier.

From courses that discuss yoga to those that teach you how to practice it, Class Central’s lessons cover pretty much every type of course you could think of regarding yoga.

The courses that speak about yoga cover its history and other things of the sort. Some of them will be talking about the history of the physical practice, along with how all its different techniques came into being and what influenced their creation.

Others will be speaking about yoga from a scientific perspective. These mention things like how all the positive effects of yoga occur and how the practice is good at reducing stress.

Other than this, there are the simple courses which will be teaching you how to perform all the different types of yoga practices. The site is quite detailed, meaning that you will be able to find a lot about your lesson before taking it.

Choosing The Best Yoga Lesson Online

As has already been mentioned, yoga is a good way to calm yourself, and it is something that everyone should practice on a regular basis if they feel too much stress or pressure. Whether you’re an athlete or a singer, yoga can help you out in unique ways.

If you aren’t fond of offline yoga classes, the above mentioned websites have everything you need in order to learn more about yoga, its history and effects.

Even if you don’t like what these sites have in store for you, there are many others that might have what you are looking for.

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