30 Websites to Learn Singing Lesson Online (Free and Paid Singing Courses)

Learn Singing Lesson Online

Learn Singing Lesson Online

There are various ways through which you can learn new skills, abilities, & talents. These mediums can either be digital (online learning) or in real-time (On-campus).

Both mediums expose you to both the theoretical & practical aspects of acquiring new information in any field of your choosing - in this case singing.

The convenient and flexible nature of learning digitally may be attractive to you, but also affordable & easy. Nowadays, you do not have to enroll in a music academy to learn all the principles on how to sing, you can do that on the internet.

Filled with vast online resources, videos, tutorials, & articles that can help to guide you through the learning process, you can assimilate all that you need to know at your own pace & time.

The ability to learn singing lessons is phenomenal as it gives you an opportunity to develop your vocal abilities, pursue a possible career in singing or just enrich your singing skills for the fun of it.

Learning how to sing online using the right platforms which will be discussed briefly in this article, gives you an opportunity to be taught valuable singing lessons by music experts & professional instructors who have made a career within the industry.

30 Websites to Learn Singing Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

MasterClass Christina Aguilera Learn Singing Lessons Online

Masterclass learning platform comprises of a rich list of instructors who have made a name for themselves in their respective areas of specialization.

One of such instructors is Award-winning singer, songwriter, & performer Christina Aguilera best known for her self titled debut album comprising hit singles such as- “Genie in a bottle", “What a Girl Wants" amongst others.

In this online singing lesson, you will be given an opportunity to learn her distinct vocal skills in over 3.5 hours of voice lectures, training & activities.

This Master class is structured into 23 lessons, with each lesson scheduled for 12 minutes. You will be grilled on her unique singing techniques on all levels from the beginner to the intermediate & finally professional level- where you are expected to have mastered a skill or more in the art of singing.

To help guide you during this class, there will be provisions for workbooks in each lesson. You can download these lesson manuals, containing lesson summaries, tips, & tasks to serve as an extra learning aid for each class.

2) ArtistWorks: Online Singing Lessons


ArtistWorks is an online singing school that specializes in teaching you on all the various facets involved in singing. When you sign up for a class on this platform, you are given unrestricted access to comprehensive singing lessons.

To gain access to these singing classes, you need to subscribe to a one-month lesson plan which costs $29. Afterward, you will be required to create your student account online before you proceed to make the necessary payments.

Completing all the steps above will qualify you to start to receive lectures from an archive comprising of top quality video lessons that have been reviewed by celebrity voice coach and instructor Jeannie Deva.

This library of high-quality singing lessons includes various important elements in singing such as:

• Breath management

• Song performance

• Song development

• Vocal care

• Voice development etc.

When you visit this online learning platform, a pop-up banner comes up through which you can choose to sign up for regular updates via email on special offers, tips, and promos.

3) Udemy: Singing Courses


Udemy is a multifunctional online learning platform that also has provisions for singing lessons and vocal tutorials.

To view all the options available to you, all you have to go is to visit Udemy's web platform after which you type the term ‘singing' into the search icon at the top corner of the display bar.

The platform will do the rest by presenting you with a list of courses that fit your term. Each course differs in terms of their pricing, offers, & rating, with most of the highest-ranked singing classes costing more.

After selecting any course that is appealing, you will be redirected to the class page where you will be provided with an overview If the class instructor, course requirements, course description, list of things you will be lectured on & additional reviews from current participants of the class.

Udemy's platform also has features that allow you to filter the search results based on the most relevant, most reviewed, highest rated, lowest/highest price and newest.

4) Fiverr: Freelance Services on Singing


Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can find several independent freelancers who are trading their skills, expertise, and talent to interested clients looking to outsource specific jobs.

One of such freelance services is tutorials on vocal coaching, singing development, and other singing techniques. This can take place either through skype, video demonstrations or presentations. These lessons can also be on a varying degree of musical equipment such as guitars, pianos, violins, etc.

