14 Websites To Learn Viola Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Viola Lessons Online

Learn Viola Lessons Online

Music is a diverse field with thousands of musical instruments. But there are some classics like viola that set the mood for music right away. Creating your own music with viola is an exciting practice for music lovers. So, if you want to learn how to play viola, there are multiple online classes available for easy learning.

Before we move on to the online viola lessons, we need to understand the benefits of playing viola. Playing viola boosts self-esteem and confidence in the players because they achieve complex tunes on their own. It’s evident that learning viola improves phonetics, but in some cases, it improves verbal communication as well.

The violist improve the hand-mind-eye coordination as they need to read the sheets for controlling the strings. This coordination is helpful in enhancing motor skills. Besides, playing viola strengthens the memory and posing higher intelligence. The best thing is that musicians increase their emotional health, tranquility, and overall experience with the instrument.

As you start learning viola, social interaction will increase. On top of everything, playing viola has a positive impact on academics, such as mathematics and comprehension. So, if you are ready to learn viola, we have added websites to learn viola lessons online. These websites are perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to play viola online. Have a look!

14 Websites To Learn Viola Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Viola Lessons Online

Online classes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the overall experience depends on the platform choice. Udemy.com is an apt website with a wide range of courses to help everyone. The website has viola courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. For succeeding in your music career, one needs to learn the fundamentals.

With Udemy’s beginner course, students can learn basic techniques and octave scales. The courses are designed by professional violists, sharing their years of experience. The courses are designed on real songs, so students can learn how to play particular songs. The website focuses on notes and bows for teaching the essentials.

Udemy.com offers specialized courses for students who want to play one-octave scales with viola. Multiple bowing techniques are offered on Udemy.com, in addition to viola holding techniques. The courses are designed with video lessons. Also, there are on-demand videos that help in catering to unique student needs.

Udemy.com offers lifetime access to the courses once you sign up. On top of everything, courses can be accessed on mobile phones and TV. However, internet connectivity is a must-have. By the end of each course, students can access the certificate of completion. The best part of Udemy.com is that it offers coupons for gaining discounts on paid courses.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Viola Lessons Online

If you want to learn something new and start with viola, Cousera.com is the perfect website. Coursera has top industry instructors available for teaching the courses. The website is designed with free and paid courses in one place so that students can learn new skills. Coursera.com offers viola lessons for kids as well who want to create their own tunes.

Coursera.com offers video lessons for interactive learning. However, if students need specialized instructions, the website offers on-demand videos. There are regular video lectures available with Coursera.com, irrespective of free or paid courses. Every course is integrated with homework exercises for optimal practice sessions.

There are community discussion forums through which students can interact with other students and instructors. If students opt for paid courses, they can take quizzes to check the progress. Also, with paid courses, students can access the certificate of completion. The best thing is that Coursera.com offers self-paced courses so that students can take lessons at their own will.

So, join for free and access the beginner’s course in no time. There are master and professional courses available on Coursera.com. On top of everything, Coursera.com offers online degrees for students who want to ramp up the musical experience.

3) Preply

Preply Learn Viola Lessons Online

Finding the right course is essential for improving the viola skills, and Preply.com is one of the legit options out there. Preply.com allows the students to filter out courses on a per hour basis. The best thing about Preply.com is that students can choose courses based on free days of the week or the day timing. But the unique point is that Preply.com connects students with their ideal teachers.

There are some instructors with whom students can negotiate the timings as per their preferences. The website empowers students to book the trial sessions before paying the full charges. However, the students can always text the instructors for discussing important queries and clear out the concepts. All the instructors offer verified diplomas.

Preply.com empowers students to choose courses based on the rating. The students can easily check the instructor reviews on the website and choose accordingly. The website offers multiple viola lessons online, catering to everyone’s versatile needs. It is advised to opt for verified instructors (by looking at the badge in front of the instructor’s name!)

The instructors on Preply.com offer video lessons for engaging learning sessions. Also, there are multilingual instructors to offer viola learning opportunities for everyone.

4) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Viola Lessons Online

Online learning can be complicated and impacts the entire experience with viola . However, one can choose the right website to help with top-notch viola education. Lessonface.com is one fine website, connecting students and instructors for a long time. The website has an interactive interface to ensure seamless course availability.

The students can access the beginner lessons with Lessonface.com for students who want to learn the basics of viola lessons. Lessonface.com allows students to filter out the courses based on time duration, skill level, and teacher’s reviews. There is a wide range of viola lessons available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

All the instructors offer video lessons on Zoom or Skype for interactive practicing sessions. But some instructors teach viola techniques in the studio as well. However, the location depends on the instructor. The video lessons are always well-designed as experienced instructors have designed the course.

The best thing about Lessonface.com is that it offers scholarships to students who do well. If you want, you can communicate with instructors through the private message option. On top of everything, some instructors provide extra reading material for optimal learning. So, just scroll down and find the ideal instructor who meets your learning needs.

5) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Viola Lessons Online

If you want to learn how to play viola, TakeLessons.com is a fantastic website with top-notch features. The website connects the students with instructors to help them access viola lessons online. The instructors are pretty experienced, and website holds background checks, promising learning without compromising on the quality.

The website offers classes online, but if instructors allow, students can take sessions at the instructor’s or student’s home. Also, the students can access the courses by checking day availability. TakeLessons.com empowers students to choose courses based on price range. The personalization features of the website allow students to choose the instructor’s gender (whoever they are comfortable with!)

TakeLessons.com shares the instructor’s reviews to ensure an optimal learning experience. Every instructor offers video lessons for students. But most of the instructors offer extra reading material. No matter which instructor you choose, the students can access beginner techniques for laying the foundations. The students will learn viola holding techniques through this website.

The website offers student counselors to the students. These counselors will help students connect with suitable instructors for ensuring optimal learning. All in all, TakeLessons.com is an apt website, offering a wide range of courses through experienced instructors.

6) MusikaLessons

Musikalessons Learn Viola Lessons Online

Music has great scope, and if you want to learn viola, MusikaLessons.com is an apt website. The website was first founded in 2001, and since then, it has become popular for the top teacher referral network. The website acts as a medium through which students can connect with instructors and decide the session location.

The instructors on MusikaLessons.com have learned from the reputed institutions, Yale University and The Julliard Schools. The website shares complete information about musical instruments, so students can decide which instrument is apt for them. Also, there are free trials for every student before they pay the course charges.

The free trial is perfect for helping them attain knowledge about how the course works. The online courses have video sessions over Skype. It is advised to use a laptop with a perfect microphone and your viola to ensure promising results. Overall, the courses are pretty affordable, and students can connect with any instructor that they like.

MusikaLessons.com allows the students to record Skype for offline practicing and revision sessions. So, sign up on the website and take a free trial to start your viola journey!

7) LiveMusicTutor

Livemusictutor Learn Viola Lessons Online

Viola is the classical musical instrument. So, if you want to learn how to control its strings, LiveMusicTutor.com offers online viola lessons. This platform is designed to offer information about viola fundamentals.

LiveMusicTutor.com is an interactive learning platform through which music enthusiasts can connect with each other. The website empowers the students to connect with their instructors on a domestic and international scale. The viola courses are economical enough that everyone can access them easily.

LiveMusicTutor.com has been offering viola lessons since 2010. The website is a mastermind of Jason Goughnour, who is the most trained musician out there. The website offers online individual and group lessons for viola enthusiasts. There are regular practice sessions on LiveMusicTutor.com that help students improve their skills.

The website hosts master lessons for advanced players who need advanced playing techniques. Also, there are special events that enhance learning. On top of everything, students can access the music library for accessing audio and jam tracks. These jam tracks ought to improve learning and practicing.

8) Tutorful

Tutorful Learn Viola Lessons Online

If you want to learn viola but don’t want to join the studio, Tutorful.co.uk is an amazing website. The website has been connecting the music enthusiasts with instructors for years. Through this platform, the students can connect with their desired instructor as it helps in achieving the learning goals.

The students can access private tutors with this website and learn viola from the comfort of their home. The website was first launched back in 2015, and since then, they have been integrating top tutors at one place. With Tutorful.co.uk, students can book their desired courses and manage the schedules to start learning.

The website has more than 11,000 private tutors, ready to help students learn new skills. Tutorful.co.uk has viola instructors teaching from grade one to over grade eight. The students have the liberty to filter our viola lessons based on the price range and instructor’s availability. All the instructors on this website have years of experience in the respective fields.

The students can check the taught hours on the teacher’s profile and the per-hour rates as well. Also, the students can check the reviews that help in making a decision. The best thing about this website is that it offers viola lessons for online and at-studio sessions.

9) TutorHunt

Tutorhunt Learn Viola Lessons Online

Learning viola is an exceptional opportunity, and if you want to learn it online, TutorHunt.com is the right website. So, the website offers online sessions based on student’s skills, such as beginner, primary, degree, and advanced player as well. The students can filter out the viola lessons based on the price range.

Also, the students can access the courses based on their reviews and rating. With TutorHunt.com, students can locate the tutors on an in-person and online basis. However, the instructors offer affordable viola lessons. The students can search the nearby tutors by entering the postcode and communicate with them through messages.

The students can discuss the class session timing, session duration, and share the special areas that they want to learn. The website doesn’t charge for contacting the teacher. Also, students can read the reviews and feedbacks that helps them make a final decision regarding viola lessons and instructors. There are no sign-up fees for the students.

The first lessons are often discounted, and for the payment, the PayPal account is an apt choice. Last but not least, students can check the instructor’s experience and see for how long they have been tutoring on TutorHunt.com.

