14 Websites To Learn Tango Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Tango Lessons Online

Learn Tango Lessons Online

Invented in the 19th century, tango is a form of dance that has quite a dramatic history behind it. Originating from Argentina, the form of dance was invented by the poverty stricken people of the country who the wealthy looked down upon.

Because of this, tango was also looked down upon and considered a ‘’lowly act’’. Some of the higher class in Argentina tried to rid of the dance as a whole, however it survived and eventually found its way to Europe in the early 20th century.

Tango requires 2 people to properly perform, as both of them will have to work together to perform a close-body contact dance. It is a very popular form of dance, and has been for quite some time now. 

There is also an entire genre of music dedicated to it, which is also referred to as tango or tango music. Tango comes in many forms, as there are many different techniques to the dance that have been invented over the years.

Learning it isn’t very easy, however it can be made significantly less challenging if you take a lesson that can guide you.

14 Websites To Learn Tango Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Tango Lessons Online

Udemy have 93 tango lessons available in their selection. These courses feature multiple different topics and viewpoints.

There are many different types of tango lessons on the site, for example there are those suited to beginners while there are also those more suited to people that are more advanced when it comes to tango.

Their beginner courses can help anyone out, even people that have absolutely no prior experience. These will be covering the fundamentals of specific types of tango, such as Argentine tango.

Topics such as changing between different style of movements, postures and some solutions that can help you get rid of commonly made mistakes etc. are covered in these beginner lessons, meaning that you should be able to create a strong enough base for you to learn more about tango in the future.

Other than this, there are lessons that can help anyone out by giving them a few tips that can be useful for any skill level. These tips can help with specific parts of tango and can help you improve.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Tango Lessons Online

Coursera features a good amount of tango lessons on their site, with each one being different than all the others in one way or another.

The variety of topics covered by the site’s tango lessons is large enough to satisfy most of your tango learning urges, however there is one course in particular that can help anyone interested in tango, whether musicians or dancers.

Provided by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, this course is to test how much you know about tango and to learn even more than you already may know.

The two week lesson has been specifically designed for people that love to make music or dance and are intrigued by the idea of learning more about tango.

It is a beginner level course, however it holds enough information to be helpful for intermediates and experts in tango as well.

It is a fully online course and can be accessed from smartphones as well, while it is also self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

3) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Tango Lessons Online

Take Lessons may not have many tutors to help you learn more about tango, however the ones that they do feature are more than qualified enough to help you out.

All their available tutors are good enough to teach people of any skill level and help them improve even further, whether they are beginners, intermediates or advanced students that have some experience with tango themselves.

Their tango tutors are all quite experienced and have been doing the tango themselves for quite some time now, making them more than experienced enough to be great at it and to be able to teach it to others as well.

In fact, some of their tutors also have their own dance studios where they teach others that prefer offline classes.

With all of them focusing on different things, such as body mechanics and the way that you move, depending upon your own self, you can learn many different and helpful things about the popular form of dance. Their tutors are ready to teach you at any time they’re available.

4) Study

Study Learn Tango Lessons Online

Study.com have a large enough variety of tango lessons on their site and although there aren’t as many lessons on the site as compared to others, there are just as many topics or even more covered.

Study.com is a platform meant for learning about everything, which means that they won’t just be teaching you how to do the tango, they also have lessons that will be teaching you all about what it is.

As mentioned at the start, tango has quite an interesting history to it, and Study.com have more than enough lessons in their collection to teach you more about this history.

The origin of tango is covered in full detail on the site, while there are also some that can tell you more about how the different types of tango lessons happened to form.

These lessons cover the different things that influenced the invention of these different types of tango and other things of the sort. Other than this, there are also courses that can teach you how to get better at tango.

5) iDance

iDance Learn Tango Lessons Online

Dedicated to helping people that share a passion for the art of dancing, iDance is a site that feature tutorials and lessons for nearly every form of dance, including the different forms of tango.