The lessons on Fiverr's platform are moderately priced with instructors rated for each delivery and tanker based on their selling level (New seller, level one seller, level two seller, and top-rated seller).

Each seller also has three packages on their gigs with each package having different pricing and service description.

You can also preview the location of your instructor, their average response time and recent delivery along with a brief bio on their qualifications and services.

Fiverr's platform is easy to navigate and user-friendly, with simplified options and icons to help guide you through the entire process.

5) Lynda.com® from LINKEDIN


This is a top online learning platform in collaboration with LinkedIn, to provide you with the ability to learn, improve & develop your skills, passion or career to accomplish all your goals in a modern & interactive format.

Learning on Lynda.Com promises to give you a means of effectively developing your singing skills, work on your talent as a singer and improve your newly acquired skills.

By enrolling in this online learning initiative, you are set to gain unlimited access to relevant, updated & well-researched content that will be taught by competent experts in your respective industry.

You also have the opportunity for a free month trial for a test ride, to enable you to determine if learning online through this platform is the right fit for you.

Depending on the singing class you choose, you will be tutored on all the various requirements you need to grow, develop & thrive either as a vocalist or instrumentalist.

The different singing classes also have their own distinct teaching syllabus which is put together by your instructor.

6) Lessonface: Online Singing Lessons


You can be read assured that you will be getting the best singing lessons on this platform as all the singing teachers listed online have been properly examined, screened and selected to guide and assist every student in their quest for knowledge.

Furthermore, another noticeable feature of this online learning platform is how easy it has been designed for you as a user to swiftly move through the process of finding and selecting a singing teacher for an interactive lesson online.

The search filters allow you to customize your search on the basis of categories, pricing, availability, and additional requirements such as spoken language and an ability to teach youngsters.

Depending on the singing instructor you decide to preview, you will be redirected to a page containing an overview of the instructor's qualifications, ratings, and reviews from both current and past students he or she is working or have worked with.

You will also be able to read up on your potential instructor's teaching style and lesson plan.

7) Take Lessons


With over two hundred thousand(200,000 plus) students, six thousand teaching experts and vast years of being in business, take lessons is taking the lead by setting standards in learning how to sing online.

All the classes are not prerecorded and take place live. This way you are able to interact directly with your singing teacher who has been properly vetted and screened to ensure that you are provided with excellent teaching methods and techniques.

Through the live teaching session, you can ask questions directly or request for clarity on a subject matter. This will help you to assimilate at a faster pace while also improving your skills and knowledge in singing.

When you visit take lessons landing page, you will be shown a promo banner which promises to give you 35% off on select singing teachers after you subscribe with your email. Doing this will also allow you to receive information on exclusive offers, tutor recommendations, and special teaching aids.

8) Rogerlove


Taught by one of the leading singing instructors in the world, this unique singing course is categorized into 1, 2 and 3. The first one is specially designed to help you train your head, chest and middle voices. It also trains you to get rid of pitch problems and then introduces you to how to play musical instruments.

For course 1, you have to pay $197. You can choose the option for courses 1 and 2 to also learn about auditioning, sinking country, rock, pop and other genres of music, breathing techniques and lots more. The combination of courses 1 and 2 costs $297.

For $497, you can get the full package that involves the module of course 1, 2 and 3. This package offers you all the training in courses 1 and 2 as well as other special training. You will get a total of 100 videos and learn microphone techniques, development of stage presence and how to create a connection with your audience.

9) SkillShare


If you want to learn singing, Skillshare is the right place to be. This website has tons of singing courses that are created to take care of the needs of people that are ready to take their musical talents to another level.

Some of the courses available include Singing Made Easy (Level 1), SINGING MADE EASY (Level 2), Singing Like a Pro, SINGING FOR BEGINNERS with Piano Tracks for Easier Practice, Know Your Voice, Singing On Pitch, Vocal Lessons: Types of Singing Voices, How To Create An Awesome Song Hook and lots more.

A lot of professional music tutors are available on this website including Jon Hart, Clay Drayton, Gabriel Burrafato, Eve Williams, Gabriel Mendonca, Jayne Norrie Singing Coach, William Harrison, and lots more.

