8 Websites To Learn Volleyball Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

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Volleyball is a famous sport played by many all around the world. The game consists of two teams going against each other. Each team comprises of 6 players and a net separating the said teams.

While volleyball was originally played in the United States at first, but many people grew affection for the game, making volleyball a part of the Olympics.

Beach volleyball, which is another term for volleyball played on the beach, is enjoyed by various people looking to play the game just for fun. The game is also played competitively by many people making volleyball both a fun and challenging experience.

You might want to try the sport out for yourself, but to do that, you must first learn all there is about volleyball. It is a fairly easy game and can be learned in a short time. But you might not have the resources or time to join a physical class or get a personal trainer.

But there is no need to worry as this review provides you with a number of websites along with their features to give you the opportunity of finally learning all about volleyball and master the game.

8 Websites To Learn Volleyball Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the most famous online lessons providing website. They have lessons on almost every topic you can think of, which also includes volleyball.

Whether you have never heard of volleyball before or do know a bit of the basics, Udemy has a whole bunch of courses with enough variety that can help you pick whatever course you like the best.

The courses listed on Udemy will cover all the basics of the sport and will also provide enough tips for you to learn the game. Some courses don’t even require any prior knowledge of the game to help a total beginner learn everything about the sport.

Whether you want to be a part of a college volleyball team, or just learn the basics of the game and finally be able to enjoy the sport, Udemy will make it a lot easier for you with all the courses it has to offer.

Some courses will also teach you core basics and fundamentals like how to serve, block, hit, and pass the ball. You’ll also learn how to position yourself correctly. Some courses will even help you learn how to practice properly to become a better volleyball player.

2) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Take Lessons is also a very good choice for learning volleyball. They provide you with the opportunity of learning volleyball from experienced teachers online.

Take Lessons is an interactive website, featuring experts on every topic that will help teach you everything they know about the topic you want to learn. Some of them are professionals and will help you get better at whatever the topic you intend to learn.

There are various volleyball experts listed on the website. These are professional and passionate teachers that will teach you all there is about volleyball in a one-on-one session. You can take advantage of their experience as the online course will provide you with enough opportunities.

The website has good enough tutors to teach a person of any skill level whether he is a beginner or somewhat experienced. They will help you improve your skills further even if you are at an intermediate to advanced level.

You can also take online volleyball lessons from professional players and coaches in this website. They’ll do their best to help you reach your potential and coach you to become an expert in volleyball. They’ll teach you, improve your volleyball skills and will also help you have fun while learning volleyball.

3) Study

Study Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Study.com is also a very famous website that provides a bunch of courses and enough variety to satisfy the needs of the person that wants to learn a course on any given topic.

The website teaches you everything about the topic you are learning. Along with teaching you how to play baseball and its basics, the website will also teach you what exactly is volleyball along with it’s interesting facts and history.

As mentioned above, volleyball has a very interesting history to it, and study.com will teach you everything there is about the history of volleyball. The sport is actually one of the largest sport participated worldwide.

But if you are just looking to develop better skills, study.com will also provide you with lessons helping you to improve your skills and become a better volleyball player overall.

What if you’re just a beginner and want to learn basic volleyball just for fun? Well the website will also provide you with basic courses that will teach you about the rules of volleyball, and all the fundamentals of the game.

Study.com is a compelling choice for many as it has enough variety of courses on many topics including volleyball, which makes the website a very good option for you to learn baseball.

4) CoachTube

Coachtube Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Coach Tube is a website where videos about various topics can be posted online which are then watched by other members to learn about said topic. In this way, people can help learn from each other’s experiences.

The website only has courses featuring sports, which also includes volleyball. As the website only focuses on sports, you can expect a bunch of diversity when it comes to volleyball lessons.

Even if you’re a complete beginner at the game, there are a bunch of courses for you that will help you learn all the fundamentals of volleyball and how train by yourself to improve at volleyball.

From learning the basics to becoming a complete master of volleyball, the website has enough courses to keep you busy and learn everything you need to learn about volleyball. The courses will also teach you all the skills and drills needed in playing volleyball.

The website has both paid and free courses. It also has a free membership to help you get access to few of the best videos that will help you in learning volleyball online. To top it all off the website also features excellent customer support through the use of chat.

