14 Websites to Learn Storytelling Lesson Online (Free and Paid Storytelling Courses)

Learn Storytelling Lesson Online

Storytelling is about putting ideas together, forming characters, and developing a captivating story that is presented as a novel or script for TV, drama or a movie.

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Storytelling is also a marketing tool that is used to sell brands and products to customers in a convincing way. So many people aspire to become great at storytelling. One big hit can make the writer become a global success, and storytelling is so much fun.

For people who have a passion for storytelling but do not have the time to attend a school physically, there are so many storytelling lessons online.

Learning all about storytelling online is convenient, and the student can learn at their own pace. The storytelling lessons online have been created by renowned writers and authors who reveal how they create magic with words and plots to form compelling stories that we all love.

There are storytelling lessons online that can expose the students to different aspects to help them decide which storytelling niche they will like to focus on as a career. The websites for storytelling are responsive, and the lessons can be taken by students in different parts of the world, via video lessons or offline materials that can be used for further studies on storytelling.

Here are the websites to learn storytelling online;

14 Websites to Learn Storytelling Lesson Online Reviews

1) Storytelling Masterclass with Neil Gaiman

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

Neil Gaiman is an award-winning storyteller and the lead instructor on this website. Neil has created this comprehensive storytelling masterclass to teach everyone about the approaches and storytelling methods that have helped him to reach the peak of his career as a storyteller.

The masterclass features 19 video lessons that last for an average duration of 12 minutes each. The masterclass is for students at all learning levels who want to improve their storytelling skills.

The storytelling lessons are interactive and can be taken from any location globally. All that is needed is a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. The lessons start with an introductory class for beginners who would like to know why Neil Gaiman chose storytelling and why he is passionate about teaching others.

There are lessons that can help students to find their voice, get inspiration to develop a story, how to understand the principles of writing fiction.

The course also teaches students how to create humour, select characters, and build worlds in their stories. At the end of this course, the students who complete the learning program will know how to overcome writer’s block, edit their content, and write content for different genres and the responsibilities of a writer. This is one of the storytelling learning programs online that covers a wide range of topics in one course.

2) Udemy – Storytelling Lessons Online

Udemy Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

Udemy is an educational website that offers every creative person a chance to learn how to develop storytelling content for different media or purposes. The website comes highly recommended, and the storytelling lessons feature a thirty-day money-back guarantee if the student does not get value from the chosen course. There are over 300 storytelling lessons on this site.

The teachers have created video lessons that cover different aspects of storytelling. Also, the students can choose lessons based on criteria such as the rating as compiled by previous students, costs for the lesson, and the topic that has been covered.

Each storytelling lesson features the learning level, number of lessons and duration of the course. This information is helpful to busy people who would like to make a good plan before taking the course.

Some of the topics on storytelling that can be found on this site include Storytelling to influence the audience, how to captivate the audience by telling stories and storytelling lessons for people who would like to become better at public speaking or making presentations.

In addition to writing stories, there are courses that reveal the best tips to help people who would like to tell stories verbally. The site is user-friendly, and the reviews are generally good.

3) Skillshare.com – Storytelling Lessons Online

Skillshare Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The storytelling lessons on skillshare.com have been created for people who need premium or free lessons to improve their writing or oratory skills. There is a search feature on the site that allows users to find storytelling lessons based on the time the lessons were created. On average, the storytelling lessons last for up to 60-minutes, depending on the topic of the lesson.

The storytelling lessons have been created by writers, authors, and other professionals who have learned their skills in renowned universities. The general keywords that can be used to find storytelling lessons on the site include copywriting, visual storytelling, fiction and nonfiction content, screenwriting and publishing.

There are up to 100 online courses on the site. The variety of lessons gives the students a chance to choose and learn different aspects of storytelling. The course topics that can be found on the site include writing persuasive content for a targeted audience, creating characters and infusing conflict in a context, creating and editing visual content for videos, storytelling tools for marketing, and advanced visual storytelling.

The storytelling lessons can be taken on computers and mobile devices via the skillshare mobile app on Apple and Android stores.

4) Coursera

Coursera Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

Coursera provides a dedicated educational platform that allows the public to explore different storytelling courses online. This is one of the websites that offer online degree and certification courses on storytelling.

The lessons on this site have been created in affiliation with some of the best universities in the world, that offer their branded certificates to the students who have completed any of the storytelling lessons on Coursera.

There are 29 storytelling lessons on the site, people interested in taking any of these lessons can choose suitable learning programs based on the course topic. Also, the lessons for storytelling have been rated by the students who have completed the course, so it is easy to tell if a course has been well prepared and adds value.

