7 Websites to Learn Surfing Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Surfing Lessons Online

Learn Surfing Lessons Online

Surfing can be one of the most fun and enticing experiences in the world. Riding the waves and enjoying the beautiful view while surfing is one of the best experiences that you can enjoy. Even other than this it is just a great thing to enjoy during the summer times as surfing is very refreshing.

The popular sport has been around for quite some time. It is unclear when it was invented however it is known that it originated from Hawaii and that the first ever document related to surfing was from Hawaii as well. There are friendly competitions where people perform different types of tricks while surfing and judges rank them on said tricks.

Surfing is also a fun thing to do with the family, as people of almost all ages can enjoy the experience. An interesting fact about the sport is that dogs have also been known to surf, as there are many videos of people showcasing their dogs as they ride the waves. Surfing isn’t easy to master though. Luckily there are lessons on the internet that can help you learn how to do it.

7 Websites to Learn Surfing Lesson Online Reviews

1) Udemy

udemy learn Surfing lessons online

There are almost a 110 different lessons on Udemy that you can take in order to turn yourself into a better surfer. Surfing isn’t anything too complicated, meaning that 110 lessons are more than enough in order to get you started with the sport.

Speaking of getting started, a majority of the courses on Udemy will be helping you do just that, meaning that they will be teaching beginners about all the fundamentals of surfing and what they need to know in order to enjoy the beautiful experience. These courses will cover different topics, while also focusing on a few same ones. One example of a few topics that are commonly explained in a majority of lessons is the topic which focuses on helping you get familiar with all the different types of mistakes made commonly by surfers.

This topic points out said mistakes and explains different methods that you can use in order to prevent yourself from making them. Other than that, the courses will be focusing on things that are pretty much simple and straightforward, such as teaching you how to paddle a surfboard against the current, about the different rules of surfing and things that can make you a better surfer overall.

2) Star Surf Camps

starsurfcamps learn Surfing lessons online

Star Surf Camps are an online platform designed to help people like yourself who wish to learn about surfing. It doesn’t feature any unnecessary details and will only be helping you on your journey to becoming the king or queen of the waves. They have guides for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers alike that can help them become better than they already are.

They have a wide variety of both video lessons and articles that you can study and watch to become a better surfer. If you pay attention to their lessons and are fully committed to learning how to surf than you will be able to do just that. Their video lessons all focus on different things, and the very first one is all about introductions and equipment.

Meaning that their first course will be teaching you about your tutor and about what kind of equipment you’ll need in order to get a much better experience.

They also teach you all about different exercises and techniques. These exercises and techniques will help you become more fit and will help you balance on the surfboard while also letting you perform different kinds of tricks so that those watching you will be impressed by them.

3) Learn Surf School

learnsurfschool learn Surfing lessons online

Like the previous website, Learn Surf School is another online platform that can fulfil all of your surf learning needs. Their courses are mainly meant for people that are complete beginners or have just a little prior experience with surfing.

On their site they have video and text based lessons that can be very helpful once properly studied. All that you have to do in order to make yourself into a good surfer is put all your focus on learning through the lessons when you are taking them and not paying attention to anything else going on around you.

Their different video lessons can teach you all about surfing, from learning about your board to riding waves.

Their first lesson will be about introducing you to your surfing equipment. This will be all about teaching you what parts of the surfboard are meant for what and where you need to place your feet in order to maintain balance and direction, among other things of a similar sort. Another one of their lessons will be teaching you about your own natural front foot.

There isn’t any correct or wrong foot, it is just simply meant to teach you about your front foot to adjust your balance.

4) Surf Coach

surfcoach learn Surfing lessons online

Surf Coach is a platform that allows you to grow as a surfer no matter how good you are. They have multiple different courses available on their site, each consisting of multiple different videos that will be teaching you about different things related to the surfing experience.

First off is there free video package. This package features multiple different videos, some being good for beginners, some for advanced surfers, and some for those who are in between. These will cover different things like safety, riding big or small waves, tricks and other things that can come in quite handy. After this, the recommended lesson for beginners would be their ‘’Start of The Wave’’ lesson.

As you would expect from this, it will teach you all you need to know in order to get started with surfing and getting introduced to your equipment and taking care of it.

This course specifically covers things like positions that are the best for balance based on your preferred foot along with increasing your speed and things like that.

The other video courses will be focusing on more advanced things, such as teaching you about different tricks and techniques along with the rules of competitions and competing in them.

5) My Surf Lessons

mysurflessonsl learn Surfing lessons online

My Surf Lessons is another website dedicated to teaching you about surfing. They have lessons for people of every skill level, however this course in general is about teaching people that area complete beginners everything that they need to know in order to grow.

These tutorials cover things that you will see on most beginner based surf lessons, while also featuring some things that you will not be able to find in others. One example of this would be their video lesson on how waves are created and what you need to do in order to ride them. This course will be focusing completely on waves. First off, as mentioned is an introduction to how waves are formed.

After this is complete you will learn the best positions and techniques that you can utilize in order to make you board completely balanced on said waves, regardless of how big or small they may be.

Other that this and a couple of other things, they’ll be teaching you about common things like choosing the right type of equipment and maintaining it, along with getting set for riding in the waves that they have taught you so much about. The courses can help make the experience easier.

6) Bare Foot Surf Travel

barefootsurftravell learn Surfing lessons online

Yet another online platform that focuses on surfing rather than lessons of any other sort, Bare Foot Surf Travel are a good choice for people of most skill levels to learn what they need to in order to become a great surfer.

The site believes that there aren’t many better things than noticing your won growth as you learn how to surf the tides, which is why they have lessons designed to make the experience as comfortable and fun for you as they could.

They have tutorials for beginners on their site that can teach them all the essentials. One of the most important things that they’ll teach slightly more advanced beginners is the duck dive, which is a vital part of surfing.

Duck Diving is the act of diving under a wave that is heading directly in your direction and paddling your way out from underwater to the lineup so that you can continue enjoying. Other than that, they have video lessons on topics that will focus on your bad habits as a surfer and teaching you different ways to overcome these habits and improving upon them.

They provide easy offline access to all their tutorials for those that have downloaded them.

7) Surf & Sun

surfandsun learn Surfing lessons online

Surf and Sun are an organization that attempt to help people in different places learn the beautiful art of surfing. They provide people with coaches and classes on a regular basis so that they can learn as they surf along with their coaches.

They also have a website that is meant to teach surfing to those that they cannot help due to the distances between them. Their site follows all the plans that their instructors normally do, teaching you about all the basics while also increasing the difficulty as they start to feel you are growing.

You will be learning all that you need to become an intermediate surfer while also being able to learn more advanced things if you need to.

Another good thing about the platform is that they can help those that are looking for new boards most suited to their criteria. The experience of learning with them is generally known to be a fun one, not putting any pressures on its students, meaning that you can learn at a comfortable pace most suited to yourself.

Other than that, they can prepare you for taking their lessons online if you are scared of failing in front of other people.

Choosing the Best Surfing Lesson Online

As you can see, there are some top quality sites on the internet that can help you grow as a surfer and prepare you for enjoying the wonderful experience that is riding the waves. Another thing that you may have noted if you’ve been looking for lessons for a while is that a lot of websites similar to Udemy and Netcurso that provide a variety of different lessons on different topics don’t have any surfing lessons.

This is okay though, since there are more than enough sites meant specifically for surfing that can help you grow as master of the tides.


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