6 Websites to Learn Space Exploration Lesson Online (Free and Paid Space Exploration Courses)

Learn Space Exploration Lesson Online

Learn Space Exploration Lesson Online

Space exploration is definitely an interesting topic that has continued to interest a lot of students. There are so many facts and lessons that can be gained from understanding more about the space.

To know more about space, there are different space exploration lessons online that are particularly designed for various students that have interested in this particular subject. While some of these lessons are for a particular set of individuals, others are for everyone.

These space exploration lessons teach engage students on the major space exploration lessons and utilize various exciting projects and activities to ensure that they continue learning without getting bored.

The majority of these lessons teach the beginning of space travel and exploration, history of certain popular astronauts and NASA and so on. With the aid of the detailed outline, hands-on projects, questions, and several relevant materials, students can further expand their knowledge of this fascinating subject.

In view of this, we have assembled some of the best websites where students can learn space exploration lessons online. Although these lessons use different methods, they are all centered on teaching the students about the most important things about space exploration. Take the time to check out the overview of these lessons.

6 Websites to Learn Space Exploration Lesson Online Reviews

1) Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration

MasterClass Chris Hadfield Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

When it comes to space exploration, Chris Hadfield Teach Space Exploration is one of the best lessons online. It is taught by a well-referred former astronaut, Chris Hadfield, and several other experienced instructors. This course is designed for students of all levels; hence, you can join whether you are a beginner or an expert.

It features 29 lessons that start with an introduction to the program by Chris Hadfield who will explain what it takes to deal with the challenges of exploring outer space. The remaining 28 lessons of the course will teach students about astronaut training as well as rocket-related subjects such as how they work, what it feels like to launch them, orbital mechanics, atmospheric drag, cost of exploration, fuels, and propulsion, and so on.

Other parts of the lessons focus on different subjects related to spaceships, the ISS, spacewalking, mars, and the future of the exploration. The lessons will be rounded off with a look into the journey of Chris Hadfield.

To be a part of this class, a student can pay a one-time fee of $90 for a single class that covers the lessons. As an alternative, a student can pay $15 every month to access the program anytime. Notably, each lesson requires an average of 12 minutes to be completed and can be accessed on any device anytime.

2) NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit

Spacekenya Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

This program is hosted by ASU as a part of NASA Psyche Mission. It involves different free online courses that are specifically created to give various passionate students an opportunity to learn about space exploration for free.

Since it is a self-paced program, each student can learn about the subject whenever and wherever they want. The process of developing the space mission of NASA is the main focus of this online course. It teaches students everything they need to know from the conceptualization of the mission to the execution of flights.

Though NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit has several courses, the first one is The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission. This introductory lesson allows students to learn about how a robotic space mission of NASA is created.

It talks about the process of building a team as well as how the robots are designed, manufactured, modeled, tested, launched and tracked. Students will also learn about the process of collecting and analyzing the data.

The second course is Inclusive Mindset: Tools for Building Positive Team Culture. This course teaches the team cultures and methods required to function effectively as a part of a large team. The knowledge of this course applies to various areas and sectors.

3) Astronomy: Exploring Space and Time

Coursera Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

This is meant for any students that want to learn about the latest developments and discoveries in modern astronomy. Whether you have previous experience in astronomy or you are a novice in this area, this course will provide an introduction that allows you to know about the subject. Hosted on Coursera, this program has assisted various students, especially those that would like to start a career in the field.

This course requires about 26 hours of lectures to be completed as each student will go through different classes that are important to learn about space and time. The flexibility of the deadlines and schedule of this program ensures that students can start whenever they want and continue at their own pace.

The classes are scheduled in 4 weeks; however, it is not compulsory for the students to follow the classes week by week. The lessons include a further understanding of science and history of astronomy, the important tools of astronomy, and the night sky.

Before completing each class, every student has to take quizzes to test their knowledge of space and time exploration. The important resources for this course are primarily provided in the form of short videos that are created by experienced tutors.

4) Teaching Primary Science: Exploring Space

Futurelearn Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

If you are teaching children (especially age 5 to 11 years) any subject related to science, this is the right course for you. This course provides you with the perfect curricula and ideas of how you can open the eyes of your students to space exploration in an exciting yet educative manner.

It offers hands-on activities that will guarantee that you can teach your students science and technology while still making sure that they maintain any interest in this topic.

With this course, the pupils will discover the moon and other important elements in the deep space. Also, it affords you a chance to debunk many of the common myths about space. This is a good way to prepare the pupils for a great future in space exploration as they learn about the current developments in space missions.

This course is hosted by the National STEM Learning Center to equip teachers with professional knowledge that can help them teach their students subjects related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This course holds for 3 weeks, with each week requiring 3 hours of study. While it is a free course on FutureLearn, you can get some additional benefits for $59 or more.

5) Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space

Class Centra Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space is a special course that is provided by the University of Arizona via Coursera. It is an 11-week long course that is taught in English by Mathew Wenger and Chris Impey.

Each student is required to dedicate around 4 to 6 hours every week to the course. This course does not have any restrictions in terms of requirements or types of students; therefore, anybody can join this class and widen their horizon on space exploration irrespective of their previous knowledge.

The syllabus of this course covers several areas such as exploration of time and space, the night sky, science and history, the solar system, galaxies, matter and radiation, birth and death of stars, the tools of astronomy, cosmology, and life in the universe. As the tutors take students through thought-provoking topics, students will learn about the latest happenings in astronomy.

Just like many other courses on this website, this course is free. However, students that are interested in getting certificates as proof of their learning will have to pay a certain amount. If you would like to register for this course, you can join anytime and start gaining access to tons of resources on time and space exploration.

6) Astronomy 101

Astronomy 101 Learn Space Exploration Lessons Online

This course is all about studying the celestial object, intergalactic activities, and various celestial formations. It is a comprehensive but easy-to-understand course that involves 9 different lessons that cover various topics related to astronomy.

Based on the things covered by this program, Astronomy 101 is the ideal course for individuals that are just beginning to learn about astronomy.

Astronomy 101 will shed more light on cosmic view, constellations, moons, and planets, solar system, black holes, brown dwarfs, quasars as well as the future of space exploration.

At the end of the class, students are expected to be able to identify and explain various subjects related to astronomy. Notably, the various lessons of the course have 293 total course points.

During the course of this course, students will complete 14 exams and assignments. April Gravels teaches the course and is often available to help the students. You can join the course anytime and complete it whenever you are ready as the course is continuous.

Also, it takes an average of 7 hours to complete this course. It costs $50 to join this self-paced course without getting a certificate after completion. However, if you want a certificate, you have to pay $75.

Choosing the Best Space Exploration Lesson Online

Space exploration revolves around the history and the future of the universe. It is an interesting subject that gives us a better idea of our universe. With space exploration, everyone can understand how we got where we are today as well as the most recent developments related to space.

Therefore, any students that truly want to learn about our existence must show a keen interest in learning space exploration. If you want to learn about the exploration of space and time, you can join any of the courses mentioned above and expand your knowledge of this amazing subject. Without a doubt, your experience will be worthwhile.


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