5 Websites to Learn Skateboarding Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn skateboarding lessons online

learn skateboarding lessons online

Skateboarding is a famous action sport which is mostly popular among youngsters. The sport consists of a person standing on a wooden board attached with 4 wheels. Skateboarding is actually connected with surfing.

Both are somewhat similar, with the exception that surfing is done on the ocean, whereas skateboarding is done on the ground.

Skateboarding has been rapidly progressing since years. In today’s age, skateboarders have turned this simple movement into a unique form of art. There are people with incredible skill on a skateboard that can effectively make their own techniques and moves while riding.

Riding a skateboard does involve a few risks. Skateboarding can be regarded as an extreme sport. People having no experience in riding a skateboard should find it quite difficult. Street style skateboarding is one category of skateboarding where riders perform tricks on stairs, ledges, rails, and other obstacles.

Although learning how to ride a skateboard is a moderately difficult task, you can learn it with enough dedication. Today, our article will be focused on learning skateboard lessons. We’ll be mentioning a few websites that feature some of the best courses on riding a skateboard. Without wasting any time further, all the websites are mentioned below:

Websites to Learn Skateboarding Lessons Online Review:

1) Masterclass

masterclass learn skateboarding lessons online

Masterclass is a very popular website for learning online courses. They provide a huge library of courses for their users. These courses are accessible to everyone and at any time of the day. They have some of the best teachers for teaching each lesson extensively.

Apart from these highly professional teachers, the course’s overall quality is top notch. Their lessons are available on mobile, TV, and desktop. This gives you the chance of learning through any platform with ease. What’s more is that you will have access to some of the world’s best online courses.

Fortunately, Masterclass provides its users with a free 3-day trial. In these 3 days, you will have access to all of their online courses, audio mode, and workbooks. You will also be able to access their study materials. In other words, you will have the opportunity to try everything Masterclass has to offer for 3 whole days!

At the end of the free trial, you will automatically become a member of their subscription. If for any reason, you didn’t like their services, you can cancel anytime! But if you decide to stick with this website, you will receive lessons from Tony Hawk!

He is one of the biggest names in skateboarding. Learning from such an expert really is a dream come true. We highly recommend you to take this course from Masterclass.

2) Udemy

udemy learn skateboarding lessons online

Udemy is one of the most well-known online learning platforms. Through the help of their large variety of courses, they quickly made their way to become one of the best learning platforms. Users seem to adore this website when It comes to online courses.

First, they have courses listed which feature different languages. If you’re lucky enough, you can find a course with your preferred language. Most of the courses will still be in English language. But if you’re not comfortable in learning with English, you might find a course with the language of your choice.

Luckily, you will also have the option of selecting your skill level before taking on a course. The course ranges from beginner to intermediate to expert. This truly gives users the option to learn just according to their skill level.

Udemy offers a number of courses on skateboarding. All of these courses feature an overall description on what you will learn, and how. You can read each course’s description and decide for yourself. If you’re having trouble in choosing a particular course, you can always look at the user’s review. Every course on skateboarding has been reviewed by other users who have previously took the course.

The best thing about Udemy is that it features some of the best-selling skateboarding courses for beginners. These courses will also have other activities like quizzes, and similar exercises to help what you have learned so far.

3) BrailleSkateboarding

brailleskateboarding learn skateboarding lessons online

Braille Skateboarding is an interactive website for teaching skateboarding lessons online. Right off the bat, the website will offer you to sign up. Successfully signing up on the website will grant you a completely free 10-week training program course.

The website covers a lot of topics on skateboarding. Every material on the website has the purpose of teaching you how to ride a skateboard. The online lessons at Braille Skateboarding are quite simple and easy. A person with pretty much any level of skill can use this website to learn everything he needs to learn on skateboarding.

If you choose this website to learn skateboarding, not only will you get pre-recorded skateboarding lessons, but you will also have the option of virtual skateboard lessons. Private skateboard lessons are also available on the website.

There is also a whole section of guide on tricks for skateboarding. Overall, Braille Skateboarding is a great website for learning skateboarding in a simple manner. The website easily made it to our top list for learning skateboarding lessons with its great approach on teaching skateboarding.

They also have some basic skateboarding stuff for sale like shirts, or a skateboard. Let’s not forget the fact that you will receive a completely free training program for skateboarding with just signing up on the website. You should definitely check them out!

4) GoSkate

goskate learn skateboarding lessons online

Go Skate is a great website for learning skateboarding lessons online. They have plenty of instructors from all over the world. The website has been teaching since 2009, and has now taught a huge bunch of students. They are based in Canada, UK, and Ireland.

The website will ask for your state, city, and zip code. After giving them the right details, you can learn in real-time from a teacher if there’s anyone near you. The website has a fan page with plenty of positive reviews and likes. The website seems to be the go-to for many users when it comes to skateboarding.

They feature 1-on-1 lessons that are taught in the comfort of your own home. Their teachers will come to you and teach you skateboarding with some of the best learning experience. They are actually one of the world’s best providers for skateboarding lessons.

Their highlighted course is also available on Udemy. The course will teach you all the basics about skateboarding. You will learn how to properly balance yourself while riding a skateboard. You will be able to skate through the streets without any worry. You will also learn multiple tricks and much more!

They have also been interviewed from some of the world’s famous news channel, like Fox news. Some regard this website as the absolute best platform for learning skateboarding.

5) SkateFresh

skatefresh learn skateboarding lessons online

In Line Skate Course or Skate Fresh was established by Asha Kirkby. She is a highly professional skating instructor, and an expert in skating. The website features a series of her online courses. She has over 18 years of experience in teaching skateboarding. Her skating career started in 2000, and since she has been in the field.

According to Asha, Skate Fresh initially began before she even had access to a mobile phone. She has spent a good chunk of her life teaching groups and individuals how to skate. She soon started a series of video training courses, while also trying to make them as comparable to her actual class.

She has been inspired to teach skateboarding as people found careers and a purpose for their life while learning from her. Her motivation is simply the satisfaction of teaching others what she knows the best, skateboarding.

All thanks to her, Skate Fresh have a list of professional lesson videos. By taking these online courses, you will be able to learn at your own pace. You will also consciously build control, balance, and stability. While in the process of improving your skills and techniques, you will also get fit and build both strength and muscle.

However, the best part is that you can try their online lessons completely free! It is also worth mentioning that each course is designed for all kinds of skill level.

Choosing The Best Skateboarding Lessons Online 

Skateboarding is a very healthy activity. While also being incredibly fun, skateboarding allows a person to build a healthy and active body. Skateboarding is also a sport where people can show off their skills and techniques. Although there are some risks attached to skateboarding, they are mostly for beginners who have no idea on skating.

It is important to properly learn skateboarding before one can proceed to properly skate. These are undoubtedly the best websites for learning skateboarding. All of them will give you a great learning experience. All you need to do is to choose any one of these and start your skateboarding journey!


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