22 Websites to Learn Writing Lesson Online (Free and Paid Writing Courses)

Learn Writing Lesson Online

Learn Writing Lesson Online

Learning how to write is a unique process during which you will learn how to create ideas and string together the different pieces of a story to make it compelling.

Learning how to write may require some practice depending on the type of writing you want to do, but it is not so difficult when you understand what must be done. Some writing processes require research, after which you can create awesome content with the information.

There are so many websites that offer writing lessons. These websites are perfect for people who have dreams of becoming writers but do not have the time to attend a school to take writing courses because of their busy schedules.

The writing lessons online are created as flexible learning programs that can help the students to understand the rudiments of writing and decide on the writing niche they will like to learn.

The websites that offer writing lessons online present the courses are a bundle of videos which have excellent visual quality and audio. It is also a great idea to take advantage of online writing lessons because it gives you an opportunity to learn from reputable and award winning writers from all over the world.

Here are the top websites were you can learn how to write online.

22 Websites to Learn Writing Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass with Dan Brown

MasterClass Dan Brown Learn Writing Lessons Online

Dan Brown has been described by many people as the master of writing thrillers. Many of his books have been adopted into amazing films. Dan Browns unique writing skills has held a wide audience spellbound for many years with his best sellers topping the reading lists all over the world. In this online writing masterclass Dan Brown reveals his writing secrets to the world.

The writing course features 19 lessons that can be taken at the convenience of the student. During this course, the students are taught all about the elements that must be included in writing compelling stories.

This writing course breaks down the anatomy of a thriller. The students learn how to piece together different parts of a story to create suspense and entertainment.

The lessons also cover crucial topics in writing thrillers such as creating the characters, the idea and how to use the character tools when telling the story. The participants in this course are also taught how to write and rewrite parts of their content to achieve the best results.

When it comes to writing the best works are obtainable when the writer successfully protects the writing process, these tips are revealed in this writing course which has been created for writers at all levels.

2) MasterClass in Writing with RL Stine

MasterClass RL Stine Learn Writing Lessons Online

People who are interested in writing content for younger audience will find this online writing course very helpful. The writing lessons in this course have been created by RL Stine.

It is a single class that features unique content from the outstanding writer and bestselling author. This writing course features 28 lessons which have been properly organised to make it easy for students to start and complete the course conveniently.

Through this writing course, RL Stine teaches his audience all about creating ideas for books that will be captivating for the younger readers. The lessons include different case studies on previous works that have done wonderfully well in the market.

RL Stine is the author of “The Haunted Mansion,” and “Goosebumps” among other fascinating works. Students who take this course will also learn how to develop the best outline that tells the story, how to use cliffhangers in storytelling and creating suspense that holds the attention of the reader.

The students will also learn how to develop a book series for on-going writing projects, and tips on promoting their works to catch the attention of a wider audience.

3) MasterClass in Writing with Malcolm Gladwell

MasterClass Malcolm Gladwell Learn Writing Lessons Online

Malcolm Gladwell teaches his audience how to write compelling stories and analyses his past works to help the participants in this course understand how he achieved his writing goals.

Malcolm Gladwell is a creative writer who has built a reputation for himself as a writer who creates amazing stories from unexpected plots and story outlines. This online writing course features 24 lessons presented as high-quality videos.

He takes his students through a learning journey during which they will discover the best writing techniques to create a compelling structure of a narrative, while creatively using different tools to hold the attention of the readers.

The participants in this writing course will also learn how to write stories that will keep the readers guessing in suspense and how to infuse the element of surprise to make the story captivating.

Malcolm Gladwell also covers an essential part of writing, which is the research part. The lessons on this topic reveal the best approach to doing research and selecting the story.

There are also tips on developing the story, and building the virtual world on the pages of a book. This is a comprehensive writing course that is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.

4) MasterClass with Judy Blume

MasterClass Judy Blume Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is an all-access masterclass for people who want to learn how to write. The online course features 24 lessons that are presented as videos. During this course, the participants will be learning all about starting a writing career from Judy Blume, an award-winning writer of bestsellers for children such as Double Fudge and Iggie’s House. The writing lessons cover essential topics that can help the participants’ understand how to develop a plot and outline for their books.

There are important lessons on how to create ideas for writing, and Judy Blume has included case studies of her past works to help the participants understand how she was able to achieve her goals during the writing project. This online writing course is perfect for beginners who want to learn the process of developing fictional characters that can hold the attention of young readers.

It is a flexible learning program that allows all participants to study the content at their own pace. At the end of the course the participants will be able to apply the principles that have been used by Judy Blume to deliver exceptional content every time.