Apart from singing, there are also courses that are meant for people that want to improve their ability to play guitar, piano, drum sets and other instruments. These courses range from around 30 minutes to about 4 hours, depending on their curricula.

10) Private Lessons


For anyone that wants to learn or improve how to sing without taking part in a general class, these private lessons are some of the best they can consider. Since 1996, these private lessons have been assisting various individuals around the world to improve their musical skills.

They allow you to learn most of the things you need to know about music from the comfort of your home. Jeremy Shilley, Daniel Ragone, Rebecca Windham, Michelle Allen McIntire, and Liana Lansing are the professional teachers that will be using their experience and expertise to teach various students. Most of these independent teachers are always available to attend to the needs of their students.

The lessons cover an array of aspects such as voice training, vocal coaching, piano, sight-singing, and lots more. Folk, jazz, opera, R & B, blues, pop, baroque, gospel, contemporary church music, rock, classical, and other musical genres are included in these private lessons.

11) Voice Lessons


Learn music anywhere you are at any time of the day from some of the most experienced and skilled voice teachers around the world. This singing course relies on Vocaloop Patented Technology that allows you to customize the lessons to suit your particular needs and also assist you to maximize your musical potential. Whether you are on your mobile phones, tablet, or PC, you can stay connected with your teacher and learn everything you want to know about music.

Enjoy top-notch full-duplex audio and video recording during the course. Spontaneous vocal exercises and keyboard exercises are included in this training. Without having to deal with a bad network or face time constraint, this online course makes it possible to learn fast without much trouble.

You can also take advantage of this course to widen your horizon and know some of the best music teachers that can help you reach your goals faster than imagined.

12) imusic-school


Every music student is at a different level and, as such, everyone should learn at different paces. This is why Imusic singing school is here for you. This course gives you several resources including hundreds of short videos made by some seasoned music teachers.

The four units of this course include rhythms & syllables, major, minor and blues scale, putting chords together and ten jazz standards. At the completion of the course, you should know operatic singing and how to put chords together as well as experience an improvement in your voice techniques.

The students will learn from Bob Stoloff and Jeremy Huw Williams. The lessons are structured in a way that allows you to re-watch the videos whenever you want to do so. Each class is interactive, the teachers are great, and the platform enhances the ability to understand the lessons fast. In addition to all these, this course comes at a relatively affordable fee that most beginners, intermediate and experts will like.

13) The Naked Vocalist


These lessons are anchored on The Naked Vocalist, which is a platform specially created to help music talents. The course is one of the best for people that are dealing with various problems with their voices.

Similarly, those that want to improve their voice through top-of-the-line vocal training can also join this training. This course helps people to improve their vocal technique as well as vocal artistry and performance.

Different topics will be taught to ensure that every student has a perfect understanding of what they need to do to improve their voice.

The founders of The Naked Vocalist, Chris, and Steve, will be the ones taking this course, so students can rest assured of learning directly from some of the most experienced professionals in the field. Along with these two, Jeannie LoVetri, Dave Stroud, and Jamie Vendera will be making guest appearances during the course to teach students. At the end of these lessons, students’ confidence to perform would have been boosted.

14) virtualvoicelessons.net


This is a unique online singing course that teaches you everything you should understand about singing. Through VirtualVoiceLessons.net, students will enjoy a peerless and affordable course that delivers detailed instructions on voice training and techniques.

In general, the course will teach you how you can sing with expression and vibrato, discover your special vocal tone, be in charge of your voice and sing anyhow you want, breath appropriately, and safeguard your voice against any form of injury.

This program is good for everybody irrespective of the genre of music that they are into because it provides the fundamental elements that every music artist needs to optimize their talents. However, you can expect more emphasis on country, rock, metal, Christian, pop, and metal as the lessons progress.

Steve Childs will take students through a series of lessons for a token of $7 every month. You can hardly find any other singing course that is as affordable as this.

