7 Websites To Learn Swing Dance Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn swing dance lessons online

learn swing dance lessons online

Dancing is a process of carrying out art forms that consists of a particular sequence of human movement. This particular set of movements is commonly known as a dance.A dance is performed by people on all kinds of occasions.

For some people, it is also a part of their culture. Dancing can be performed in a variety of different ways. There are many types of dancing, and mostly performed according to the people living in their respected region.

Swing Dance is a popular type of dancing, which was developed in the 1920-1940s. Swing dance was not actually classified as a form of dance up until the latter half of 20th century. The word “Swing” points to the style of jazz music.

The dance is usually performed with jazz music. African American people were the first to practice swing dancing. Swing dancing laid the groundwork for many other dancing styles, which include hip hop, and disco dancing. Many swing dancing contests and competitions are held, even today.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the websites that will teach you all about swing dancing in the form of online lessons and courses. So, let’s go ahead and take a look!

7 Websites To Learn Swing Dance Lessons Online Review:

1) Udemy

udemy learn swing dance lessons online

Udemy is the most reliable online learning platform. They have gained their user’s trust by providing them with a huge library of online courses. They have also offered a lot of great features to their users.

Udemy has helped students from all over the world reach their goal through the help of their expert teachers and list of online courses on different topics.

If you are concerned about this being your first time to try out an online course, then there is no need to worry. Udemy gives you a whole 30-day money back guarantee where if you end up buying the wrong course, you can return the course with a full refund, anytime under 30 days of buying.

There are a number of online swing dance courses on Udemy. All of these courses have been tried out by old users of the website. All The students have reviewed and rated the courses. You can choose any of the online course, as pretty much all of them have been rated positively.

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn swing dance lessons online

Skill Share is a very popular platform, known for offering a great number of online courses. It is an online community that features online courses on different topics for students with a passion of learning. The platform has assisted millions of members to get close to achieving their goal.

The website has helped students get inspired and start learning to develop new skills. Expert teachers have shared their expertise and helped these students. Skill Share has helped both students and teachers in their respective areas.

They have online swing dancing classes, which consists of a list of instructional videos. This helps the student in learning the course more efficiently. Different topics about swing dancing are covered in short videos for ease of learning.

The online course gives an introduction to lindy hop, which is the most popular form of swing dancing. The dance is performed with a partner, although you can also practice it solo in case you do not have any partner to dance with.

3) LearnToDance

learntodance learn swing dance lessons online

As the name suggests, Learn to Dance is a website that has been established with their main goal as to teach people how to dance. They have online courses on different kinds of dances.

They teach some of the most popular dance forms, which includes free hip hop dance, club dance, ballroom, salsa, ballet, Irish step dance, and other dances.

Their website includes both free and premium online courses. The free online courses are more focused on teaching the basic techniques and fundamentals of dancing. Whereas, the premium online courses are hand-picked by the website to ensure that they give the best quality of online instruction.

Learn to Dance offers a great course for teaching swing dancing. The course starts off by teaching you the basics of swing dance.

You will gradually progress and learn newer techniques on the dance as you move on. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to swing dance properly.

4) Passion4Dancing

passion4dancing learn swing dance lessons online

Created by Leon Turetsky, Passion 4 dancing is a website that teaches people how to dance quickly and easily. Leon is a professional dance teacher and the rightful owner of Leon’s Dance Centre in Boston MA. According to him, the main goal of creating the website was to make learning how to dance online more accessible.

The website was founded back in 2009 and has been since delivering countless people with easy to learn online dance courses. The courses are well organized, and are divided into teaching dancing skills from easiest to hardest level.

The website features an online swing dance course which gives a complete beginners guide to swing dancing. All the basics are broken down into easier and smaller steps to enable people with no dancing skills to learn the course effectively as well.

You will also learn the essentials, such as learning how to count the swing, or the basic moves and techniques required for dancing.

5) LoveToKnow

lovetoknow learn swing dance lessons online

Love to Know is a great website devoted to delivering high quality content and useful information to its beloved users. They offer tips and advice on a variety of different topics, helping their users to be able to learn.

All of the website’s content is presented in a very easy to use and convenient manner. They are constantly updating and adding more and more content on their website. They offer advice on lifestyle, entertainment, health, technology, vacations, and many more.

Love to Know also offers a fantastic swing dance lesson done Rachel Hanson. The online lesson consists of swing dance tutorial videos. The online lesson is a good substitute for taking dancing classes.

As soon as teaching you all the basic tips and techniques, the course does not shy off to teaching swing dancing at a more advanced level. DVD option also exists, along with great video lessons.

6) SwingZing

swingzing learn swing dance lessons online

Swing Zing takes an innovative approach to teaching dancing courses online. The website was developed in 2004, and is based in Perth, which is located in Western Australia. The website only teaches dance styles related to swing dancing.

They teach lindy hop, which is one of the most popular form of swing dancing, and other dancing forms that were introduced in swing dancing era. They feature a list of expert teachers that share their years of experience while teaching dancing lessons.

The online classes are engrossed to provide a fun and comfortable experience. The courses are also suitable for all ages, and people with all skill levels.

All the swing dancing classes provided by the website are pre-scheduled. The website also provides you with the feature of finding a class near you.

They also stream on YouTube, if you can not join their online classes. You can also go ahead and watch from their library of recorded classes, and old recap videos on YouTube!

7) TakeLessons

takelessons learn swing dance lessons online

Take Lessons is an interactive website, providing online courses to students since 2006. Their community consists of a diverse and experienced teacher who are ready to teach their students.

All of these teachers have a different way of teaching, but they all share the same goal of helping their students reach their goal.

The website only used to deal in music lessons at first, but they have been growing at a rapid pace. Today, they are providing a huge number of courses on a variety of different topics. They offer a convenient way of learning through their courses.

Take Lessons feature a number of swing dancing course. The courses are in the form of private lessons with a teacher of your choice. All of the teachers are expert dancing instructors, and will teach you in a one -on- one class.

Taking private lessons enables the student to have a unique interaction with his teacher, which further enhances the learning experience. You should definitely try out the website, if you are interested in taking private lessons from a teacher.

Choosing The Best Swing Dance Lesson Online

Dancing is a great exercise that is done with or without a partner. It can help you stay fit, and keep you in shape. It can also increase endurance as It requires physical movement of the body.

Apart from the health benefits, dancing is also a joyous experience and is done on plenty of occasions.

After reviewing a great number of websites, we have successfully devised a list of websites that will teach you how to swing dance effectively. All of the websites are a great way to start on your journey of dancing, so pick any one of them!


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