5) Volleyball1on1

Volleyball1on1 Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Volleyball1on1.com is a website purely dedicated to teaching everything there is about volleyball. They offer a bunch of online private volleyball lessons for you.

The website features private volleyball lessons from professional players and coaches all around the world. They can also review your skills, matches, and even your team! You can develop and improve your skills under the guidance of these professional players and coaches.

The website offers a 1-month free trial membership access with just a one-dollar fee for sign up. The membership can also be cancelled at any time. You can access pretty much all the content the website has to offer with the free trial membership access.

The website also has a whole library of videos featuring their instructors to help you get better at volleyball. You can also learn the basics including all the skills and drills needed to becoming a very good volleyball player.

Overall, the website provides you with pretty much everything you need to learn volleyball. Having enough diverse videos done by volleyball coaches and instructor, you can choose whatever suits your taste and think is best for you to improving your skills and learning the art of volleyball. Their coaches will help you get better at volleyball quickly and efficiently.

6) TheArtOfCoachingVolleyball

Theartofcoachingvolleyball Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

The Art of Coaching Volleyball is another great website that mainly focuses on teaching the basics of volleyball. The courses listed on the website will teach you all the basics and fundamentals of volleyball including the required skills and drills.

You can get access to 2 weeks of premium content as part of the free trial as well. The trial will get you access to exclusive premium features.

You will also learn about positioning and its role in volleyball. The website offers a wide range of videos on learning various skills including how to serve, pass and block.

The best part about the website is that they will provide you with drills and skills which you can practice at home and hone your skill level even further. The videos listed on the website are user-friendly and can be done by a total beginner.

The website has both free and paid video series as part of their premium services. This website can prove to be very beneficial for you if you are looking to improve your skills and drills at home with almost no equipment required!

7) GoldMedalSquared

Goldmedalsquared Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

This is another dedicated website to learning everything about volleyball. Gold Medal Squared or GMS for short, has a bunch of videos with a number of highly professional coaches. The website was founded back in 1985 and since, it has done a great deal to teach volleyball to others.

The website contains a great deal of paid courses covering all the fundamentals about volleyball. Fortunately, they also have a 30-day free trial to try out GMS+ which will give you access to several premium features.

Along with teaching you crucial parts of volleyball like serving, defending and offence, it also has a range of mindset training courses which will surely help you learn how to be a better volleyball player.

The coaches listed on the website are highly experienced and passionate about volleyball. The long list of courses offered by the website are enough for a person who wants to learn volleyball and enhance his skills of the game even further.

This website might be perfect for you if you are looking to learn from a number of highly professional and skilled coaches. These coaches can help you advance your skills and with the help of their experience, turn you into a fantastic volleyball player.

8) Wyzant

Wyzant Learn Volleyball Lessons Online

Wyzant.com delivers you with a bunch of private one-on-one lessons. The website has tutors on various topics as well as volleyball. Founded back in 2005, the website offers you a bunch of tutors to help you select the tutor of your choice.

Together with teaching you the courses of your liking in a private one-on-one lesson online, the website also provides you with the option of learning in person under certain conditions. They also require you to provide your ZIP code if you are into learning in person rather than online.

The website features a variety of volleyball lessons as well. The highlight of the website is that it does not require any need of subscription or any form of upfront payment from its user. You can simply select the instructor of your liking and get started with learning everything you want to about volleyball.

You can learn from the tutor of your choosing using Wyzant’s online learning tool. As the website provides you with enough instructors to help you learn everything about volleyball.

All you have to do Is select any one of the available volleyball instructors and begin learning all the stuff you require for being a volleyball player!

Choosing The Best Volleyball Lesson Online

Volleyball is one of the most played sports in the world falling short to only a few sports games. It is a very stimulating and refreshing game enjoyed by lots of people all over the globe. The game takes up a crucial volume in the sports world.

There might be various reasons for you to have the passion of learning volleyball but need not to worry as the websites listed above can help you learn volleyball lessons online efficiently.

All the mentioned websites are reviewed by us so you can make the correct decision according to your needs. Whether you want to learn the game just for fun or you are looking to become a professional volleyball player, these websites can help you achieve your goal!

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