15) The Vocalist Studio

The Vocalist Studio

The Vocal Studio presents a singing course that is primarily anchored by Robert Lunte. This excellent course is meant to touch different areas of music with the main focus on vocal training. You will be shown the major training techniques that you need to be able to sing at the right pitch that will improve your music.

The Vocalist Studio’s training has varying types of packages, so the choice is all yours. If you need the course and training with lifetime access, you will have to pay $199.

However, there are better and costlier packages that will provide you with courses, training, lifetime access, softcopy and copy of some special books, and other resources. This will cost you $349. With a one-time fee of $499, you can get all the resources of the other packages as well as 3 different live or Skype lessons with the teacher at your convenience.

16) Singwell


With this Singwell singing course, you will get the all-important instructions that will turn you into a better singer. This online course gives you access to learn singing from one of the best music teachers and make singing become so easy for you.

While you are learning, add Yoga to the training to ensure that you stay in shape and also understand how to use your instrument. The tutor is known as Limor and she is a seasoned opera singer; however, she can also take other styles including pop and musical.

With the aid of her technical ability, experience and expertise, she will assist you to improve your singing regardless of your style. She offers an array of courses that will teach you about head voice, chest voice and other aspects that determine how good your vocals will be.

So, just join this class now if you would like to become a better singer through her unparalleled singing lessons.

17) Preply


This singing program is created to make sure that students can have easy and quick access to the best in the field. Preply gives you a chance to master your vocal techniques and keeps you informed on the latest developments concerning your genre.

Currently, there are over 35 tutors available to work with different students. Also, there are thousands of lessons for students. The classes start at just $15 every hour. Some of the highly-rated tutors on the platform include Dina G, Julia T., Hratsjuhi A., Molly M., Juliana B., Verity G., Andreas A., Zhenya K., Cynthia S., and Jorge P.

Many of these teachers have experience of over 10 years and can teach you different things related to music such as voice and piano. It is worthwhile to note that some of these teachers can also teach you in other languages apart from English. So, language can hardly be a barrier for not joining Preply to learn how to sing.

18) TheProSinger


TheProSinger is a platform created to cater to the needs of everyone who loves to sing – whether you are a professional or a complete novice that is just getting started. It is primarily designed to help you maximize your singing ability and be the best that you can ever be.

Having understood that lots of individuals cannot afford to hire a professional for vocal training and private voice lessons, this website was developed to help people. Irrespective of your budget, you can rest assured that this platform will offer you singing lessons that suit your needs.

This wonderful platform is led by Suzanne, an enthusiastic teacher and communicator who is always ready to go extra miles to ensure that she impacts her students with knowledge.

She is not just an excellent voice coach, but she also specializes in developing and maximizing the potentials of people to become extraordinary singers. For over 30 years, she has been using her experience and expertise to help students from all walks of life to improve their singing abilities.

The lessons of TheProSinger have all elements of clarity and fun; hence, every student can be certain that these lessons will be of immense help to their singing.

With the lessons, you will break all mental, vocal and emotional barriers that are holding you back so that you can sing better and know how to handle the attention of your audience. You can join these lessons by coming to the studio of Suzanne or be a part of her Skype lessons.

19) Voice Lessons via Skype

Voice Lessons via Skype

The advent of technology has brought us endless options when it comes to learning. With the help of Popeil’s Voice Lessons via Skype, you can learn different things about voice training from the comfort of your room.

Whether you are in the Americas, Europe, Australia or any other parts of the world, you can join this private class and give your voice the improvements that it craves. Lisa Popeil, who is the teacher, is always at your beck and call. You can easily schedule a class with her and start enhancing your voice without much hassle.

These private lessons come in two formats. You can book the 1-hour session to learn from one of the masters in the field for one hour. As an alternative, you can be a part of the half-hour session and learn a few things in 30 minutes. These lessons are totally hosted via Skype as the tutors will be showing you some of the exceptional tricks that can help you improve your voice.

Even if you have any problems during the session, the tutors are ready to reach you via phone call or text to clarify things and help you maximize the 1-hour or 1/2-hour session.

