14 Websites to Learn Swedish Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Swedish Lesson Online

Learn Swedish Lesson Online

Swedish is a less popular language as compared to some others like French, German, and Spanish etc. Derived from the Old Norse dialects, Swedish as a language has been influenced by multiple other languages throughout its history, especially by other languages of German descent.

There are around 10 million Swedish speakers around the planet, a very large majority of which are national habitants of Sweden and Denmark themselves.

The 3 languages, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are very similar to one another, allowing you to learn the other 2 with comfort if you can learn one of them,. Quite a few people learn Swedish due to the fact that they either wish to study or work there in the near future.

Studies in Sweden are quite popular and have been known to be a good experience for people, while there are hundreds of job opportunities for people from abroad. If you wish to learn Swedish, there are lessons online that can help greatly.

14 Websites to Learn Swedish Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Udemy offers almost 50 different lessons that can help you improve your Swedish speaking skills. As is with different courses, these ones will be focusing on different topics and will be taking different approaches most of the time. Most are meant for beginners.

These kind of courses focus on introducing to the Swedish language as a whole. They cover simple yet important things, such as counting to a hundred in Swedish, or telling the time, asking people about where they’re from, how their day was.

In short, normal conversation phrases that can help you communicate with the people around you if you are living in Sweden.

Other courses, or in some cases the same courses, will be focusing on different things like asking for directions, necessities of ordering food and drink, and other things of the sort that can help you live out your daily life in Sweden or other countries where Swedish is an official language.

Most of the beginner courses require absolutely no knowledge of the Swedish language, being easy to understand.

2) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Swedish Lessons Online

TakeLessons is a platform that can benefit you if you are a student, a teacher, or a student that wants to learn how to be a teacher. The site has more than a few thousand teachers that can help you find your way in a variety of different topics.

They have only a few Swedish teachers for the time being, however the number increases and decreases quite frequently due to the fact that the teachers are free sometimes, or have a fully packed schedule at other times.

All of these teachers are different human beings with different personalities, meaning that each and every one of them will also have differences when it comes to the way that they’ll be teaching you.

Their Swedish teachers are native speakers and have grown up in Sweden, or have studied in Sweden and have a master’s degree in the language. Most of them can help you become a fluent speaker, or a proficient one if you just want the basics, while also helping you develop a native sounding accent.

3) LearnDirect

LearnDirect Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Learn Direct only have a handful of Swedish lessons that you can use for turning yourself into a proficient speaker of the tongue, however these lessons are all provided by the same institute and are all somewhat connected to one another, each lesson allowing you to understand the other much better.

These few lessons will introduce you to the Swedish language and help turn you into, at the least, an intermediate speaker. The introductory courses will help you learn and understand different phrases for daily situations, while also helping you understand how to appropriately use each one for a specific situation.

All these lessons cover a variety of different topics, the beginner ones featuring those related to food, travel, numbers, shopping related things etc. There are lessons for people that want to learn about business in Sweden. These obviously make phrases and topics that are related to business as their key interest.

Their business course is available in over 75 different languages, meaning that you can also study in your native language, if an option.

4) VerbalPlanet

VerbalPlanet Learn Swedish Lessons Online

VerbalPlanet have more than a few teachers that can teach you all there is that wish to know about the Swedish language and how to speak it.

They provide you with tutors that can give you regular one on one time so that you can get the personal attention that you need when learning any new language. They will help you becoming more fluent, pointing out any errors you make during your speech and guiding you when it comes to improving on said errors.

One of the best things about trying out their classes is the fact that the first one is free, being a trial class so that you can see for yourself whether or not these classes are the ones for you.

Some great features that the platform offers are the fact that you can choose to set a mutual time with your tutor, allowing you to work with your schedule. They also plan your lessons according to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

5) Folkuniversitetet

Folkuniversitetet Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Folkuniversitetet offer you classes online that can help you learn the Swedish language from the comfort of your home.

