5 Websites To Learn Snare Drum Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn snare drum lessons online

learn snare drum lessons online

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A drum is a part of percussion set of musical instruments. The instrument comprises of no less than one membrane stretched over a shell, which is also known as a drumhead. The drumhead is struck, either by a person’s hands or by a percussion stick, which then produces sound.

There are a variety of drums available, and each one of them serves a different purpose in their own way. A snare drum, also known as a side drum, is one such type of a drum. They produce a shrill staccato sound once the drum is struck by a drum stick.

Snare drums are used all around the world. They are a highly sensitive percussion instrument which makes them adaptable and eloquent.

Unlike other drums, snare drums consist of two drumheads. The bottom head has a bunch of metal wires which are called snares. These wires can also be used on the top head. The top heap is usually called as the batter head whereas the bottom head is known as the snare head.

Today, we will be taking a look at all the websites that will teach you everything about snare drums. These websites, along with a brief review, are mentioned below:

5 Websites To Learn Snare Drum Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn snare drum lessons online

Udemy is a well-known online learning platform, having a huge library of online courses available. They cover almost every topic on their list of online courses. These courses are made to fulfill every user’s requirement.

Providing you with a great learning experience, Udemy has a lot to offer to all of its users. They have a bunch of awesome features that help the user in different kinds of ways.

For instance, their 30-day money back guarantee is a fantastic feature for those who are not so sure about buying the course. The feature helps encourage them to buy the course of their preference.

The website offers snare drum lessons that makes sure to teach you all the basics. There are courses available for mastering how to play the snare drum as well.

You will learn how to improve your accuracy and timing while playing the instrument. You will also learn actual practice tips that will aid you to keep improving on your own.

Taking any one of these courses will help you develop the required skill for playing a snare drum effectively. You will be able to produce extremely versatile music.

As most of the courses are basically made for people who are total beginners. You only need to own a snare drum, and a pair of drumsticks to start learning any one of the online courses, Udemy has to offer.

2) Wyzant

wyzant learn snare drum lessons online

Wyzant is a great website featuring online courses to its users with different options. They have a giant bunch of online courses available. Based in Chicago, the website was originally founded in 2005. The website has made possible to enable learning and teaching online at a large scale.

Wyzant offers its users with the option of either taking courses online, or meet and take lessons from your teacher in person! The online lessons are 1 -on- 1 and private. The private class helps develop a unique interaction between a teacher and student, which allows learning at a whole new level.

After searching for a subject like snare drum, the website will provide you with a list of expert teachers. You will have the option of choosing any one of these expert teachers based on qualifications and hourly rates.

The website has a series of experts who will teach you about snare drums in a private class. If you want to meet and learn from the teacher in person, you will have to provide them with your zip-code and other required information. You will then set a time and place with your teacher, and finally get started on learning from your teacher.

However, if you’re looking forward to taking online private classes from a specific teacher, you will have to set a time and schedule for your online class.

3) FreeDrumLessonsOnline

freedrumlessonsonline learn snare drum lessons online

As the name suggests, Free Drum Lessons Online is a website that teaches online drum lessons to its users. The website has a very basic and simple design. Navigating through the whole website is also very easy.

The website covers a variety of lessons on different kinds of drums. There is also a whole marketplace section on the website where different accessories for drums are listed for sale. You can access this section to buy any kind of stuff related to drums.

There is also a whole section for teaching total beginners. You can find online lessons that are made specifically for teaching beginners about the basics of playing a drum. Even If a person who has no idea about what he should do with the instrument, can look up to these courses.

You can also find online lessons that are for intermediates, or for people who have some prior knowledge about musical instruments or a drum. They can take these lessons for improving their skills further.

The website features a number of online snare drum lessons. They start from beginner lessons, teaching the basics about playing a snare drum, and then move on to a more advanced level.

Apart from learning how to simply play a snare drum, you will also learn important things like what’s a snare drum kit. You will also learn the process of snare maintenance.

4) VirtualDrumming

virtualdrumming learn snare drum lessons online

Virtual drumming provides its users with an interactive and simple experience. A great number of drum lessons are available on the website. The website is designed in such a way, that it allows its users to navigate through the website without any constraint.

There is a Drum sheet music section where a ton of music sheets are available to download, which you can then print and play later. These drum sheets are accessible anytime, and help enhance the user’s learning experience even further.

Both beginner and advanced lessons are available in the website. They will teach you all the methods and techniques for playing a drum effectively. In advanced lessons, you will be taught to further improving your skill level. The advanced lessons are more targeted towards people having some prior experience of playing a drum.

The website also has unique feature of teaching you how to play a drum with the addition of drum games. These are included to make the experience of learning more fun and enjoyable. You will play the game with a virtual drum using your keyboard or by simply touching.

Snare Drum lessons are also available on the site. You will be given a number of printable sheet music while learning different activities, to help you learn in a more effective manner. Multiple snare drum activities are divided into a series of exercises. They are taught in a progressive way, for providing you with ease.

5) FreePercussionLessons

freepercussionlessons learn snare drum lessons online

Free Percussion Lessons is purely made for percussion enthusiasts. They feature a wide variety of online lessons that teach you everything about percussion instruments.

They have a bunch of videos and guides on particular percussion instruments. They claim to have lessons for every percussion instrument, which is pretty impressive!

Andrew Proctor is the actual owner of the website. He is a hardcore percussion enthusiast himself, and has been teaching percussion lessons for more than thirty years. He provides free percussion lessons for basically everyone. Besides teaching, there are also discussions and links provided by the website for finding the best percussion instrument.

Private online lessons are also one of the choices that the website offers to its users. These private lessons are done through skype. These private lessons are for people wanting to make the most out their learning experience.

The snare drum lessons are done by Andrew Proctor as well. He starts from teaching all the basic techniques and skill required to play a snare drum, along with giving a brief introduction about the online lesson.

Not only does he teach you the basics of playing the instrument like every other website, he mixes things up with teaching you some of his own techniques while playing a snare drum. The lesson will surely help you move forward with your percussion skills.

Choosing The Best Snare Drum Lessons Online

Playing a drum can prove to be a really fun activity. It has a lot of verified benefits. Apart from being physically beneficial, playing a drum can also improve mental health. It is a healthy hobby, and will help alleviate stress as well.

With the help of this article, we have reviewed a list of websites. We have discussed all the good aspects of these websites that make it the best for learning snare drum lessons.

These websites will help you develop the skill required for playing a snare drum. While making sure that you will learn all the basics, you will also learn advanced techniques for playing a snare drum.

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