13 Websites To Learn Sitar Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Music is a part of our lives that cannot be neglected. Its importance can be portrayed by a simple fact of commonness among all the cultures, civilizations and countries across the globe. They might have different genre, types, or different instruments but music is a unified language of love, peace and prosperity.

We can all agree that despite different genres of music being played around the world, this language needs no words and we can definitely understand and enjoy the music from different parts of the world.

In fact, the world has become a global village these days and we are seeing a boom of music and other cultural activities that are providing everyone a way to interact with all the people from different places and enjoy the leisure of life together.

Sitar is one such instrument that is from classical origin and mainly played in the eastern India and Pakistan. The instrument holds great heritage and cultural value among the people and you can find its presence in most of the eastern classical music.

Sitar is a stringed instrument that might look a bit similar to guitar but has its own unique identity and features that set it apart. The sitar is usually 4 feet in length with a long and hollow wooden neck. The strings can be tuned with multiple frets that can range up to 20 on single Sitar.

People from not only Indian origin but across the world adore the instrument and it is being played in most parts of the world. There are many schools around the world that can help you learn sitar if you are into classical musical and play it efficiently. However, if you want to learn sitar at the comfort of your home, these websites might come in handy:

13 Websites To Learn Sitar Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Udemy.com is a centralized library for a huge range of online courses that exceed expectations. You can think of a course randomly and Udemy will have listed them on the website. They are offering a unique and interactive interface that allows you to sign up for free and have access to a free account where you can manage all your courses without any monthly subscription.

All you have to pay for is the course you want to learn from. This way, you can have lifetime access to the course content that allows you to learn at your own pace. The method is suitable for most of the working adults or students who find it hard to manage time daily for it.

There are several courses on Udemy.com listed to learn Sitar proficiently. Sitar comes in different forms and sizes and you can learn all the basics with the help of these courses to make the right decision on selecting the right Sitar for you.

Not only that, you can have the guidance from top artists to learn how to play sitar and manage to create your favorite tunes on it. Udemy.com is simply the best possible solution to learn the skill of your choice at your own pace.

2) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Sitar Lessons Online

SuperProf.com is everything that you can expect from the name. They only feature the very best and you can find some top professors on this website on a vast range of topics that can help you learn the skill of your choice at the comfort of your home.

They are offering the cream of the crop and have a very limited number of professors for each topic as they prefer quality over quantity. You might see a slightly higher prices than other similar websites that are offering the same type of services, but SuperProf.com.au is worth the money that you will spend on the website to fuel your learning journey.

There are several sitar tutors listed on the website from all over the world that can accompany you with your learning journey. You can choose these professors based on the star rating from their authentic reviews or a short description on their profile to understand the compatibility better.

This way, you can start learning Sitar from the very best or play along them to enjoy expert guidance and being able to play Sitar with proficiency as you have always wanted to.

3) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Music is not something that you can learn out of a course book. It requires certain creative skills that you need to channel from within you and with the right inspiration and guidance, you can do wonders. While some believe that creativity is god-gifted, it is somehow right but to channel it the right way through music, you certainly need to train and brush up your skills.

Lessonface.com is one such website that holds a significant place in the world of online learning. They are offering a highly interactive module of one-on-one learning sessions with the top experts that can help you learn the skill of your choice with undivert attention.

You can find a few artists on this website that can help you with Sitar lessons. These Sitar lessons are a great way to grow your skillset as you can have focused attention towards your goal and ask the questions when you feel stuck.

You can also practice along with these tutors listed on LessonFace.com so they can help you with any mistakes that you might be making and enable you to play Sitar perfectly. You can ask for assistance at any skill level and they are more than happy to assist you.

4) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Sitar Lessons Online

If you are tired of those boring online pre-recorded lessons that are not interactive and engaging, this might be the perfect website for you to be at. While some people prefer self-paced study with the materials access so they can learn at their own convenient time.

Those study techniques require a lot of leg work at your own end and unless you are really passionate about it, it is not easy to become a pro with those lessons. TakeLessons.com comes to the rescue with their interactive learning method that allows you to learn from the top experts with a direct video-link.

This way, you can have your own personal tutor that will help you achieve your pre-set goals with the learning.

There are several tutors on TakeLessons.com to help you learn Sitar easily. Most of the tutors listed on the website have optimal rating and they can teach you Sitar from scratch and help you become a pro player.

