13 Websites To Learn Soccer Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Learn Soccer Lessons Online

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Soccer is a game that needs no introduction. It is played by millions of people throughout 200 countries. This makes it the most widely played sport in the world. It is also the most viewed sport in the world. There are two teams with eleven players each in a game of professional soccer.

The team that manages to score the most goals by the end of the match is the winner. Soccer itself has been around for a very long time. The oldest records of the sport date back to over 2000 years ago in China. There have been many changes in the sport since then. There are also many different variations of the sport.

There is street soccer, freestyle soccer and many more. All these variations have their own unique rules that make them more fun. There are many different skills that players need in order to play football. Some examples of these skills are the ability to pass, shoot, dribble and more. Students can learn all these skills and more with enough practice.

There are many online lessons that can help beginner soccer players with this practice.

13 Websites To Learn Soccer Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Anyone can transform their lives through knowledge if given the opportunity. Udemy can provide this opportunity to learners around the world. The site was created back in 2010. There have been many improvements and changes since that time. Udemy is a much better platform as compared to itself back when it first began. It is one of the leading online lesson marketplaces. Their lessons can help students learn more about a number of different topics

Their instructors are highly qualified and their lessons are designed to be easy to follow. Udemy attempts to make learning as easy as possible. Their many instructors and lessons are available in many different languages as well. Udemy also allows its students to take their lessons through their mobile app. This allows learners to study even when they’re not home.

Udemy can provide a good variety of courses to those interested in soccer. There are loads of soccer lessons on the site. There are many requirements for becoming great at soccer, as mentioned. All these lessons can help learners with different aspects of the sport. Each of them will be focusing on something unique and very helpful. These courses can help players become better one step at a time.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Coursera is a site that can help anyone learn more. It doesn’t matter if they’re a beginner or a master on a topic. Coursera has lessons that can allow anyone to improve.

These lessons that Coursera feature are provided by some great universities. Courses provided by the site are all based on studies and observations made by these universities. These lessons can all provide learners with videos and documents to help learners study.

Coursera also offers many free lessons on their site. These free lessons can be found for most of the topics. The site provides features for those that are focused on specific things.

Coursera has a Specialization feature that can help learners master any skill. The feature will ask students about their preferred topics. It will then provide them with top rated courses based on their answers. Learners can also search for any specific topic if they wish to get started straight away.

There are a handful of lessons on Coursera that can help players with soccer. The few soccer lessons that the site offers are mainly for beginners. These courses focus on helping beginners by teaching them basic rules and more. Learners can use their soccer lessons to get started with the sport.

3) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Skill Share tries to encourage and inspire their learners to grow. A student will be able to learn anything if they’re inspired to do it. Skill Share encourages their learners by providing them with a comfortable learning environment. The site lets people study about their interests.

Students can learn about the things they’re interested in while in the comfort of their own room. Not only does Skill Share encourage growth, it also focuses on encouraging discovery.

Skill Share helps learners with their interests while also trying to help them find new ones. The site can help people find new topics based on the things they’re already interested in. This is something that can aid anyone that’s struggling to find new things to learn about. Their lengthy video lessons allow people to grow their knowledge in small steps. Every lesson consists of multiple videos.

There aren’t many soccer courses on Skill Share, but this isn’t a bad thing. Their lessons can help students learn numerous new things about playing soccer. There are lessons that can help with specific traits or teach learners how to self-train for everything.

All these lessons are self-paced. Learners can take them to learn more about the sport whenever they have time to spare.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Reed was started way back in 1995. It was originally an organization that focused on employment in the United Kingdom. People from all around the United Kingdom could find nearby jobs that suit their skills. Reed has gone through many changes since then. While the site can still provide employment services, it can help people with a lot more things.

Reed also features lessons on their site for people that wish to learn. Learners can study more about most topics. There are lessons on the site for any of the popular topics such as painting, academics and more. Reed’s courses are supplied by some of the leading educational institutes in the UK.

These lessons are designed by experts and have been made easy to study with. Everything taught by courses on the site is detailed. These lessons are also self-paced. Students can also study any topic that they couldn’t understand again and again.

Students interested in soccer can also find many helpful courses on the site. There is a large enough amount of lessons on Reed that focus on soccer. The site’s lessons on the sport can help people of all skill levels. These lessons can be used to become a better soccer player.

5) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Take Lessons is an ideal platform for those that like to take one on one lessons. The site provides tutors that can teach people from the comfort of their own home. These tutors can contact students via video call.

Students can book a tutor for a specific amount of time. The teacher will help learners with anything they want in this time. All that students require is a webcam and a microphone and they can get started.

People are interested in many unique topics. Take Lesson’s tutors can help with most of them. There is a large supply of teachers on the site and they’re all experts in their respective fields. The site also provides more information on each of these tutors.

Learners can get to know more about a tutors past and educational history from their bio. This bio also features information on things such as the tutor’s schedule and price range.

There are a few good tutors on Take Lessons that focus on soccer. They are all good players of the sport. Some of these tutors have also played or coached soccer on a professional basis. The tutors can teach many useful skills and tips to help beginners improve.

6) Study

Study Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Study is a website that features lessons on any topic that comes to mind. It features lessons for important topics and trivial ones. The site lets students learn about anything they want. A great thing about Study is that it also lets students learn wherever they are.

People can study as long as they have a computer or smartphone that is connected to the internet. Another good thing about Study is that it allows anyone to learn.

Study has many courses specifically designed for children, adults, beginners and experts. These lessons have been made easier or more difficult depending on whom they’re for. There are also interactive games or tests for some lessons. These tests are a fun way for kids to see how much they know about something.

Most of the lessons on the site consist of multiple parts. Each part is well explained and can slowly teach students all they need to know.

There are a lot of courses on Study when it comes to soccer. The site features lesson plans that coaches use to train beginners and more. There are also courses for students interested in the history of the sport. These can teach learners about the major parts of soccer’s history.

7) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Superprof is a fairly new platform. It was formed back in 2013 and is now widely recognized. Superprof operates around the world through their website and offices. Many people are a part of the Superprof team. This team consists of some great tutors that have their own specialties. Students can search for any specific topic on the site. Superprof will provide said students with a list of tutors that can teach the topic.

Superprof can also help learners study in their language. Learning in their native language is more efficient for students than learning in any other language. There are also many people that aren’t entirely fluent in English.

This is why Superprof have a variety of teachers that can speak many different languages. Their site also makes it easier to find tutors based on skill. Learners can tell the site how good they are at a specific thing. The site can then provide them with options based on their answer.

There are many teachers on Superprof that teach many things. There are more than enough soccer tutors on the site as well. All the soccer coaches on Superprof are very good at the sport. They’re all experts and can help anyone gradually improve their skills.

8) OnlineSoccerAcademy

Onlinesocceracademy Learn Soccer Lessons Online

OSA stands for Online Soccer Academy. It is an organization that wishes to encourage people to play and practice soccer. It has been helping people learn more about the sport for quite some time now. The site features information on OSA soccer camps and online lessons as well.

OSA has lessons that focus on anything related to football. The site can help players with any aspect of the sport. They have lessons for players that wish to improve their dribbling, defending and more.

There are many video lessons on OSA. Most of these lessons are completely free of cost. Online Soccer Academy has made these video courses short and to the point. Each of them will help students learn about basic and advanced soccer skills. These skills can help players a lot in every match. Any player can quickly improve their abilities one step at a time with these lessons.

Their team of instructors and coaches is filled with former professional players. These coaches and instructors of theirs have a lot of experience with the sport. They have been playing and coaching others for a long time. They have used their experience to make their video courses both informative and easy to work with.

9) SoccerHub

Soccerhub Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Soccer Hub has two simple and straightforward goals. One of these goals is to become the leading online soccer related content provider. The other goal is to help people from all over the world with said soccer related content. Soccer Hub has information regarding every aspect of the popular sport.

They have many video courses that focus on very helpful topics regarding soccer. The Soccer Hub team consists of many instructors and advisors. These instructors and advisors can all help players in different fields of soccer.

The lessons on Soccer Hub are taught and designed by experts. Everyone involved in these courses is great at playing and understanding the sport. The lessons will all be helping students with different things using similar methods. Soccer Hub has analyzed tactics and drills used by professional players and soccer teams. The site has done so to ensure that their courses are using modern knowledge to teach players.