If you would like to join Popeil’s Voice Lessons via Skype, start now by sending an email so that you can be added by the voice teacher and coach.

20) Music Lessons Anywhere

Music Lessons Anywhere

Music Lessons Anywhere offers specialized singing lessons and voice training that are entirely anchored online. The lessons are created in such a way that they are suitable for learners regardless of their singing levels, ages, and styles.

From anywhere you are around the world, you can become a part of these lessons by trying out the free trial class. With the free trial, you can learn about how the lessons work and get further answers to all your inquiries.

These lessons are taught by Carol Hodge, who is a UK-based teacher that has been teaching people from all walks of life for more than 10 years. As a singing professional, Carol has amassed an experience of about 20 years; hence, she is well placed to teach anyone that wants to learn.

She has assisted various individuals from the UK, Bahrain, Thailand, and so on. As long as you are connected to the internet, these lessons are always open to you.

Carol’s teachings can come in handy to improve your voice, enhance your song delivery, boost your confidence to sing and face the audience, and become a better performer than you have ever imagined. For just £30 per hour, individuals can learn directly from Carol via Skype.

She also teaches small groups and choirs of up to 5 individuals. A one-hour lesson is £40 for two people and £50 for about 3 to 5 individuals. Get in touch with Carol Hodge today to get started.

21) Classgap


If you want to boost your singing and musical knowledge, Classgap is the right place to be. Classgap has attracted some of the best teachers in the field; therefore, you can learn about a wide range of subjects related to music.

Whether you need voice training, want to boost your confidence on stage, or improve your ability to play flute, piano or other instruments, there are teachers that can help you on this platform.

Using Classgap, you can select your choicest lessons and join their private lessons regardless of your location. Since the teachers are from different of the world, you can always find someone that is ready to teach you in the morning, afternoon, or even nights.

Classgap eliminates the need to travel from one place to another for music training as you can learn everything from your home. Also, most of the classes are affordable with massive discounts for people that are just joining them.

A few of the tutors that you can learn from include Pauline F., Dana Z., Mala D., Carmela E., Carmen R., Deborah D., and Enzo. The tutors are friendly, professional and always willing to help their students get the most out of their lessons.

Many of the teachers are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, German and other languages. Therefore, language cannot be a barrier to learning via Classgap.

22) Voice Teachers

Voice Teachers

If you are looking for voice teachers, this website brings the best ones to your fingertips. You can easily stay in touch with the best teachers and allow them to give you astounding voice training so that you can perform at the highest levels.

One of the best teachers is Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio. Apart from his comprehensive singing lessons, students will also enjoy lesson recordings at no extra charge. Students can also get free video lessons that can help them to learn whenever they want.

The Skype classes are topnotch and good enough to help you understand everything you have always wanted to learn. Julie Brown Voice Studio also provides great voice training to students.

Julie Brown focuses on her one-of-a-kind Acapelladiva Method to learn more about singing without much stress. She utilizes breathing techniques and other methods to make her students understand everything they need to know.

Octave Higher Studio is another amazing studio that offers voice lessons to professionals as well as beginners that want to perfect their singing technique. Gene Raymond, the teacher of this studio, has been aiding the learning processes of many students for years through his specialized, refined teaching methods.

Other studios you can learn from on this website include Vocal Empowerment Voice Studio, Vocal Edge Voice Studio, and Austin Voice Lessons. Don’t hesitate to register with these teachers to start learning.

23) Hear and Play Vocal Mastery System

Hear and Play Vocal Mastery System

When it comes to learning the basics and fundamentals of music, there is hardly a better way to learn than through Hear and Play Vocal Mastery System. The system is the brainchild of Jermaine Griggs and Nena Lockhart who are both amazing singers and music teachers. It has a series of the most detailed courses of vocal mastery that are available today.

Created for various students, this online system has proven to be important to make sure that singers and other music professionals understand the essence of breathing and the development of the right habits to their music. With the aid of this course, you are going to learn the ins and outs of singing so that you can sing in a natural yet inspiring manner.