If you are interested in learning more about Argentinian Tango, there are specific courses on the site that can help you.

These courses can teach you pretty much everything and answer most of your questions, including what really is Argentine Tango.

Consisting of a variety of different styles and techniques, Argentinian tango is a complicated but very interesting form of dance that has influenced many a few things in the course of the last couple of centuries, including music and entertainment.

This lesson can teach you all about this, and even more, helping you learn more about it rather than just how to perform it. They’ll also cover things like why you should dance Argentinian Tango.

There are many interesting things about it as it is an engaging dance, and the lesson will tell you all about this.

6) DanceTangoTV

DanceTangoTV Learn Tango Lessons Online

Dance Tango TV is a service made for the sole reason of providing people such as yourself with lessons on all the different aspects of Argentinian tango so that you and others can learn more about the beautiful form of dance.

All these lessons are provided by some of the best tango dancers that Argentina has to offer, meaning that you can expect to learn a few or more very helpful things that other lessons won’t be teaching you.

There are classes for everyone, regardless of their age and skill level, the site is dedicated to helping everyone.

Featuring a total 60+ lengthy courses on a variety of topics, while classes of specific topics can also be viewed via live streams, there is more than enough of a variety to help you scratch your tango learning itches.

With over 30 hours’ worth of lessons available on the site, you can rest assured that there is enough material to help you become an expert at tango, while all of said material is self-paced too.

7) TangoLive

TangoLive Learn Tango Lessons Online

Tango Live is a type of streaming platform that you can use to access lessons regarding specific topics or to watch classes that are being held live. They have multiple different plans on their site that you can access in order to learn.

There is a $6 plan for those wanting to take one live class, while there is also a $6 plan for those that wish to view an already recorded lesson that is available to watch on the site at any time.

If you wish to learn more about tango, there are also monthly and yearly subscription packages that allow you to stream and watch as many lessons and classes as you want to, as long as your subscription is active of course.

Their live classes are held by high level tango experts that are more than experienced enough to be teaching you about the matter.

Their live classes also have a live chat feature, meaning that you can ask question regarding any specific thing that you are having difficulty understanding.

8) EndreTango

Endretango Learn Tango Lessons Online

Endre Tango is a platform that fully focuses on one form of dance, which is tango. The site has multiple tips, tutorials and lessons that people of almost any skill level can take, depending on the lesson itself.

This specific course though, as you can tell from its name, is meant for beginners or starts that have no previous experience with the form of dance. A good thing that the site does is that it gives you some advice before you actually start the course.

This advice is mainly small, such as things like you shouldn’t give up if you keep failing, however it is quite motivational and helpful.

You will need a partner to learn from this lesson though, as it is the only way that the lesson’s techniques and methods can work properly.

Specific things such as backwards and forward ochos are covered by these video lessons, meaning that you can learn about different things in particular, allowing you to improve each of your aspects one by one.

9) LearnToDance

Learntodance Learn Tango Lessons Online

This lesson on Learn to Dance is all about introducing you to the art of basic tango along with all the fundamentals that you need in order to get started with it.

It will teach you all the most straightforward and necessary steps that you need to learn in order to get started with tango. The first thing that you’ll learn in the lesson is how to count tango using the S,S,Q,Q,S system, with S standing for slow and Q standing for quick.

Using this system, you will be able to identify when the beats of the music are placed and when you need to time your movements, meaning that this method can also make timing your steps much easier as well, something that every beginner needs help with.

This is the only topics in the course that isn’t taught via video. The rest of the topics will be discussed and presented via video, so you can see the different steps for yourself and copy them exactly.

10) TangoSpace

TangoSpace Learn Tango Lessons Online

Tango Space was and still is an offline teaching centre for people that wish to learn more about tango. They are a company, one whose studios are visited frequently by people in order to learn more about the popular form of dance called tango.

Eventually, they had so many requests by people that couldn’t visit their studios to provide said people with online lessons that they finally launched their own site not so long ago.

