3 Websites To Learn Sword Fighting Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn sword fighting lessons online

learn sword fighting lessons online

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A swordsman is a person who wields a sword and is entitled to learning and mastering the art of a sword. He can make use of the sword in both combat, and sports (also known as fencing).

On the other hand, Sword fighting, or swordsmanship, points to the ability of a person as a swordsman. This term can also be applied to any kind of martial art including the use of a sword.

Swords have been used throughout history, dating back to thousands of years. Although, with the invention of firearms, swordsmanship gradually started to lose its importance.

But it is still used in a variety of different ways. People learn sword fighting as a way to protect themselves, or for developing a new skill as a hobby. Sword fighting is also used in sports for entertainment purposes.

Learning how to fight with a sword is definitely possible, even for a complete beginner. Generally, sword fighting is taught in a physical class, but it can be learned through the internet.

Today, we will be taking a look at some websites that are teaching sword fighting. You can find these websites, with a short review below:

3 Websites To Learn Sword Fighting Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn sword fighting lessons online

Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms, packing a whole lot of features for its users. They believe in empowering lives through learning. As a result, they have come up with a promising global marketplace for learning and teaching.

Udemy has allowed students to learn various new skills and succeed. They have been providing their services for years, and has become a trustworthy community. Their website offers a great way of developing new skills and improving old ones.

There are a great number of courses on Udemy, and each of them cover a variety of different topics. These courses are reviewed by users who have bought and tried out the course for themselves. They rate the courses, and give their opinion on them.

This helps you pick a better course for yourself as you check each course’s user rating. There is only one highly rated sword fighting course available in Udemy. It covers all of the basic attacks, formation, footwork and defense.

The course is actually taught with a lightsaber, which makes it pretty interesting. The first lightsaber form, also called the Shi Cho is taught in the course, making it a pretty good start for beginners. You will be technically learning sword fighting, while being taught the basic fundamentals of saber combat.

2) LearnSwordFighting

learnswordfighting learn sword fighting lessons online

Learn Sword Fighting is a website purely dedicated to teaching sword fighting skills. They focus more on teaching the historical European martial arts regarding swordsmanship. They teach sword fighting skills that were mostly used in Medieval times.

Providing you with professional instructional videos, you will learn about the historical European fencing with a longsword. As longswords were used by old European fencing masters of the Medieval times, you will learn all of their online lessons with a longsword.

Their instructional videos will teach you everything you need to know about wielding and using a longsword. Everything is taught in a step by step procedure, which allows the user to gather up what he learned so far and put it into practice in a more efficient way.

The website also offers a great online support where an expert instructor is available to answer all of your questions. Although they already have a large number of lesson videos listed on their website, their tutorial videos are still updated to offer a never-ending learning experience.

You can also provide them with your training videos to receive official feedback from their expert instructor. The online lessons are for all ages and anyone can try them out. You will only need a training sword, a partner, and some open space for training for the online lesson.

Overall, Learn Sword Fighting is a great pick, especially if you are into learning historical European martial arts along with developing sword fighting skills.

3) Shinkanryu

shinkanryu learn sword fighting lessons online

Shinkanryu is an online learning school which teaches traditional Japanese sword fighting skills. Japan has always had a great history and appreciation for swords. They are known for producing top quality swords, which are commonly known as a katana.

The website was made on the basis of teaching correct bujutsu techniques. These Japanese martial arts require you to have a passion for learning such skills. They mix history and Japanese tradition with their sword lessons to provide a great sword fighting course.

They are mainly based in Nara, which is a city in Japan. They have a physical dojo there as well. You can give them a visit, if you are living near the city that is. Luckily, their online lessons are available to everyone living anywhere in the world, as they support distance learning.

The online sword fighting course teaches the art of Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. They offer an experience similar to a dojo in their online course. Some parts of learning and practicing Iaijutsu does not even require a partner!

But once you move on to Kenjutsu, a partner or being in a dojo will be necessary. The course also requires you to be 18 years or older so it might not be for everyone.

Choosing The Best Sword Fighting Lesson Online

Learning new skills is a great means of improving in multiple aspects. They can offer you countless benefits, and enhance your way of life. The process of learning itself proves to be a very jolly experience.

Sword fighting skills are a great method to developing a completely new skill. There can be dozens of reasons to why you should learn sword fighting skills. Some of the benefits it can offer you are being able to protect yourself, help you get better fitness, and build strength.

We have mentioned a few websites above that will teach you all about using a sword. You can take a look for yourself, and choose any one of them as each will provide you with a different and unique sword fighting course.

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