After registering and paying for this system, you will get 10 discs that you can use whenever you want. One of the main benefits of this system is that it is a self-paced learning model.

In other words, you can learn whenever and wherever you want. Hear and Play Vocal Mastery System helps you to boost your vocal range without any form of discomfort, understand how to maintain the right posture when singing and utilize falsetto in a strategic way.

At the end of the lessons, students would have built their endurance and strength and learned how to avoid vocal cord injuries, pain and strain when singing.

24) Get Singing Lessons Online

Get Singing Lessons Online

Hosted on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, Get Singing Lessons Online is a special online course that is taught by Ken Tamplin. It is one-on-one coaching that helps both professional and beginner vocalists to expand their knowledge and improve their skills.

With the help of this unique course, you will be able to get over your fears of singing, develop your voice significantly, and transform into an astonishing singer that will capture the hearts of anyone that listen to you.

Get Singing Lessons Online is a low-cost program that offers you loads of resources. The course is available in different bundles. The cheapest course is called Powerful Foundation that is meant for learning to sing and do church songs, karaoke, and lots more. It costs just $229 to download everything you directly online.

Alternatively, you can pay to get everything sent to you via DVD and USB drives. You will get USB drives that are loaded with several courses that you can easily plug to your system and start learning. In addition, there are adapters that make it possible for you to learn everything you want via your mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android device.

The Gold Bundle, which is the costliest and most powerful course, is designed for a singer-songwriter, pro vocalist, YouTube starts, worship leaders, touring artist, singing competition winners, and recording artist. It is a 29GB of singing lessons that will help you learn how to sing better than your contemporaries.

25) Richman Music School

Richman Music School

Richman Music School presents a comprehensive series of singing lessons that are entirely based online. These singing lessons cover several areas of music as you can learn how to sing or develop your singing potentials and also learn how to play any musical instrument of your choice.

Through Richman Music School, each interested student now has unlimited access to an array of experienced teachers who have dedicated their time and effort to helping students become better at singing. Some of the most experienced and versatile teachers on the platform include Olivia Morreale, Cherie Valaray, Iliana Rose, Mkrtchyan Suren, Jonathan Wessel, Anand Darsie, Vera Lugo, Michael Stein, and Jennie Kwan.

Many of them have been teaching different areas of music for several years; hence, you are definitely going to learn from some of the best music teachers if you join the online lessons of Richman Music School.

These teachers cover a wide range of music genres including rock, R&B, Classical, country, pop, opera, jazz, and blues. You can also learn more about musical theater styles, vocal training, songwriting, lyric writing, conducting, music arranging, composition, and orchestration.

There are also tutors that can help you to learn how to play musical instruments such as viola, guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, cello, flute, trumpet, organ, harmonica, Latin percussion, French horn, oboe, drums, banjo, trombone, and harp. All these lessons are available for you online now.

26) Voice Essentials

Voice Essentials

Are you looking for a platform to develop your voice with the aid of the best contemporary techniques? If yes, Voice Essentials is the perfect platform you can always count on. This online course works excellently for genres such as jazz, rock, country, modern music theatre, R&B, and pop.

For just $99.95, you can get started with Super Bundle that covers six important singing lessons. You can also buy the Pro Bundle for $147 to get all singing lessons that Voice Essentials offers.

With the help of Voice Essentials, anyone can sing as long as they are willing to learn. Dr. Dan, who is the tutor of Voice Essentials, is capable of working with any student regardless of their experience or current singing ability. This is because the courses have been designed in such a way that every area that can help you to become a better singer is touched and improved.

These courses will offer you task-specific learning resources that can help you build your vocal range and enhance your singing pitch. Furthermore, Voice Essentials courses help you promote your breathing and break your singing limitations to foster improve your singing voice.

Although tons of online reviews have shown that Voice Essentials is trustworthy, you can still take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if Voice Essentials courses don’t transform your voice, you can get a refund of your money.