10) PlayWithAPro

Playwithapro Learn Viola Lessons online

Viola might look intimidating, but learning its playing techniques can be complicated. But if you still want to learn how to play viola, PlayWithAPro.com is a suitable website. The website offers viola lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. On this website, the students can find viola lessons based on their skills.

The students can access video lessons through mobile, tablet, and laptop as long as they have the compatible browser (Safari for iOS devices and Chrome for Android users). The website offers a connection with instructors. Also, some instructors offer free introductory sessions before they pay for an entire course.

The course duration ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and the price varies accordingly. If you are ready to buy the course, you can pay through a credit card. However, if the course isn’t up to the mark, students can get a refund as the website offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. Overall, the website is pretty well optimized, promising seamless learning experience.

The website offers private tutors to the students. Besides, there are regular masterclasses hosted by the website for advanced violists. The best part is that courses are available in multiple languages to ensure higher accessibility. So, just choose the skill level and enjoy the viola sessions!

11) MusicLessonsAnywhere

Musiclessonsanywhere Learn Viola Lessons Online

Learning viola is an exciting experience, and with MusicLessonsAnywhere.net, the entire learning experience will be top-notch. The website has been offering online lessons since 2013, which speaks volumes about their experience. The website offers courses for students of all ages and skillsets. Overall, the courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced violist.

The website also offers diplomas for students who are trying to make a career with viola. The website has gathered experienced teachers from around the world. Before signing up for the course, students can access the instructor’s biographies for better insights. The viola lessons are provided on Skype, and within 24 hours of the session, students will receive extra reading material.

The website hosts free workshops through which students and instructors can interact in one place. The best thing about MusicLessonsAnywhere.net is that it hosts annual online concerts where students show off their skills. Also, the website has a designated YouTube channel that provides free sessions. The students can access the course reviews, promising optimal decision-making.

If you are signing up for the first time, the website offers gift cards. These gift cards offer discounts on the viola lessons. Last but not least, the website offers non-instrumental lessons through Skype that shares insights about playing techniques.

12) Wyzant

Wyzant Learn Viola Lessons Online

Wyzant is the home for getting the best possible tutors online. No matter what your needs are, they have experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the field, and they can help you achieve your goals. Wyzant got a vast list of topics covered with its professionals; they are offering a personalized Method of online learning that will be convenient for most.

With Wyzant, you can get access to some top professionals to help you with the viola. You can be at a beginner level, or a skilled viola player, trying to polish up your skills. Wyzant has online tutors that are willing to help you through your journey. Viola is a bit complexed to learn, but with Wyzant, you can get all the assistance on various playing styles.

The website offers high-performance and proficient results. These results are promised because Wyzant.com provides the right guidance. The tutors are experienced enough to focus on your custom needs. Private tutors are readily available, and students can get in touch through private messages. The website holds special workshops, as well.

These workshops are free to sign up for and help beginners gain insights into viola lessons. Also, customer support is available round the clock to help students resolve the queries.

13) AcademieDeMontreal

Academiedemontreal Learn Viola Lessons Online

Montreal Academy of Music is one of the most authentic names in the music learning industry. They got a wide range of instruments covered and have fueled the passion for numerous renowned artists across the globe. With the Montreal Academy of Music, you can get a chance to learn from the very best, and this is your first learning choice.

No matter what genre you are into or what your goals are, you can get the right guidance with the academy. They don’t only polish your music skills, but brush up on your creativity and enable you with the right skill set to be more creative than ever. They got an excellent curriculum that is developed specifically with one goal, and that’s to achieve perfection.

Viola being a complex instrument due to various playing styles, is not easy to master. While you can learn from online courses, a style or two, it will not be possible for you to be able to play viola at your fullest without expert guidance. If you lack the time or resources to join the Montreal Academy of Music, you can get access to all their lessons, curriculum, subjects, and course on this great website.

14) LessonsAustralia

Lessonsaustralia Learn Viola Lessons Online

This Australian website got an interface that is hard to resist. The moment you land on the website, you start noticing how catchy the interface, graphics and color scheme is. They are devoted to the cause of spreading knowledge online and have featured thousands of specific courses on the website that can help you learn the skills of your choice.

The website interface reflects their hard work and passion that they have put behind this project. They are not offering multiple courses on a single niche, but the course you will get on this website is a great way to have experienced learning. Their course module is structured the perfect way to help you through each step of your learning journey.

They are also offering you with the opportunity to ask guidance whenever required and take your viola learning to the heights you have always wanted. With this website you can find all the resources and guidance, in short a complete package to learning viola professionally.

Choosing The Best Viola Lesson Online

Online learning is the new normal for everyone who wants to learn new skills from the comfort of their home. But choosing the right platform is essential for promising optimal learning.

With this article, we have added websites to learn viola lessons online, ensuring high performance. So, connect your device to the internet and sign up right away!


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