5) MasterClass for Writing with James Patterson

MasterClass James Patterson Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is the first masterclass for writing that has been created by James Patterson. He is a bestselling author with over a dozen books written.

James Patterson has created this online course to help writers at all levels understand how to leverage their talents to write outstanding books. This course is a good choice for writers who want to learn all about writing their first book from inception to publishing the content.

James Patterson takes his students on a virtual journey, teaching them how to harness their passion for writing and making it a habit, also, he delves into the importance of leveraging fresh ideas to create a string of scenes that will keep the audience glued to the pages of the book.

This is a convenient online course for busy people who can study the content from start to finish at a convenient time. The lessons cover essential topics such as how to develop the plot, outline, researching content for the book and how to create characters. Also, James Patterson shares tips on how to overcome writer’s block during a project.

6) MasterClass for Writing with Margaret Atwood

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Learn Writing Lessons Online

Margaret Atwood is an award-winning author whose works won the prestigious Man Booker Prize. She has created this online writing course to help everyone who has dreams of becoming outstanding creative writers. This masterclass features 23 lessons that have been packaged as a flexible course for the participants.

The lessons in this masterclass for writing cover important steps that can help amateur writers improve their techniques to deliver compelling content for their audience.

Margaret Atwood walks her students through the process of developing a plot for the book, and the best ways to structure the narrative of the content to tell an interesting story.

She has included point of view case studies to give the students an insight into storytelling and creative writing. There are lessons that reveal the best ways to bring characters in a story to life, through dialogue, sensory images, and prose style.

The participants in this course will also learn how to overcome writers' block while navigating through a writing project from the middle to the end of the book.

7) MasterClass with David Mamet

MasterClass David Mamet Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is an all-access online masterclass for students who want to learn how to start and finish dramatic writing projects. Dramas are meant to be thrilling with some suspense and lots of dialogue.

The best tips and tricks to write compelling dramatic content have been broken down and explained in this masterclass by David Mamet. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner who has opened up his box of revelations to help students improve their writing skills.

This masterclass features 26 lessons that are presented as videos. It is David Mamet’s first masterclass, which starts with an introduction to dramatic writing during which the students understand the scope of the course and what they will learn during the program.

David Mamet shows his students how to understand the purpose of drama, rules for dramatic writing and how to create and build ideas for different types of content related to drama.

The lessons also cover how to create and develop the plot, characters, and dialogue to captivate the audience. This is a compelling course, and students can start and complete the learning program at their convenience.

8) MasterClass in Writing with Billy Collins

MasterClass Billy Collins Learn Writing Lessons Online

This masterclass offers everyone a chance to understand the creative concept behind reading and writing poetry. This online course has been created by Billy Collins; he is a renowned Poet Laureate from the United States.

Billy Collins introduces his students to the methods of writing poetry with a focus to entertain the reader. The course features 20 lessons which last for about 12 minutes each.

The lessons in this course cover the fundamentals of poetry, which provides a solid background on which the participants can improve their poetry writing techniques. There are lessons on how to discover the subject in poetry, writing poems, and how to turn a poem.

The lessons include practical exercises and in-depth case studies of his past works. This is a comprehensive poetry class for learners at the intermediate and advanced levels.

9) MasterClass in Writing with David Baldacci

MasterClass David Baldacci Learn Writing Lessons Online

David Baldacci is a bestselling author who has written some of the best thrillers we have today. This masterclass is focused on helping everyone who takes the course to develop a storyline that can be presented as a novel.

David Baldacci reveals his exceptional writing methods in this course. The lessons teach the participants how to infuse mystery and suspense while developing a thrilling story with unpredictable plot twists.

This course features 18 lessons that cover aspects of writing thriller novels, such as creating and researching the content to develop a unique idea. David also reveals his methods that are helpful to create outlines and the best ways to construct the chapters of a novel while maintaining the string of suspense-packed events.

There are also tips on how to create dialogue, and building characters to be featured in the novel. At the end of this course, the participants will have a clear idea of how to write thrilling stories, work with editors and the process to publish their work.

10) MasterClass with Joyce Carol Oates

MasterClass Joyce Carol Oates Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is an exclusive online masterclass in writing short stories. The content featured in this masterclass has been put together by Joyce Carol Oates. It is a comprehensive writing course that gives the participants exclusive access to the materials and techniques used by Joyce in creating captivating short stories for a wide audience.

The writing course includes 14 lessons that are structured to make it convenient for the participants to start and finish the course while learning at their own pace.

