11 Websites To Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

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Snowboarding is one of the most fun things that you can do in the winter if you’re looking for a way to kill some time. Invented back in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the 80’s that snowboarding started to become popular, as most resorts didn’t allow it before then.

This was mainly because it was and still is considered to be a quite dangerous sport, however it is completely safe once you’ve figured out what you’re supposed to be doing.

Snowboarding became very popular at the start of the 21st century, becoming the fastest growing sport in multiple countries. It is now popular enough to the point where it is responsible for almost half the revenue that resorts earn during the winter time.

If you wish to try the sport out for yourself, then you will obviously have to go through some training in order to prepare yourself.

Snowboarding is pretty much easy to start, however becoming a master and turning yourself into a good enough snow boarder to glide down the mountain at high speeds is the difficult bit. Luckily, there are courses specially designed to help you out.

11 Websites To Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the world’s leading lesson providers based on the amount of people that have taken lessons on their site. They have courses on almost every lesson, including snowboarding. 

You can find more than a few lessons on their site that can teach you a thing or two about the sport, including those that can help you become a skilled snow boarder.

There are some courses for beginners and people that have no prior experience with the sport as well.

These can be helpful for you if you want to start yourself with snowboarding or if you are just going to the mountains for a single day of snowboarding and want to learn the basics so you can impress others.

These lessons cover all the basics of the sport and will tell you all the tips to make learning how to snowboard easier. Some beginner courses will also teach you other useful things such as following the trail map or knowing how to maintain your equipment.

This is so that your equipment doesn’t decide to trouble you later on when you finally decide to go snowboarding after a while.

A majority of all the courses will also be talking about things such as the right gear and safety precautions in order to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself.

2) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Skill Share is a platform that you can use to grow your talents and become better at the things you have an interest in.

They feature multiple snowboarding lessons that can help you with different aspects of the popular sport, however this one on the site in particular is one that many beginners would find ideal.

The video lesson covers many different topics, each and every single one very important if you wish to be ready to take on the slopes. The 18 minute long course features 9 different videos, each video focusing on different aspects.

First of all, there is a warm-up video which will act as an introduction to the course and the tutor. This one is completely free to take, meaning that you can go and see for yourself whether or not the style of tutoring that the lesson adopts is the one for you.

The second video will be a summary for the course and will tell you in full detail about what you’ll be learning in the course. After this summary come the important topics, with the first one being about equipment.

It will teach you how and where you can choose and buy the right equipment for yourself to make your snowboarding experience more fun and easy than it would’ve been beforehand.

3) Reed

Reed Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Reed don’t exactly have a variety of courses on their site that can help you, as there is only 1 in total on the whole site that covers the topic of snowboarding.

Although only 1, this course can help anyone, even if they are recently started snowboarding or have been enjoying the sport for quite some time now. The lesson on their site covers the topic of first aid for snow boarders, something that can come in quite handy whenever you decide to go on a snowboarding trip.

Most of the courses on the site are provided by professional institutes and this lesson isn’t any different.

Provided by an organization to ensure the safety of people, the course can be taken to learn all about treating any accidents that may occur when you go out to snowboard.

As has already been mentioned, it is a dangerous sport if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why many a few beginners can end up getting hurt without the proper guidance.

Studying using this course can help you learn more about treating anyone that might be the victim of any snowboarding or skiing accidents, as you will be able to look after yourself and others once you are done with it. It can also help you learn more about snowboarding itself.

4) OnlineSnowBoardCoach

Onlinesnowboardcoach Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

An entire platform dedicated entirely to learning snowboarding, Online Snow Board Coach is a website that can help you learn everything to make yourself an advanced snowboarder.

The site covers more than 150 video lessons on their site that can help you learn about specific aspects of the sport and help you improve your skills, for example they have entire lessons on their site dedicated to helping you learn how to turn.

Once you start gaining some speed, the most difficult thing that you’ll find is making turns, which is why many a few courses focus entirely on the topic.