This site features courses regarding every aspect of the tango, so people can learn what they want to without having to go through a very large lesson just to reach the one topic that they want to learn about.

The site features these lessons at a fairly low price, while all of said lessons can be taken anywhere in the world, even though smartphones, as long as you are connected to the internet.

For the purpose of letting you test them out, they have made some courses completely free. These courses aren’t for experts however they can help any beginner.

11) TangoLessonsOnline

TangoLessonsOnline Learn Tango Lessons Online

Tango Lessons are something that many believe to be more suitable when taken at a studio, however not everyone has a studio near them that can teach them tango.

This is why Tango Lessons Online attempt to provide said people with well explained and well-designed courses that can help them learn more about tango and its many different types.

Your tutors through the course of these lessons will be Carolina Zokalski and Diego De Falco, both of whom are experienced at tango and have been practicing it for a long time in their lives. Their courses cover many topics, as has been mentioned.

These include topics for people that are beginner or advanced, but they also feature topics such Milonga and salon tango, both of which are specific styles of the dance that are unique in their own separate ways.

These aren’t all the different things that they feature in their lessons though, as there are also courses for the more complex forms of tango that not many people are able to master.

12) AdrianLunaCoach

AdrianLunaCoach Learn Tango Lessons Online

Adrian Luna Coach is a site that features both offline lesson bookings and online lessons for those that aren’t close enough to book said offline lessons.

They feature courses on their site that are provided by skilled tango dancers that are more than good enough to help you clear out any mistakes and help you improve your own skills in order to become a better, more proficient tango dancer.

Mora Noel is one of the tutors that the site features. She is an experienced professional tango dancer that has spent a good bit of her life learning more and more about the historic form of dance, while she also has her own history when it comes to teaching people about it.

She can teach you pretty much everything that you wish to learn about, as she herself is trained in every aspect of the tango.

Her classes can be taken to learn more about Argentinian Tango, making her an ideal tutor if you’re interested in that specific form of tango.

13) LearnToDanceTango

LearnToDanceTango Learn Tango Lessons Online

The site has a pretty straightforward name that makes it easy to guess what it’s all about. Learn to Dance Tango is a site made for people such as yourself and can help you improve your tango dancing skills.

They have many courses on the site, most of which are meant for beginners that don’t have much experience with tango in the past.

This course on Learn to Dance Tango is all about teaching you more about starting tango and how to perform your first dance. It covers 5 different topics, each and every single one being helpful to prepare you for your very first dance using one of the many techniques of tango.

Before these topics are discussed in the lesson, there will be a chapter that acts as an introduction to the course and what the course will be teaching you throughout its entirety.

Once this chapter is complete, you will be able to learn multiple helpful things from the short, informative video lesson.

14) TangoMeet

TangoMeet Learn Tango Lessons Online

Online Tango Lessons, as you can pretty much figure itself out from their name, are a place where you can take tango lessons on the internet. Their courses aren’t provided by people that have just been doing tango for long.

They only feature classes provided by masters at the form of dance, the people that do the tango on a professional basis and take part in competitions.

You can take their lessons at any given time, as they are available on the site. Covering every topic there is to cover, you’ll find that their lessons feature a wide variety of topics, allowing you to learn any specific thing about any specific form of tango that you wish to.

As their tutors are professionals, they will be able to teach anyone, regardless of their skill level, meaning that even people that are complete experts can learn more in order to become competitors in tournaments themselves.

The site’s tutors can give you all the guidance you need to eliminate all mistakes and become better.

Choosing The Best Tango Lesson Online

The tango is a good, peaceful and somewhat intimate form of dance that is very enjoyable for both parties involved.

It is a great way to relive yourself of stress as well, as all forms of dance are. The tango is not the easiest thing to get a hang of, however once you and your partner finally start to improve, and notice your improvement, you start to enjoy more and more.

The lessons above can help you learn all about the form of dance, all in their own ways. Even if these aren’t your style, there are many more sites to help you out.


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