During this masterclass, the participants will be introduced to the process of writing short stories. The lessons cover the essential principles of writing short fiction, and the process, such as creating the first draft, reviewing the content, and sending out the work for peer review. The participants in this course will also learn how to express their thought by writing journals.

Other topics covered in the lessons include developing ideas for short fiction writing, creating outlines for short monologues, reading and study writing, and an in-depth look into creating a perfect structure and form.

11) Udemy – Online Courses On Writing

Udemy Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is one of the reputable online educational platforms that everyone can find competent teachers who are ready to reveal all the secrets techniques and tips to become bestselling authors.

The online lessons on this website have been prepared by trained teachers and writers who have been vetted by the admin staff before their profiles are published on the site.

The courses available to the public cover diverse writing niches, for example, there are writing lessons on poetry, drama, and fiction. Also, there are writing lessons for people who are interested in writing books and other content for younger readers.

The variety of lessons available on the site makes it easier for the public to gain diverse knowledge and skills related to writing content. Also, the lessons on Udemy are created as flexible learning programs that can be conveniently taken regardless of how busy the participant is during the program.

There are also lessons that can guide the participants on how to start writing content for books and novels, and how to go about publishing their work.

12) Fiverr – Writing Lessons

Fiverr Learn Writing Lessons Online

Fiverr is a freelance website that offers professionals a platform to create writing lessons for the public. On the site, there are over a hundred gigs created by writers and teachers who have prepared videos to teach their students all about writing for different audiences.

The writing lessons on Fiverr cover areas such as fiction, poetry, thrillers, and romance. There are also gigs created by professionals who want to teach people how to write journals and short stories.

The writing lessons you can find on this site have been prepared as videos which feature the teacher who describes how the process works. Also, there are writing lessons that offer downloadable content that can be studied during free time.

The writing lessons on Fiverr last only for a few minutes, so it is easy for the participants to follow the course from start to finish. The teachers on Fiverr have been rated by the people who have already taken the course. It is easy to choose a good teacher who can deliver on their promises, by viewing the feedback from previous clients.

13) Lynda.com - Online Writing Lessons

Lynda.com Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is one of the helpful websites that offer writing lessons for people who do not have the time to attend physical writing courses. The lessons taught on this site have been structured to cover essential areas that can help students and individuals to improve their writing techniques.

The lessons have been prepared by professional writers and teachers who reveal the tricks, principles, and tips to become better writers. There are courses that can be taken to learn how to write songs, business emails, resume writing and article writing for businesses.

Also, people who are interested in learning how to write speeches, and proposals will find courses on these subjects. The writing lessons last for a few minutes, and the teachers have indicated the learner’s level which makes it easier to choose the right writing lesson.

14) Takelessons.com - Online Writing Lessons

Takelessons Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is a trusted website that hosts a group of professionals who can teach people all about writing through online lessons. The writing lessons on this platform are created by teachers who have documented the correct process for writing different types of content.

The writing instructors on the site have been checked before their profiles were published. There are experienced teachers, journalists, and editors whose lessons reveal essential information about writing.

It is easy to use this website, and selecting a good teacher has been simplified because the tutors have been rated by previous students. The writing lessons on this site cover topics such as writing books, short stories, journals, fiction, and writing content for a film.

15) Preply Online Writing Courses

Preply Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is an online educational website that serves as a platform for tutors to offer writing lessons. The site has an easy to use layout that allows the users to find the tutors who have created writing lessons on topics of their interest.

A majority of the tutors on this site have obtained college degrees in writing and other related academic fields. You can also find lessons that teach how to write in your voice, using strategic plots and outlines to create content for books.

People who want to learn how to write fiction content for children will find courses on this subject. Also, there are lessons that teach the essential guidelines when writing reports, essays, and journals on different topics. award-winning, there is an option to have a trial session before purchase.

16) Superprof - Writing Lessons Online

Superprof Learn Writing Lessons Online

There are more than a dozen tutors on this website who are ready to offer writing lessons. The courses on this site are for learners at all levels. The learning structure has been designed to offer everyone a convenient way to learn how to write different content without pressure because they can learn at their own pace.

The writing lessons on this site have been prepared by academics that have been vetted by the site. There are associate professors, teachers, and trained writers who are willing to reveal the tricks and techniques that have helped them to accomplish outstanding works.

The writing lessons cover topics such as fiction, storytelling, essay writing, thrillers, and novels, as well as writing content for academic publications.

17) Tutorful

Tutorful Learn Writing Lessons Online

The writing lessons on Tutorful are for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The lessons are taught by qualified teachers and experienced writers who have been checked.

