13 Websites To Learn Sleeping Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Sleeping is one of the most important parts of our everyday life. Many people don’t take sleep very seriously, as a lot of people tend to use their phones, play games or do other things of the sort instead of getting a good night’s rest.

This is a very bad habit, as it can lead to laziness as well as serious health problems. A good sleeping schedule is very important, as not getting at least 7 hours of sleep on a daily basis can cause sicknesses and other harmful effects.

A regular sleeping schedule can help turn your life around as you’ll always be active and cheerful, helping you with maintaining a good relationship with those around you and helping you get your work done much faster.

However not a lot of people are able to commit to a sleep schedule due to reasons such as insomnia, anxiety or other things that may not let you get to sleep.

This is a big problem, as it could have some very helpful short and long term effects. Luckily, there are some courses online that can help you sleep better.

13 Websites To Learn Sleeping Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

On Udemy, you can find much more than a 1000 courses to choose from to help you with your sleep. There are many reasons why you may be suffering from irregularities in your sleeping pattern, and these courses cover almost all of said reasons. A lot of these courses have absolutely no requirements at all.

You can take them provided that you are able to understand English, however even that isn’t that important since there are sleeping courses available in other languages as well.

All these courses will be helping you realise the importance of sleep and helping you further by teaching you to maintain sleep, although each of them will be doing so in their own separate ways.

If insomnia or anxiety might be the cause of your bad sleeping habits, they have courses made especially for that as well. These will be helping you in a lot of different ways.

Other than just teaching you how to develop a good sleeping schedule, they will be preparing you to face any challenges and helping you overcome any fears and paranoia that may prevent you from sleeping.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Coursera feature a large enough variety of sleep related lessons on their site, 235 to be exact. All these lessons can help you a lot if you wish to understand why you aren’t able to sleep and how you can fix any issues that may be preventing you from getting sleep.

This particular course on their site is a good one to get started with, as it can tell you everything you need to know about sleep.

The lesson will focus on three different aspects of sleep, which is the relevance of sleep in neurobiology, society and medicine. The first thing the course will focus on is sleep control.

The lesson will be offering you a very detailed analysis of how different things such as alcohol, caffeine, jet lag and other things of the sort can cause sleep depravity and other irregularities in your sleeping patterns.

It will also be focusing on things such as insomnia, excessive sleepiness and other sleep related disorders, along with how and why they are caused and the negative effects they can have on your everyday life.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

LinkedIn have more than 700 lessons on their site to teach you more about sleep. Every single one of these courses are different in their own way, even those that will be teaching you about the exact same thing.

Not a lot of the courses on the site will be touching the topic of sleep disorders, instead they will mainly be talking about sleep itself and why it is so important.

Like lessons of the sort that you may have seen on other sites, these courses will be teaching you why sleep is important and how it can help you maintain a happy and healthy life.

Along with this, there are courses that speak about meditation and how it can help you get sleep more than any form of medication.

Meditation is known to be a very relaxing exercise, and this said relaxation is exactly the type of rest your body can need in some cases in order to sleep.

Like this, these courses will be telling you about the huge positive impact that meditation can have on your life and other reasons why meditation is important.

4) Lynda

Lynda Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Lynda.com feature sleep related lessons on their site in abundance. There are 2000+ courses on the site that can help you learn anything related to sleep and help you in their own different ways.

They have courses that can help you understand the importance of sleep. These types of courses can be helpful if you prevent yourself from sleeping voluntarily, as they will discuss why the human body requires sleep and why you should develop a regular sleeping pattern.

These will focus on all the positives that come with sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day, such as how you’ll be much more active when you do so.

Being active can help you a lot, as you will get much more work done when you have a fresh state of mind as compared to when you are sleepy.

It can help with more with work as well, as you will be much more tolerant and stress-less, making you more fun to hang around with and helping you a lot with your social life. Other courses include those that can help you sleep if you have a disorder.

5) Future Learn

FutureLearn Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

This particular course on the site can really help you with your sleeping issues. As you can guess from its title, this lesson on Future Learn will help you learn everything you need to know about sleep deprivation, along with the tricks you can get rid of it.

Getting less sleep than needed can result in a lot of problems with your work along with your mental and physical health. The course will help you tackle the issue of sleep depravity by teaching you how to get rid of it if you have it yourself.

The course won’t only help you fix your own negative sleeping habits, it will encourage you to help others that you know are suffering from any sleep related disorders themselves.

This lesson has been designed by experts at the University of Michigan and can help you get to the root of your problem to ensure you can finally enjoy some sleep.

Even if you aren’t suffering from any disorders and don’t sleep on purpose, the course will help you fix any of your bad habits.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Reed.co feature 72 courses on their site that can help you with your sleep related issues. All these courses are provided by experts that have made them according to studies placed in some of the best educational and cultural institutes in the United Kingdom and some other countries from around the world.

There are courses that can help you realise the cause of your sleep depravity while there are also some that can help you get rid of said sleep depravity.

The courses that help with getting of your sleep issues will be a little tricky to take then others, as you will have to take them exactly as intended if you wish for it to work.

These sleep hacking courses feature different yet effective methods that can help you get those few hours of sleep you so desperately need.

They’ll all be teaching you about multiple different tricks, meaning that there shouldn’t be any problem if one specific technique doesn’t work out for you.

Another good thing about all these courses is that they are all yours to keep forever once purchased, meaning they are self-paced.

7) Study

Study Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Study.com have more than enough sleeping lessons on their site that you can take at any given time in order to learn more about the different things regarding sleep.

From simple lessons that can provide kids with a crash course on why we sleep and dream, along with why sleep is so important, to lessons that can teach you more about the different disorders related to sleep.

These types of lessons which speak about sleeping disorders can be good to take if you are having trouble sleeping in recent times.