They are an online institute that has been made solely for the comfort of people that wish to learn the Swedish language but do not have any nearby tutors or institutes that can help them with the matter.

Their courses have been designed to follow the levels set by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This means that they have classes that can help you reach any of the 6 levels set by CEFR, whether or not you just want to study till A1 (beginner at the language) or take it all the way to C2 (fluent speaker of the language).

They have special courses as well. These ones focus more on matters regarding medical topics, regarding business and how working in Sweden is as an experience, along with others such as writing in the language. They have courses made for everyone to put it shortly, especially for students in Sweden.

6) Hermods

Hermods Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Hermods is an online platform that prepares you if you wish to study or work in Sweden in the future. They have only a few, yet great lessons that can help you in different ways depending on the one that you’re taking.

First off, they have lessons that can help you get introduced to the Swedish dialect. This introductory course serves as a test of a kind, assessing the way you speak and what course is most suited for your growth as a speaker.

Their lightest and easiest course is the elementary course, which as the name suggests, helps you develop a base when it comes to Swedish.

The elementary course will provide you with self-assessment tests, which are a way for you to see how far you’ve come and how much more improvement you’ll need to make before you can start calling yourself a proficient speaker.

Then comes the intermediate course, which once completed, can get you to the B1+ level set by CEFR. Each course is easy to work with.

7) LivingLanguage

LivingLanguage Learn Swedish Lessons Online

The name Swedish in a Flash isn’t just a random name, instead its wordplay on the fact that Living Language will be providing you Swedish Lessons which heavily rely on the usage of Flashcards.

Their Swedish lessons are fun and easy to work with. Featuring audio from native speakers who are pronouncing specific words, you can use their lessons to fix your own accent and pronunciation by following how the native speakers themselves say each word.

There are also fun educational games that you can use to asses yourself and learn new words, while also being able to practice your comprehension. They have a variety of different subscription options available, so that you can find something that suits both your needs and your finances.

There are just over 300 different vocabulary flashcards available. All of these flashcards are accompanied by audio from native Swedish speakers who are speaking so that you can follow them along as they speak and improve your fluency, as mentioned above. Their courses are quite easily understandable.

8) SwedishPod101

SwedishPod101 Learn Swedish Lessons Online

SwedishPod101 is one of the world’s leading platforms when it comes to learning how to read, write or speak Swedish. They’ve been featured by many news outlets all over the world due to their efficiency and are a good option for people of almost any skill level.

They have almost 900 different audio based Swedish lessons for you to try out, each one helping you work on your accent and vocabulary. They try to provide students with these lessons as an alternative of having to go out and study in institutions.

Instead they allow them to work from the comfort of their own room and home so that they can study in a familiar environment. All of their teachers are experienced in their respective fields, being suitable to teach you about the Swedish language.

Each of them being a different person and being energetic so that you don’t start to lose interest in learning. There are also live discussions regarding lessons, meaning that you can talk about your lesson with other people taking the same lesson.

9) MyLingoTrip

MyLingoTrip Learn Swedish Lessons Online

MyLingoTrip are a website that provide people with tutors that can teach them the language which they want to learn. These tutors can teach students through a video call via Skype, so that they can get the attention that they need and deserve.

A personal touch when learning a new language is almost vital. Tutors can help students clear out any mistakes that they ever make, pointing them out as they happen and providing their pupils with methods that they can imply to improve upon them.

Their tutors will of course be respectful in every manner. Firstly you’ll be introducing one another to each other and learning more about one another so that you feel a slight connection to your tutor when you work with them and them with you.

You can take these lessons wherever you are, as long as you have a device that has a working webcam and Skype installed on it, allowing you to take these even when you’re away from home through your smart phone or laptop.

10) Lingoci

Lingoci Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Lingoci are another platform that provide you with the option of learning Swedish from the comfort of your home.

They have more than enough tutors that you can choose to guide you, all of them being native Swedish speakers that can help make you a completely fluent speaker.