There are lessons designed for learners who are preparing to write English examinations. Also, people who need to take short courses on storytelling or how to write fiction for young readers will find suitable lessons on this site.

This is one of the learning platforms that feature teachers who can speak diverse languages. For example, you can find teachers who are ready to offer writing lessons in other languages such as French, Spanish, German, and many more languages. There are teachers who have created writing lessons to help people with special needs to improve their writing techniques.

18) Creativelive – Online Writing Lessons

Creative live Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is a website dedicated to helping everyone to find the best writing lessons on different subjects of their interest. The writing lessons offered by tutors on this site cover diverse topics.

You can find lessons that cover the essential writing techniques for short stories, and storytelling. There are lessons on how to write memoirs, eBooks, and personal essays.

The classes are presented as videos with high-quality images and audio. The website highlights trending classes to help people who want to learn how to write make better decisions when purchasing writing lessons. The learning courses are flexible enough to allow all participants to learn at their own pace.

19) SkillShare.com – Online Writing Lessons

SkillShare Learn Writing Lessons Online

The writing lessons on this website have been structured to target particular subjects that are in high demand. This is one of the educational platforms that students can get additional help and guidance to further understand how to harness their writing techniques.

On this site, there are writing lessons that cover topics such as how to write essays, short stories, writing fictional content, and suspense-filled content for a targeted audience.

The learning schedule on this site is flexible, and the courses are presented as videos which feature the instructor teaching the best writing techniques. People interested in learning how to create content for digital publication and social media can find extensive courses on these subjects to improve their writing skills. The classes last for a few minutes, while some lessons can go on for up to one hour, depending on the topic.

20) Alison.com

Alison.com Learn Writing Lessons Online

On this educational platform, everyone has an opportunity to take certificate courses on writing. The online lessons are presented as videos, they cover diverse writing courses that can be taken in one session or broken down into shorter sessions for convenience.

The writing courses on this site include lessons that teach students how to improve their written English, the best English writing skills, how to write content for modern businesses and the fundamentals of business writing.

There are so many courses to choose from, students can improve their resume with the certification courses on this site. Other learning options include lessons that teach the principles of writing for young readers, writing cover letters, and research reports, introduction to journalism writing and developing content for drama.

The writing lessons on this site have been tagged, so it is easy to find the right course that meets your needs. It is easy to use this site, the simple layout features a search tab and the lessons have been extensively described by the tutors.

21) MyBluprint.com Online Writing Lessons

MyBluprint Learn Writing Lessons Online

This is one of the easiest websites to use when you are searching for writing lessons online. The available courses have been grouped on the search result page, and they feature a short description of the course.

The teachers who create writing lessons on this site are teachers and writers who have written different types of content in the past. There are lessons on how to write fictional content for novels, how to write content for children, writing personal stories, short stories and thrillers, and lessons that cover the guidelines of writing stories.

There are lessons that offer tips on how to work with co-authors during a writing project. This is an area that many writers have started exploring to combine their skills.

On this site, the learning programs are convenient for busy people, there is no rush, and the participants can start and complete courses at their own pace. The online lessons also cover topics such as the guidelines for writing and publishing books, writing dialogues and monologues, as well as how to write content on particular subjects such as food, dining, weight loss, and lifestyle. The courses have been grouped into the different learning levels which are beginners, intermediate and advanced writing courses.

22) Openlearning.com – Online Writing Courses

Openlearning Learn Writing Lessons Online

This educational platform offers diversified learning content for students and others who want to improve their writing skills. The online lessons target different topics that are essential to developing exceptional writing skills. There are lessons that introduce beginners into the world of writing.

These lessons for beginners teach them how to find their voice and niche when starting as a writer. The lessons cover important topics such as the fundamentals of writing content and an introduction to the different writing niches.

The diversified online lessons are more convenient for students who can choose to take a course on how to create captivating content, writing content that meets the expectations of the audience, storytelling, and writing content for businesses. There are lessons on writing content for children and how to proofread written work.

The instructors share tips and techniques that they use to overcome issues such as writer’s block during projects. The site offers users an immersive experience in the writing world where they will understand how to write better content.

Choosing the Best Writing Lesson Online

Learning how to write content online has many advantages. It gives people the opportunity to learn from prolific writers who have become best-sellers because of their outstanding work.

The opportunity to access exclusive content from these professionals can help beginners and other learners who are struggling with different aspects of writing to find the solution to the issues that have hindered them from creating outstanding works.

Writing good content requires time and patience. Learning how to write online allows the participants to learn at their own pace.


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