This is because of the fact that these courses will teach you about sleeping disorders in detail, along with what can cause them. If you can identify what sort of disorder may be preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, you can learn the cause behind it along with the different tricks you can use in order to get rid of it.

Other than this, they have simple lessons that can provide you with a few exercises to help get some sleep. Along with all their courses are also short tests that can be taken.

8) Insomnia Coach

InsomniaCoach Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Insomnia Coach is a platform dedicated to helping those that have trouble sleeping or resting. Made by Martin Reed, the site features all the studies and lessons provided by him regarding sleep.

Martin Reed holds a certification in Clinical Sleep Health and is more than qualified to be your ‘’sleep coach’’. He has spent a good chunk of his life studying about sleep and its irregularities and can help you get the sleep you deserve if you are suffering from disorders such as insomnia.

The course he will provide you with will last for about 8 weeks and help will have helped you clear out your issues by the end of it. In this eight weeks’ time, you will be taught about many different things through six different sessions.

You will also be made to watch informative videos regarding sleep deprivation, while you will also be given assignments that you’ll have to complete on a regular basis.

These assignments aren’t things like essays and all that, instead they are about filling out a diary and implementing all that you have learned so far from the sessions you have taken.

9) Central

Central Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

This course can help you learn a few useful things about infants and how a good sleeping schedule is much more important as compared to anyone else.

Central is a website that focuses on providing lessons regarding multiple different topics. In their collection, they also feature multiple courses related to sleep, all which can help you in their own separate ways.

This specific course however, is a little different to most of those that you may have seen on your search for sleep related lessons. That is understandable though, as this isn’t exactly a course meant for you unless you are a doctor or parent.

The course is a bit lengthy, however it is definitely worth it if you wish to ensure that your baby remains in good health.

An unsteady sleeping pattern that starts from a very young age can lead to a lot of troubles in both the near and far future, which is why this course will help you prevent said unsteady sleeping patterns. If your baby has trouble sleeping, this 7.5 hour course will help you get your baby to rest.

10) Drug Free Sleep

DrugFreeSleep Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Drug Free Sleep are a platform that wish to provide you with alternatives to taking medicine in order to sleep. Although they are a quick and easy method to get some sleep, taking medicines to sleep has its downsides.

There are multiple side effects that come with taking sleep inducing medicine, some of the most serious ones being memory loss and mood swings. In order to prevent this, Drug Free Sleep have made a 5-week long course that can be taken at any time on their site.

Throughout this course, Dr Tucker will be your instructor and will teach you about all the different positive impacts that a regular sleeping schedule brings along with it.

He will guide you step by step in order to ensure you can sleep without any irregularities by the end of the course. In these 5 weeks, you will be covering multiple different topics and techniques that can greatly help you get some rest.

If these types of courses aren’t the ones for you, they also feature one-on-one lessons with coaches that can help you develop healthy sleeping patterns.

11) Red Nose

RedNose Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Another course that focuses on teaching you more about the importance of sleeping for children. Red Nose itself is a platform that focuses on safe sleeping for children and is one of Australia’s leading authorities in the matter.

This course has been given by experts who have followed all the newest provided evidence and guidelines by scientists and mothers themselves to allow you to study from it and ensure that the child you are caring for can enjoy a healthy life by developing positive sleeping patterns.

As has already been mentioned, developing a good sleep schedule from the youngest possible age has benefits for children in both the short and long term. The course covers 6 different topics in its curriculum, each taught via video. 

The first of these video lessons will be an introduction to what you are about to learn, while the next one will be about the importance of creating a safe sleeping environment for your children.

After this, the course will be covering things such as keeping the temperature of their sleeping space suitable for the sleeping child.

12) Safe Sleep Space

SafeSleepSpace Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Safe Sleep Space is another online platform that focus on providing you with the guidelines you need in order to ensure that you can provide the children under your care with the safe sleeping environment that they need.

Their special program has been designed by keeping the fact in mind that every single child is unique, meaning that the right sleeping environment for all of them is also different.

This program of theirs will be covered in multiple different courses, each focusing on different important things that are necessary in order to provide you child with the safest and most relaxing sleeping space that they need in order to grow up happy and healthy.

The program is lengthy, as it covers multiple courses and each of these courses take at least 75 minutes to fully complete.

Every single one of these courses will be covering very important things that anyone taking care of a children should have full knowledge of.

As you progress through each course, the knowledge you gained in previous courses will be coming handy in understanding the next lesson. There are 3 courses in total

13) Hour Mind

Hourmind Learn Sleeping Lessons Online

Hour Mind are a platform that focus on teaching you more about keeping yourself mentally healthy, and one of the best ways to do so is by maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern.

Their online course regarding sleeping is all about teaching you the importance of sleep and the ways you can get more of it by using some simple and easily learnable techniques. First of all, they discuss sleep in general.

This section of the course will cover things such as why we sleep and why our bodies can’t function without it, highlighting its importance. After this, the lesson will be speaking about the importance of sleep in our daily lives.

It will mention things such as how getting the required amount of sleep can help you feel energized and prepare you for the long day ahead, which can be a much more productive day if you are active as compared to restless.

It is a completely free course and can help you improve your health a lot, making it an ideal choice for those that are having trouble sleeping. It is straightforward and easy to understand, not throwing anything too complicated at you.

Choosing The Best Sleeping Lesson Online

Sleep is very important, this is something that you will learn by taking any of the courses on any of these sites mentioned above.

There are many disorders that can be affecting the way you sleep, and this is a very bad thing as it can affect your life in a negative way.

These disorders aren’t an easy thing to get rid of, neither are any of the bad sleeping habits that you may have developed over the years. However these sites provide you with courses that can help you fix or at least make these issues less serious in a matter of days.


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