The lessons on the site have been designed by experienced snowboarders that have mastered the sport and have designed these lessons to be as easy and fun as possible in order to make things more interesting and less frustrating for those trying to learn more about the sport.

Once you’ve taken some of their beginner turning lessons, there are more advanced ones regarding the topic that can help you fully master it and really sharpen your skills.

The site also offers a feedback feature, meaning that you can record videos of yourself and send them to the site’s tutors who can give you the appropriate guidelines you need in order to become even better than you already might be.

5) WatchAndRide

Watchandride Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Watch and Ride Snowboarding Inc. is a company that provide students such as yourself with high quality lessons about snowboarding so you can learn more about the popular sport yourself.

The site acknowledges the high prices that offline classes feature, which is why it aims to provide people with cheaper courses that can still provide them with the high quality guidelines they need in order to improve.

Their courses cover more than enough topics for you to become an expert if you keep practicing as you take them.

The lessons on the site feature many important things that some other sites won’t mention, such as fitness. Not anyone can start snowboarding as fitness is a very important part of things, since multiple different aspects of the sport require good strength and agility etc. in order to perform some important tasks.

The lessons that focus on fitness will be telling you all about the different exercises you can try out in order to improve your own fitness and be prepared to ride down the slopes.

Fitness is also an important part as being in good physical condition can prevent injuries.

Other than this, there are simpler courses meant for complete beginners that be taken in order to learn more about the basics of the sport and fully prepare yourself.

6) FlowingFreeride

Flowingfreeride Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Flowing Freeride is a company situated in Utah that have made a website to help others that wish to improve their snowboarding skills. 

The site features multiple different training lessons for you that you can use in order to learn more and more about the sport and eventually master how to ride the slopes.

Your tutor for these multiple lessons will be Blake Clark, a very experienced snowboarding coach that has been teaching children and adults alike about the sport of snowboarding.

He is a certified coach and has more than enough experience to successfully shape you into a good snowboarder. The site features especially designed video lessons meant for all those that prefer to learn about things themselves.

Many a few snowboarders nowadays are completely self-taught, using only videos tutorials on websites like YouTube. This is an effective enough method, although it comes with its own risks.

This is why instead of small tutorials Flowing Freeride attempt to provide these people with large and fully detailed training videos for multiple different things like balancing and turning etc. that can help them learn all the important things about snowboarding.

Other than these training clips, there are also some free tips and guides on the site that can help you learn more about the sport, including some pretty interesting facts.

7) SnowProfessor

Snowprofessor Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or have been snowboarding for a few years now, because Snow Professor’s video lessons can help you improve even further.

They have all sorts of different lessons on their site, from beginner to advanced and even those that focus on freestyle if you feel like you have already learned more than enough to call yourself an expert.

Snowboarding isn’t something too difficult to learn, however starting a new spot or hobby isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, which is why their beginner courses are all completely simple and short so that you can get started with the sport as soon as possible.

Their intermediate lessons are where things get a little complicated though, as they will be talking about slightly more advanced things that you would need some experience for in order to understand.

Their intermediate lessons cover a variety of different things, some of the main ones being carving on snowboards and learning more about dynamic snowboarding in order to improve.

After you’ve taken these, you can go forward and take a look at their advanced courses, or if you’re looking to impress your friends, you can decide to learn a few fancy tricks from the different video freestyle lessons available on their site.

8) MechanicsOfSport

Mechanicsofsport Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Learning to play a sports and learning how to play a sports are two very different things. Mechanics of Sport is a site that focuses all about providing people with the different guidelines they need for different sports, including snowboarding, in order learn how to play.

On their site, they feature a multitude of lengthy snowboarding lessons available. They feature multiple different courses on their site that can help you learn more about how to snowboard, for example things like catching edges.

Catching an edge is the term used to define when the edge of your snowboard gets stuck in a piece of snow and ends up making you trip. This can be a hurtful experience and can cause an accident if there are any snowboarders behind you.