Most of their teachers can help you with things like getting introduced to Swedish, conversations that you’ll likely engage in during your everyday life, writing in Swedish and reading in it as well. You can communicate with your preferred tutor via a Skype call.

The call will last almost an hour long and will take place any day that both you and your preferred tutor are free on. They have a system that can make personalized lessons for you, creating a schedule for you depending on how much you wish to learn in a set amount of time.

They believe that motivation plays an important role when it comes to successfully learning a new language, which is why their lessons are easy and fun.

11) Swedish2go

Swedish2go Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Swedish2go are an online platform for people all over the world to learn, well as you can probably guess from their name, Swedish.

They have over 150 lessons that cover different topics to get you ready for most everyday life situations and to get you introduced to the Swedish language, while quite a few of them take a more advanced approach for proficient speakers ones they’ve learned enough.

Most of these video lessons are accompanied by quizzes that can be used for self-evaluation and to see how far you’ve come as a speaker of the language, while also being a convenient way to recap on the lesson without having to sit through the entire thing once again.

They have other courses as opposed to the video ones that they offer. They can provide you with tutors that can help you become a great speaker, while also teaching you the basics of reading and writing in the Swedish dialect. They also allow you to study about Swedish grammar and the structure of specific sentences.

12) Sayitinswedish

Sayitinswedish Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Sayitinswedish are a platform that is also a community of sorts. They have many a few Swedish learners from all kinds of different countries while also having native Swedish speakers and teachers that can help them improve.

They have all kinds of lessons, audio ones for anyone to try out and work with so that they can listen to the tutor and try to mimic the way that they pronounce the words and phrases that they are teaching.

These lessons are available in English, making them suitable for you if you are good enough at English, while there are also video lessons. There are also communities for the platform that people from all over the world can access.

There is a discord group that anyone can join to chat with each other while learning from native speakers, while there is also a group on Facebook and a Sub-Reddit on Reddit where people can discuss about their Swedish learning experience on Sayitinswedish while also being able to help their fellow learners out.

13) 17 Minute Languages

17MinuteLanguages Learn Swedish Lessons Online

17 Minute Languages is a website that can be accessed on most devices like phones, laptops and computers. They call themselves 17 minute languages as they have study plans that can help you learn Swedish as quickly as possible while only taking lessons for 17 minutes every day.

They have specially designed courses that are able to let you have a conversation in the Swedish language after only 3-4 hours while turning you fluent after a little over 50 hours’ worth of lessons.

You can see for yourself how effective and easy their courses are to follow by using the free trial that they offer for new students. They utilize long term memory learning methods so that you won’t be able to forget anything that you learn on the website anytime soon.

There’s also an insider community on the website that consists of other people taking lessons on it. You can freely communicate with these other people and share your experiences with one another.

There beginner course along will cover 1300 different words.

14) Swedish Made Easy

SwedishMadeEasy Learn Swedish Lessons Online

Swedish Made Easy is a platform that focuses on making the Swedish learning experience a simpler and more fun one.

They do so as they wish to make learning the language easier for anyone in the world, while also making it fun so they don’t lose interest any time when learning.

They have multiple courses available for anyone that wishes to cover any specific topic, as all of their courses focus on different ones and are fairly easy to access.

They also have some self-study guides that can be used to study on your own when you are done taking lessons and have more than enough free time on your hands. They also have one on one classes that anyone can take.

These study classes are led by energetic and respectful teachers that will help you become a proficient speaker before you even know it. They also offer a test on their website that can be taken to see how good you are at speaking the Swedish language according to the CEFR guidelines.

Choosing The Best Swedish Lesson Online

Although it isn’t the most popularly spoken language on the planet, Swedish is growing its scope around the world and is being taught in universities or schools around a few in the world to children who wish to do so.

This growing popularity ensures that there are enough tutors and courses out on the internet that you can choose from to make yourself into either a fluent or proficient Swedish speaker depending on how much you wish to learn.

The lessons listed above are both trust worthy and can be a fun experience, something that will let you keep your interest along as you keep learning.


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