No matter if you are looking to learn Sitar as a hobby, want to play at parties or have a professional career as Sitar player. These tutors can help you learn all that you want and need to learn and that too with your own convenient time and comfort of your home.

5) LessonsAustralia

Lessonsaustralia Learn Sitar Lessons Online

LessonsAustralia.com.au is another great website that is offering you with an interactive method to learn the skill of your choice in no time at all. They have a highly engaging interface on the website that makes you feel like you are at the right place from the moment you land on the website.

Not only that, they have a dedicated page for each skill that you can learn on the website making the learning process much easier and fun for you. You can get online private Sitar lessons on the website from some the expert Sitar teachers who are not only some great artists but have extensive experience in teaching Sitar as well.

The website is offering a money-back guarantee on first two lessons that make it easier for you to try and if you feel like the tutor is not working for you, you can either switch or choose to refrain from learning on the website. Although, even with this offer the retention rate of the website is quite high and they have hundreds of happy students who have learnt to play sitar online from the website.

6) Tutorful

Tutorhunt Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Tutorful.co.uk is a UK based website that features expert tutors across the world that are helping people learn online. You can expect the same standards of education from the websites and all its tutors that are followed around the UK to ensure an optimal learning experience for everyone.

They got different options available that allow you to choose a tutor for online or in-person trainings and also you can choose the level of skillset you are at to make your online learning more fruitful.

There are several tutors featured on tutorful.co.uk that can help you with the optimal Sitar learning experience. You can ask help on any skill level you might be at. Doesn’t matter if you are looking to start from scratch or want to brush up your skills and have an expert tutor advice you on your learning style or to enhance the creativity.

Whatever your needs might be, you can find an appropriate tutor for you on Tutorful.co.uk. The interactive teaching method enables you to have right assistance directed towards your self-learning goals.

7) Sharda

Sharda Learn Sitar Lessons Online

This is a classical Indian website that is offering lessons on all the instruments and genres that hold a significant place in Indian musical culture. While there are advancements in the Indian culture as well, and their music have evolved to more modern genres, classical music from the Indian history is still not replaceable and people across the world still adore and appreciate those low nodes and soothing sounds of instruments such as Sitar and flute.

Sharda.org is a free website that is devoted to keeping the soul of Indian classical music alive by offering free lessons to everyone who are interested in learning.

Sharda.org offers you with numerous resources including vocal lessons, Raag & Taal, the theory behind playing those classical instruments and these vocal lessons and of course Sitar lessons that will enable you to master the art of classical Sitar playing.

These lessons carry attention to details and you can find lessons on Sitar parts, how you can tune it, how to play Sitar like a pro and much more. There are also some cool accessories for Sitar available on Sharda.org that you can buy to make your Sitar playing journey much more fun.

Once you are acquainted with the basics, there are exercises and some popular raags or tunes that you can practice with and make it worth the while that you have spent learning.

8) MusicLessonsOnline

Musiclessonsonline Learn Sitar Lessons Online

This is another website that is based out of India and is devoted to promote Indian cultural music across the world. They have a simplistic blog-based interface but the website carries a vast range of lessons on online learning that will make it worth your while.

They have extensive range of resources listed on MusicLessonsOnline.in that you can skim through and make your learning journey much more pleasurable. You can be looking for a course on any musical instrument including Sitar, or whatever level of skills you might be at, this website got you covered.

You can find numerous E-learning resources on the website to aid you with your learning. You can find music courses, online lessons, and access to an E-store to help you buy the right lessons that you can learn Sitar from.

The website has an extensive course for Sitar that pretty much covers all the knowledge to learn the basics of Sitar, understanding its functions properly, choosing the right Sitar for you to playing it professionally and making a career in cultural music with Sitar. You can learn to play solo or in a band easily on this website.

9) SitarLessonsOnline

Sitarlessonsonline Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Indian culture is rich with history of arts and music. At the peak of their civilization in past, they were all about making buildings that count and creating artists. Sitar is one such instrument that was invented during the peak of Indian civilization and is still somehow in its original form with slight modifications.

Even after 2 centuries, the popularity of Sitar has not declined but grown ever since and it remains one of the most important instruments for classical Indian music.

SitarLessonOnline.com is one such website that is keeping the culture and Sitar alive with offering free Sitar Learning Classes. They have several learning methods to choose from including Sitar learning classes online where you can join a class and learn among your fellow students and have a chance to interact with them.