It is a common thing if you’re a beginner, however the lessons on the site can teach you more about preventing it from happening or at least make sure that it doesn’t happen as frequently.

The site can also teach you the different ways you can make sure that it doesn’t hurt as much if you ever catch an edge.

Another important thing that their courses will focus on is the required equipment. These lessons cover things like teaching you about the different ways to buy the right equipment.

9) SnowboardClass

Snowboardclass Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Snowboard Class is a website completely focused on providing tutoring for the sport of snowboarding, meaning that you will be able to find lessons for pretty much any topic on the subject.

Snowboarding is a risky thing to learn without proper guidance, which is where Snowboard Class comes into the picture.

The site can proper you with said proper that you will need in order to protect yourself from any injuries and learn at a fast rate so you can become a good snowboarder as soon as possible.

The site features a skill level system, which it uses to take you from a beginner to an expert. This skill level goes from L1 to L3 and each of the courses in these 3 skill levels will obviously be suited to the people that match them.

Provided by experts who attempt to make things as easy as possible for yourself, the certified coaches at Snowboard Class have provided great quality video lessons for people such as yourself so you can learn multiple different tips and tricks in the safest way possible.

There are almost 150 courses on the site, each and every single one important to ensure your progress as a snowboarder. The site is completely risk free to try, meaning that you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

10) SnowboardAddiction

Snowboardaddiction Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

Snowboard Addiction is a platform for all the people in the world that like the sport. The site covers courses that can help pretty much anyone improve, regardless of how good they are.

 Beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert, these are the four skill levels that the site can help. It doesn’t matter if you belong to any of the four skill levels, there is always room for improvement and that’s what the site tries to help you with.

Their beginner courses cover a few different topics such as riding and jumping etc. These can be taken in order to get a better understanding of how things work and how there are many more aspects to the sport of snowboarding than you would expect there to be.

Learning things like jumping can really come in handy, especially in the late future when you will eventually move on to learning different techniques and tricks.

Riding, Jumping, Jibbing and Buttering are topics that will be covered by lessons of each and every single one of these courses. Obviously more advanced aspects of these topics will be discussed in the advanced and expert skill levels though.

Another thing that the site offers in its fifth lessons category is training and tuning, something that you can use to recap on everything you’ve learned yet.

11) ABC of Snowboarding

Abcofsnowboarding Learn Snowboarding Lessons Online

ABC of snowboarding are yet another site dedicated entirely to the sport of snowboarding. They feature news and other things like blogs on their site that snowboarders from all over the world can check out to learn more about all the latest things going on in the snowboarding world.

One other helpful thing that they feature on their site is obviously lessons for learning snowboarding, something that they feature in abundance.

Their beginner courses can help anyone looking to get started, including you, even if you have no prior experience with the sport. Their beginner topics cover very simple yet crucial things such as going up the slope.

This is a topic that many lessons don’t cover, even though it is important. Obviously you will have to repeatedly go up and down the slope when you begin your snowboarding training, however this is something that can become very frustrating after a while, even with the help of lifts.

Other things that the lesson will feature are things like traversal and different traversal techniques such as toe-side traversal, along with how different things can help you in their own unique ways.

Something that not a lot of beginner lessons cover is tricks, however these ones do. You can learn some simple yet fancy tricks using the site’s beginner lessons.

Choosing The Best Snowboarding Lesson Online

Snowboarding isn’t any form of rocket science. It is actually easy to learn, however it is difficult to become an expert in.

Many different techniques and tricks come in to the fray when you’re learning snowboarding, and there are many courses on the internet that can help you out.

There are multiple different courses out there that you can try out in order to make learning snowboarding easier for yourself.

As you can see above, there are popular lesson sites that feature courses regarding the sport while there are whole websites dedicated to teaching it as well, meaning you should have more than enough to choose from.

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