14 Websites To Learn Tai Chi Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn tai chi lessons online

learn tai chi lessons online

Tai chi is a form of martial arts and exercises originating from Chinese culture. This exercise is a collection of deep breaths and slow movements, having multiple emotional and physical benefits. Practicing tai chi is difficult at first, but the benefits are worth it. For instance, tai chi helps in stress and anxiety reduction.

The scientists have backed the fact that tai chi has similar benefits as the exercise. Even more, some scientists believe that a combination of focused breathing and meditation may hold benefits greater than any other form of exercise.

Also, these movements tend to calm the nerves and pose a good impact on mood-regulating hormones, leading to a better mood.

If you practice tai chi regularly, it will help improve sleep patterns. This benefit is perfect for elders, as they usually have a hard time sleeping. Tai chi has been proven beneficial in promoting weight loss, mainly because of meditation, mood improvement, and better sleep. People who practice tai chi regularly have managed to improve their memory and focus.

This benefit might be the result of a focused-breathing and clear mind. In other words, tai chi practitioners are also able to handle complex tasks easily while paying attention to details. So, these benefits are pretty motivating to hit this field, right?

If you’re ready to practice tai chi, we have added websites to learn tai chi lessons online. All these websites offer online courses, so you can learn from your home!

14 Websites To Learn Tai Chi Lessons Online Review:

1) Udemy

udemy learn tai chi lessons online

Udemy.com has coined its name in the online courses world because they are offering thousands of online courses. The courses are available in every possible niche. If you are looking for tai chi lessons, Udemy.com has more than 1,000 courses ready to teach you the basic concepts and advanced skills.

The website has arranged the courses based on skill sets; beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The expert course is for everyone who wants to teach tai chi once they have completed the course. All the courses on Udemy.com are available in multiple languages, so everyone can learn new skills.

Udemy.com has designed free, as well as premium courses. The free courses are apt for beginners who want to kickstart with tai chi. However, the premium courses are designed for people who want to take their tai chi skills to the next level.

But it doesn’t matter which course you take because all the courses are designed by professionals and experienced tai chi practitioners.

If students aren’t satisfied with the course, this website offers a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. Overall, all the courses are designed with video lessons and access to downloadable material. Also, there is access to on-demand videos through which students can find answers to their unique questions!

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn tai chi lessons online

The learning mediums have changed and improved over the past couple of years. With a similar change, people now prefer online education because it’s more convenient, accessible, and affordable. But choosing the right online education platform is integral to ensure a positive outcome.

So, if you want to learn tai chi, Skillshare.com is an amazing platform. Skillshare.com liberalizes the students to find the courses based on their skill level. The students can access courses based on video duration as well. This is a helpful feature because students can learn whenever they want (yes, even the ten-minute videos are available).

Besides, this website offers free and paid courses to meet diverse user’s needs. Skillshare.com has gift cards for people who are signing up for the first time and want a discount on premium courses. If the students are showing positive results, they can apply for the Skillshare’s scholarship program as well.

With this website, the students will learn the basic tips and techniques for tai chi. All the courses on Skillshare.com are designed with video lessons.

At the end of the course, the students have to turn in the project that is a reflection of their learning. Last but not least, this website offers certificates of completion at the end of the course, so you can be the certified practitioner!

3) Reed

reed learn tai chi lessons online

Online learning can be fun if you are choosing the right website and the right course. So, if you are interested in learning tai chi, Reed.co.uk is the perfect website with a wide range of tai chi courses.

The website has something for everyone because they not only offer online courses but in-person sessions as well.

The location for in-person sessions can be decided among the students and instructors. Even more, the courses lie in different price ranges, offering courses so everyone can afford it. The best thing is that students can customize the price ranges and search for the course accordingly.

Reed.co.uk has professional tai chi courses to help every skill level learn the basics and advanced techniques. The website focuses on teaching focused-breathing. Also, the students will learn different meditation techniques with Reed.co.uk.

4) WhiteCraneOnline

whitecraneonline learn tai chi lessons online

As for the courses, they are designed with video sessions and proactive tutor support. With the tutor support, students will be able to get their answers cleared and have a stronger grip on the concepts. Reed.co.uk has developed a compare basket feature where students can compare the features of courses and make a choice that suits them the best!

Tai chi seems to be pretty simple, but the concepts are difficult to understand. This is why you need to choose the specialized website that has experience in the field. With WhiteCraneOnline.com, the students can learn tai chi from experienced and certified instructors.

The website provides robust and all-time support from instructors, so students can learn in an effective environment. With WhiteCraneOnline.com, students will be able to access the library.

The library is stacked with free instructional videos and meditation videos. These videos are perfect for beginners to understand the core concepts behind tai chi.Also, with these videos, students will be able to learn different movements.

WhiteCraneOnline.com has developed this course for 12 months periods where students will learn 66 techniques and movements of tai chi. The best thing about this website is that they update the lessons every month, so students can learn, practice, and revise new techniques.