The learning level for each storytelling lesson has also been indicated to help students avoid paying for a course that is above their level. The common topics covered on this site include learning about digital storytelling, understanding how to create narratives for fiction and nonfiction, writing our stories, leadership communication, speechwriting, and writing content for marketing and sales.

The universities affiliated with each learning program have been indicated to help students who have preferences make a choice.

5) Lynda.com – Storytelling Lessons Online

Lynda.com Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The short storytelling lessons that are featured on this site make it convenient for busy people and students to learn all about storytelling at their own pace. The lessons have been categorised according to the different learning levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, there are courses that are suitable for all levels.

This makes it easy for first-time users to find the best courses on storytelling without stress. There are over one thousand storytelling lessons on this site.

This is a good learning platform for students who want to learn storytelling methods for advertising and marketing. Also, the lessons on this site cover intuitive topics such as storytelling through unconventional portraiture, visual storytelling, branding, and how to influence an audience through storytelling.

The lessons on this site are interactive, and the students can join the online community to learn from others who have taken the courses. The storytelling lessons are presented as online videos that have excellent image quality and audio.

The lessons can be taken by people with computers or mobile devices that have standard settings. There is an option to have a free trial before making a purchase of a storytelling course.

6) Classcentral.com – Storytelling Lessons Online

Classcentral.com Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

There are over a hundred storytelling lessons on this site, and the majority of these learning programs feature certificates that are awarded to everyone who successfully completes the lessons.

There is an organised schedule for each storytelling lesson. The schedule can be found on the course profile, knowing the starting date for a course helps the students to get ready before it starts.

The lessons last for a few hours every week, so it is convenient for people with busy schedules to participate and learn all about storytelling.

The storytelling lessons have been created by professors and lecturers who have completed professional courses in reputable universities. The lessons have also been rated on a scale of 5 to reveal the level of satisfaction other students have had during the learning program.

Some of the topics covered on this site, related to storytelling, include; how to use the best tools for digital storytelling, speechwriting, creating narratives for videogames, trans-media storytelling, and character development for different types of writing projects.

7) EDX.Org – Storytelling Lessons Online

EDX.Org Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

On this site, a number of helpful, professional storytelling lessons have been featured to help students at the intermediate and advanced learning levels to become better storytellers.

The website has a simple layout with easy to use features, which include a search feature that allows the students to find the storytelling lessons they need through keywords. This storytelling learning platform is for people who want to advance their careers and earn certificates that can improve their resumes.

The storytelling lessons start with an introduction to the fundamentals, based on the topic for each course. There are professional courses on storytelling and other lessons that have been verified by the admin team, to ensure that the teachers have the qualifications to teach storytelling lessons online.

All the storytelling lessons on this site are created and presented as self-paced learning programs that allow the participants to learn at their convenience. There are special courses on storytelling, how to write novels, storytelling for social change, and in the workplace.

There is a special storytelling course for people who want to learn how to write the best content for businesses and brands. The website has a simple layout that makes it easy to navigate.

8) Khana Academy – Storytelling Lessons Online

Khana Academy Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The storytelling lessons offered on this website are free. The educational platform has been created to help people at all learning levels improve their writing and storytelling skills.

The lessons on this site are suitable for students preparing for exams, competitions, or others who want to move their career as storytellers forward. The storytelling lessons on this site are available in countries such as the US, Brazil, Mexico, and India.

There are different help features that make it easy for the students to get value from the storytelling courses featured on the site. The courses have also been carefully selected with a focus on featuring the best courses created by trained professionals who are master storytellers. This is a learning program for all categories of learners.

During the course, the students are guided to start from the fundamentals of storytelling. They are introduced to the creative world and how to make important choices, such as developing worlds and characters, to make the story compelling. The storytelling lessons feature exercises that help the students to practically use their storytelling skills learned during the course.

There is a search portal that makes it easy to find preferred storytelling lessons on the site.

9) IDEOU – Storytelling Lessons for Influence

IDEOU Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The storytelling lessons on this website are created as online cohort courses with specific learning levels indicated to guide the students. The course duration, fees, and the number of lessons have been indicated on the homepage.

The storytelling lessons on this site have been created to help the students create narratives that can influence the audience. The storytelling lessons are created with a focus on three themes, which are narrative creation, story prototyping, and audience engagement.

The three certificate programs on this site include; communicating for impact, advanced design thinking, and foundations in creative leadership. The storytelling lessons are created videos that have high-quality images and excellent audio.