There are both free and paid lessons on Soccer Hub. Learners can find the most popular courses from the site’s home page. This home page will feature some courses and more information about the site. Beginners can try out any of their free lessons to get started with the sport.

10) MyPersonalFootballCoach

Mypersonalfootballcoach Learn Soccer Lessons Online

MPFC stands for My Personal Football Coach. It is a website that focuses on training players using professional methods. It is mainly a youth academy as it is meant for children. The site features all the information that a player needs to get started with the sport.

There are lessons and articles to help players, their parents and coaches. The articles for parents will teach them about the ways they can help their child. This includes things such as why they should be supportive and more.

The main coach on the site is Saul Isaksson-Hurst. He has been a professional coach for well over a decade. Saul has experience coaching youngsters in the English League academy. He has also worked with some top clubs in the English soccer league. He has designed all the site’s drills and lessons using his professional experience. These drills can help any young soccer player by greatly improving their skill.

The site can help new players in more ways than one. MPFC also has some helpful lessons on things such as the right mentality. The right state of mind while playing soccer is important. These lessons can help learners understand the philosophy and hard work required by players to improve.

11) USYouthSoccer

USyouthsoccer Learn Soccer Lessons Online

US Youth Soccer is an organization that looks to introduce the game of soccer to every young American. It is a non-profit organization. Their goal is to be the main platform to help children in the US learn how to play soccer.

The organization has been around for quite some time. US Youth Soccer was formed all the way back in 1974. It has helped hundreds of thousands of children learn soccer since then.

US Youth Soccer look to provide a pathway to the children interested in the sport. They have training facilities and branches across the US. Young players can come to learn how to play and improve their soccer skills in these facilities. Everyone is talented enough to play football. US Youth Soccer tries to teach this to the youth while helping them improve day by day.

There are many lessons on their site for those that don’t live near their facilities. These lessons are taught in a similar way to the drills in their facilities. Children can use their courses to become better at defending and attacking. Their lessons will also be focusing on important values such as teamwork and respect. These are qualities that every soccer player must have.

12) TotalSoccer

Totalsoccer Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Total Soccer is an organization that can teach anyone about soccer. It focuses entirely on soccer and helping people from all over the world learn how to play it. They mainly focus on helping younger players. The site has good coaches and instructors that have worked professionally. These coaches will be helping players learn with practice.

Practicing something again and again is the main way to improve. Total Soccer will help players by telling them what they need to practice. Children can start taking the lessons on Total Soccer in a few simple steps. The training starts with an hour long consultation call.

The experts on Total Soccer will be speaking to parents in this call. Parents will be asked for any strengths and weaknesses in their child’s skills. They will then design lesson plans to help teach the child depending on their parents answers.

Total Soccer will send students a Zoom link once the lesson has been booked. Players will be taught all sorts of new things by their assigned tutor in this video class. Students can also send videos of them performing simple tasks such as shoots and passes. The site’s coaches will help these students by giving them feedback and tips.

13) TrainEffective

Traineffective Learn Soccer Lessons Online

Train Effective is another soccer based website. Learners can use the site and its lessons to train like professionals. Train Effective looks to inspire the youth using sports and training. The site features lessons provided by experts that have highlighted and explained everything important. Beginners and experts alike can use the sites drills to train using the same ways as a professional soccer player.

The coaches on Train Effective are all experts of the sport. Most of them have played professional soccer for many years. Some of them have also coached on a professional scale. These experts have made their courses easy to work with.

This has been done for the comfort of any beginner or child. They have also worked together with some top players. Soccer legends such as Rio Ferdinand and more have taught on the site.

Their lessons include drills for both simple and advanced skills. Simpler courses include drills for passing and shooting. More advanced ones will be focusing on things such as dribbling and set pieces.

Their video lessons can be taken anywhere and have no special requirements. Learners can even use these courses to practice in their backyards. All that players will need is a football and a training partner.

Choosing The Best Soccer Lesson Online

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is also starting to rapidly grow its popularity in the US. It is played by millions on both a professional and casual level. The sport is simple but requires a proper understanding in order to master. The lessons above can help learners develop this understanding.

Players can learn all about the sport and how to play it using these lessons. Hard work can help anyone become good at soccer. All the lessons above will help people by teaching them slowly and effectively. They will be teaching one thing at a time while trying to make learning as fun as possible.

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