SitarLessonsOnlin.com is also offering pre-recorded lessons online that can help you learn at your own comfortable pace and make it count towards your learning journey. You can also request for personalized lessons on the website and they can help you with one-one-one sessions with their top artists that can help you achieve your personalized goals towards learning Sitar online.

10) SPKAcademy

SPKacademy Learn Sitar Lessons Online

SPKacademy.org is the website powered by Shahid Parvez Khan Academy. For those of you that are familiar with Indian classical music and have a thing for Sitar are already familiar with the name and the respect it holds within the community.

He is an artist whose reputation exceeds the boundaries of countries, or genre. This academy and online website offer you an opportunity of lifetime to learn Sitar from one of the most renowned names in the world of Sitar Players.

SPKacademy.org has different resources that can help you understand the soul of Sitar music and make it worth your while to learn Sitar with them. You can have the confidence to learn from the very best and make your learning journey smoother and more enjoyable.

There is a Music store on the website with top tracks and Sitar learning tracks. You can also source some of the best Sitars and accessories on the website to aid the Sitar learning experience.

The website is also offering you tickets to Top Sitar concerts so you can not only learn, but also enjoy the music from top artists and contribute towards the community. There are Sitar lessons online and also skype lessons with a senior instructor or Ustadji, Shahid Parvez Khan that you can choose according to your needs.

11) TeacherOn

Teacheron Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Teacheron.com is another website that can help you find the right tutor for you on any topic or skill that you might want to learn online. Their interface is pretty simplistic but equipped with every advanced feature that you might need to accompany you with a more enjoyable and easy online learning experience.

Some of their top features are help through whatsapp and online chat feature on the website that will enable you to get the right advice on choosing a course for you or can help you with finding the most suitable teacher that can give you lessons online.

Teacheron.com is offering lessons on Indian classic music including Sitar that will be a right step towards your growth with Sitar. There are online lessons available on skype that can help you learn Sitar from some of the top artists that you might recognize from your favorite concerts or tracks as well.

With the help of this website, now you can play along with them to practice and brush up on your skills, or simple ask them for assistance to help you learn playing sitar.

12) DeepSankar

Deepsankar Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Mastering the art of sitar is on every musician’s list but with limited availability of effective courses, the wish is never fulfilled. But DeepSankar.com will offer numerous online sitar courses. The courses are easy to learn; all you need is the desire to learn and you’ll become the sitar pro in no time.

With this website, the sitar enthusiasts will be able to learn from the best. The instructor’s name is Deepsankar and he literally has years of experience. Also, he belongs to the family of sitarists. In other words, he is leading the legacy and you can have a fair share of sitar knowledge with DeepSankar.com.

The website has a designated YouTube channel where students can access the instructional videos and learn for free. In addition, they have a SoundCloud channel from where you can access the audio tracks. These tracks and videos will help understand the high and low notes.

The website is pretty well-integrated to ensure students can get their hands on correct information in no time. Also, there is a form through which students can enter the name and email to sign up. Last but not least, the visitors can use the support email for robust and timely answers to their questions.

13) JamKeyJam

Jamkeyjam Learn Sitar Lessons Online

Traditional music is all classic and history-rich but modern-world music is different. If you intend on mashing up traditional sitar in contemporary music, JAMkeyJAM.com is the right website to start with. With this website, sitar enthusiasts will be able to create their unique sitar tunes without giving up the essence.

The website hosts regular concerts through which students can show off their skills and progress. Also, there are practice sessions that help students harness the sitar skills because practicing is the key to perfection. With email subscriptions, the website sends out updates about course updates and music news.

JAMkeyJAM.com promises to offer personalized learning experiences that meet their specific skills. In addition, students can learn how to play sitar online with Skype meetings. All you need to do is have a device with a microphone and a sitar to become the pro. The website offers multiple payment methods that adds to the convenience. For instance, students can sign up for the course and pay through PayPal to start learning sitar.

Choosing The Best Sitar Lesson Online

Sitar holds a vital part in Indian cultural music and it has spread to far corners of the world. People across the world love this instrument and want to learn how to play it perfectly. You might be a hobbyist, music enthusiast or looking for a professional career as Sitar player.

These websites can help you get your hands on all the skills and knowledge you might need to be able to play Sitar the right way. You can choose from these websites according to your needs and convenience.


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