During this interactive learning program, the students are guided on how to create compelling stories from ideas. The exercises during the course include the creation of a story brief, research, gathering content for a story, and prototyping.

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to know more about understanding the audience and creating a story that inspires and entertains the audience.

10) Alison.com – Fundamentals of Storytelling

Alison.com Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The online storytelling program featured on this Alison.com is a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of topics on storytelling. The course is for all levels of learners, and it features a free introductory online session that covers the fundamentals of storytelling.

The lessons are premade videos that can be viewed at the students' free time which makes the learning process self-paced. This storytelling course has been created in affiliation with the University of North Carolina, and it can be taken by students in different parts of the world.

The modules in this storytelling program follow a structure that makes it easy to achieve the desired outcomes according to the students’ goals. The learning program also features a certificate that is awarded to all students who complete the course successfully.

The duration is about 2 hours, which makes it convenient for busy people to find the time to learn more about storytelling online. At the end of each module, there is an assessment to test the knowledge of the students.

Also, the website is responsive, storytelling lessons can be taken via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or laptops. All the student needs next is internet connectivity.

11) Futurelearn – Storytelling Lessons Online for Digital Media

Futurelearn Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The storytelling lessons on this website have been created under the authority of the University of Birmingham and the BBC Academy. It is a free course that is aimed at helping all creative students.

The storytelling lessons feature a combination of theory and exercises to help the students understand and improve their creative writing skills for filmmaking. The entire course lasts for a period of 4 weeks, and the students will be expected to take 3-hour lessons each week.

Students who complete the course are eligible for a certificate. The topics cover essential areas in storytelling such as how to understand storytelling and different aspects of production, creating a structure for the best narrative regarding style and genre for digital media, and the best approaches to preproduction and postproduction.

The students will also learn the best methods in filmmaking regarding ethical standards, sound, lighting and creating the best frames.

12) Dale Carnegie – The Art of Storytelling Online

Dale Carnegie Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

Dale Carnegie reveals the art of storytelling in this two-hour comprehensive course online. The course is for students at all levels, and it is focused on teaching the participants all about storytelling and public speaking.

The lessons in this program reveal the secrets and methods that Dale Carnegie has used to become one of the most prolific storytellers in our time. The study structure includes lessons about storytelling, why it should be learned, and the benefits.

The course program follows different schedules, which have been published on the site. This information helps the students to make adequate plans to attend the next scheduled lesson online.

The storytelling lessons are designed as self-paced learning programs that make it easy for all students to start and complete the course. This course gives all students an opportunity to learn all about storytelling from a wonderful public speaker and intelligent man. The storytelling lessons are interactive, and the students can get direct feedback from the teacher during the course.

13) Fiverr.com – Storytelling Program Online

Fiverr.com Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The professionals on this website are willing to reveal their best tricks and methods of storytelling to their audience. There are over a hundred courses on storytelling to choose from.

Anyone can select a gig to read the profile of the teacher and the course description to be sure that they will gain maximum knowledge at the end of the course. The different gigs on storytelling that have been featured on this site have been rated by previous buyers. It is easy to find a gig that has been satisfactorily used by others.

The learning program is created as a series of video lessons on storytelling. The image quality on the videos is high, and the learning structure is self-paced, which is convenient for everyone. The teachers have indicated the level of learners who can take the courses they have created.

Each course of storytelling starts with an introductory class and ends with an exercise to help the participants test their knowledge. The lessons last for only a few minutes.

14) Mensa for Kids – The Art of Storytelling

Mensa for Kids Learn Storytelling Lessons Online

The storytelling lessons on this website have been particularly created for people who want to learn how to write stories for kids. The comprehensive learning program follows a self-paced learning structure that makes it convenient for everyone to start and finish the course.

The participants in this learning program go through preparatory exercises that involve short lessons to identify the learning tools they need. The objectives for everyone who takes the course include the following; understanding and explaining why a story should be told, creating the story outline, writing the story and the final presentation before an audience.

There is a guide on how to start writing stories for kids. This guide features insightful questions that will help the author to develop and write a meaningful and entertaining story. The lessons for this course are short and can be combined to make it easy for the participants to learn all about writing stories for kids.

Choosing the Best Storytelling Lesson Online

Many of the storytelling lessons online have written descriptions that reveal the content of the course and objectives for the participants. This information will help people who are looking for such courses online. Please take out time to read the course description to ensure that it covers the essential topics that are in your interest.

Also, it is a good idea to take storytelling lessons online that also feature downloadable learning materials, such as PDF files, that can be studied offline. For people who need to boost their resumes, it will be helpful to take storytelling lessons that offer a certificate at the end of the course.

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