The students can sign for the tai chi course for free. Besides, if you have some questions, WhiteCraneOnline.com has robust customer care support available. So, you can chat with them and clarify the questions regarding the course and lessons.

5) OnlineTaiChiLessons

onlinetaichilessons learn tai chi lessons online

If you don’t have time to join the physical class, you can simply opt for online courses. These courses are designed to offer convenient learning opportunities to everyone.

Similarly, if you are interested in learning tai chi, OnlineTaiChiLessons.com is offering a wide range of courses. This website has mainly designed the video lessons and tai chi course with health programs in mind.

Once you sign up, you can access single courses. In addition, there are bundles through which students can access different courses at one time.

The courses are designed with video lessons, but there are live video sessions available as well. OnlineTaiChiLessons.com provides access to lessons and courses on multiple devices as far as it’s connected with the internet.

As for the quality, the videos have HD quality, and English subtitles are available as well. The best thing about OnlineTaiChiLessons.com is that it offers regular monthly content. 

This content basically provides improvement techniques that help students grow. This website has tai chi courses for multiple reasons: heart patients, osteoporosis, mental health, and energy.

Last but not least, students can download the video lessons for offline practicing as well, and still, they can cancel anytime if they aren’t satisfied with the course.

6) TaiChiOnlineClasses

taichionlineclasses learn tai chi lessons online

Over the years, the learning opportunities have increased because people can now learn online. These online classes have proven beneficial for people who want to learn but don’t have time for the in-person classes. So, TaiChiOnlineClasses.com is an apt website for everyone who wants to learn tai chi concepts and skills.

This website has tai chi courses for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals and for intermediate students who want to become the pro tai chi practitioners.

All the courses are comprised of video lessons because they tend to enhance the learning outcomes. Also, these videos are engaging and fun because that’s what tai chi is all about.

In addition to tai chi video lessons, students can also access the extra reading material. The reading material is designed by experts who are aware of the core concepts and techniques. With the reading material, the website intends to teach the theory.

This integration of video lessons and reading material promises that students have a sturdy grip on the movements and techniques.

TaiChiOnlineClasses.com promises that students can interact with the tutors if they have some confusion. Also, the website has a community/support group where you can interact with people and get inspired!

7) TaichiSchool

taichischool learn tai chi lessons online

Tai chi is a form of Chinese martial arts and has a long history associated with it. Over time, its popularity has increased over a great scale, and people are trying to learn this form. Well, the benefits associated with it are pretty motivating. If you’ve been trying to master the tai chi skills, Taichi.school has a wide range of courses for everyone.

The website teaches traditional tai chi while implementing modern teaching methods. The course is very easy to follow because the instructors have kept the information precise and straightforward. Also, the course has self-paced features, which means that students can learn at their own pace and at their will.

Taichi.school has a YouTube channel as well where students can access the free videos. These videos are ideal for beginners who want to learn basic techniques.

This website has designed a well-rounded curriculum, which is everything that a student needs to master the tai chi skills.Once you subscribe to the course, you can access the videos for a lifetime.

Also, the courses are designed with a modular system, so you can go step-by-step and learn with focus. So, just sign and start meditating!

8) WuHaoTaiji

wuhaotaiji learn tai chi lessons online

If you are conscious about health and want to start meditating, tai chi is an amazing form of Chinese exercise. Tai chi teaches focus, awareness, and helps reduce the stress level. If you intend to learn how to become a tai chi practitioner, you can learn with WuHaoTaiji.com. This website is an apt choice for all the beginners out there.

WuHaoTaiji.com has a course through which students can learn the tai chi wwarm-up exercises. Also, there are drill videos that teach the right movements. All the videos on this website are made from different angles, so students can view and learn the insights.

In addition to instructional and drill videos, WuHaoTaiji.com has designed a pictorial manual for the students.

The manual is highly interactive and top-notch quality, promising to help understand the concepts easily. The website has designed a membership, and once you sign up, you can access anything you need.

Also, you can order the DVDs if you don’t want to watch the videos online. WuHaoTaiji.com has a master section from where students can learn the executive techniques. However, the master section is paid, and you can pay via PayPal.

9) PerthTaiChi

perthtaichi learn tai chi lessons online

Online learning trends have increased over the years, simply because there have been multiple improvements in teaching methodologies. People are completing the degrees online, but if you want to learn tai chi, there are multiple online platforms available.

One of the most amazing websites is PerthTaiChi.com.au, through which you can learn all the tai chi techniques.

This website helps students master the art of tai chi and move with the air. The students will be able to make quick decisions because tai chi lessons enhance problem-solving skills and quick decision-making. PerthTaiChi.com offers online video lessons where students can interact with the instructors and gain robust information.

However, if you are in Australia, there are in-person sessions available as well. The website offers warm-up and cool-down videos that help students how to start and end the exercise correctly. PerthTaiChi.com.au offers online membership with which students can access multiple programs.

There are free, standard, and plus memberships available, so you can compare the features and sign up for what suits you best. Also, they have a YouTube channel where free tips are available for improvement purposes. PerthTaiChi.com.au is an apt choice for everyone who wants to learn and meditate!

10) TaiChiArts

taichiarts learn tai chi lessons online

Tai chi is a perfect mix of martial arts and meditation, which is designed from the Chinese. Tai chi holds multiple physical and emotional benefits for the practitioner. The benefits have roared up the demand for tai chi lessons.

However, people are looking for online lessons, and if you’re on the same bandwagon, TaiChiArts.com is an apt opportunity for you.

This website is designed with traditional Chinese concepts in mind, which mean students will learn the traditional tai chi with TaiChiArts.com. The website has not only designed the video lessons, but there are in-person sessions available as well. However, the video lessons are included with balancing and breathing exercises.

TaiChiArts.com has designed multiple forms of tai chi, and all the lessons have a step-by-step approach.

Also, students can exercise and practice with this website and gain instant feedback from the instructors. The website offers a free consultation to students who aren’t able to make the final decision regarding the form of tai chi.

This website has group lessons available, and the best part is that students can create their own group. The live video sessions are held weekly, but students can access the video library as well. As for the payment, the website charges per class, so you aren’t stuck with memberships or high course fees.

11) FresnoReikiTaiChiQigong

fresnoreikitaichiqigong learn tai chi lessons online

For everyone who is conscious about health, they understand the importance of meditation for mental wellbeing and exercise for physical wellbeing. With tai chi, you can practice meditation and exercise at one time.

So, if you want to learn how to do tai chi, FresnoReikiTaiChiQigong.com has the perfect set of courses and video lessons for you.

This website holds regular webinars where students can learn tai chi movements and techniques online. Also, the students will be face-to-face with the instructors that shows the interactiveness of the sessions. This also means that students can talk to the instructors and get their answers questioned instantly.

In contrast, FresnoReikiTaiChiQigong.com has pre-recorded video lessons that help students learn whenever they are free. However, the website advises the students to check with their doctor if they are allowed to do tai chi before signing up for the course.

The webinars are hosted on Skype or Zoom, whatever suits the students. There is no prior experience required to sign up because all you need is an enthusiasm to learn. The courses are paid, but the first session is provided for free. Also, there is an active customer support service available to help you out!

12) 108TaichiMovies

108taichimoves learn tai chi lessons online

If you want to become active and clear up your mind at one time, tai chi is your way to go. This is the Chinese form of martial arts that’s a combination of meditation and exercise. So, if you want to get started with tai chi, 108TaichiMovies.com has perfect video lessons and courses to help you out.

The website has been integrated with a wide range of video clips that can be accessed online. In addition, the students can order the DVDs as well.

108TaichiMovies.com has developed the videos and DVDs with back, front, and side view, so students can gain in-depth information about movements.

108TaichiMovies.com has been offering DVDs since the 1970s and teaches the movements in the most simplified manner. All the video clips on the website are free, and also, they are perfect for the beginners to understand basic concepts. However, DVDs are paid.

For the payment, the website accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Still, if you aren’t satisfied with the DVDs, 108TaichiMovies.com offers a full payment refund. All in all, there are student demonstration videos through which you can learn how to practice the movements at techniques on your own!

13) ChenTaichiIreland

chentaichiireland learn tai chi lessons online

If you intend to learn tai chi, online learning can be pretty beneficial. That’s because you can simply sign up for the courses, practice, and learn whenever you want. So, with ChenTaichiIreland.com, you can learn the basics and advanced skills of tai chi in the most interactive manner.

This website is literally a pool of video lessons. Once you sign up on the website, you’ll be able to access the video lessons.

These video lessons are available for free, and everyone can access them. All the videos are designed with precision, so students can focus on core concepts and learn how to make the right movies.

ChenTaichiIreland.com empowers the students to learn interactively. The best thing about this website is that students can interact with the instructors as well. There is a private message option available for robust communication. All in all, the video lessons are pretty in-depth.

This website has designed videos for individuals. Also, the students can access group sessions as well if they want to learn tai chi with friends. ChenTaichiIreland.com liberalizes the students to opt for on-demand lessons that help gain accurate information that answers the questions!

14) TaijiWorld

taijiworld learn tai chi lessons online

For everyone who wants to learn tai chi lessons, there are multiple online courses available. But if you need zero compromises on performance and outcome, TaijiWorld.com is the top choice. This website is everything one can need to ace the skills and perform tai chi.

TaijiWorld.com has an apt mix of videos and one-on-one tuition available. In addition, students can access the video correction sessions with Eli, the instructor.

The best thing about this website is that it offers free books as well. These books are helpful in understanding the core concepts and tai chi theories.

The students can also get in touch with the customer support services to get their questions answered. TaijiWorld.com has robust customer care support who is ready to assist students in clearing up the queries.

Choosing The Best Tai Chi Lesson Online

For the people who are always trying to learn new skills, tai chi is an amazing opportunity. Tai chi is the Chinese form of exercise that also offers meditation moves.

Tai chi has proven to be beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing. So, if you want to learn tai chi, we have added websites to learn tai chi lessons online that helps everyone learn the movements and focused-breathing.


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