27) The Top Singing Coach Online

The Top Singing Coach Online

Bohemian Vocal Studio brings you the top singing coach that works with you to become a better, more confident and more powerful singer. For around 10 years, this studio has been offering these singing lessons to students from different parts of the world; hence, you can be certain that this is a tested and trusted platform.

This course is anchored by Kegan DeBoheme who is an expert in training students with a difficult accent and vocal ranges. He is a voice coach that is passionate about assisting students to improve their voices.

By taking you through loads of singing lessons online, Kegan trains you personally so that you can have a sturdy foundation to develop your singing skills.

Through the singing lessons with Kegan, you will learn the process of increasing vocal range, diaphragmatic breathing technique, correct singing posture, as well as vocal placement.

Other things that you will learn from Kegan include how to develop strong MIX voice, resonate in the right way, tune and shape your vowels correctly, and enhance your tone. These lessons are recommended for people that are into metal, blues, R&B, pop, rock, and folk.

If you want to join the singing lessons with Kegan, all you need is a laptop or mobile device and a good internet connection. After registering for the course, Kegan will get in touch with you via Skype and the lessons will start immediately.

28) Online Singing Lessons via The Singer’s Corner

Online Singing Lessons via The Singer’s Corner

Hiring a private singing coach can be expensive and time-consuming in some cases. So, if you would like to transform your voice and singing skills without paying through your nose, the online singing lessons on The Singer’s Corner is here for you.

There are several music tutors on this platform; therefore, your options are not limited to a particular person. You can check out different teachers, consider what they are capable of offering you and select the best ones to help you build your singing abilities.

By joining the online singing lessons on The Singer’s Corner, you will be taught how to sing and transform into a better singer without wasting time. One of the best lessons on this platform is Aaron’s Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method that covers a wide range of foundational classes that you need to become better at singing. This course is affordable as it costs only $97.

As an alternative, you can join a software-based lesson that is known as Singorama. The software teaches you various exercises, basics, and warmups. It goes for $97 if you want the digital download or $299.95 if you prefer the physical product. Other lessons available on The Singer’s Corner include Brett Manning’s Singing Success and Hear and Play’s Program.

Whichever of these topnotch online courses you choose; you will undoubtedly learn from the best and develop your skills. You will also get several free bonus packages. So, get started now!

29) Wyzant’s Singing Lessons

Wyzant’s Singing Lessons

Wyzant has assembled several singing teachers; thus, making it possible for interested learners to get access to innumerable teachers on a single platform. Rather than looking for different teachers across different platforms, you can simply get in touch with the teachers on Wyzant and start learning.

The majority of the private tutors on this platform have the qualifications, experience, and skills required to take your singing to the next level. Currently, there are over 270 private singing lessons that are available.

Apart from the fact that you are likely to get great results at the end of your lessons, Wyzant’s singing lessons make it convenient for anyone to learn singing. Unlike some other platforms that require you to subscribe for a long period, you only have to pay for the time you want to spend on learning.

With an average hourly rate of about $35 to $60, these lessons are generally affordable and you have to pay after completing the class. If you are working with a new tutor, you don’t have to pay if the class does not meet your expectations.

Some of the highly referred private teachers that offer lessons on this platform are Ismael M., Nicholas R., Madison R., Karen W., Sarabeth B., Mellisa M., Andrew W., Dan S., Liya A., and John B. They can assist you with sight-singing, lead singing, warm-ups, music theory, ear training, voice training, music notation, and music history.

30) Singing Lessons via Music to Your Home

Singing Lessons via Music to Your Home

These online voice lessons are targeted at helping you to enjoy a bigger range without losing control of your singing. The private voice teachers on this platform will work with you to improve your posture so that you can get to your topmost breath capacity and prevent the obstruction of your vocal cords.

These lessons will go a long way in assisting you to build confidence so that you can have a stronger connection with your listeners and pass your message across to them easily and quickly.

To be a part of these lessons, there is no special requirement as anybody can join whether they are professional singers or a novice that only wants to start maximizing their musical talents. Also, these lessons can be accessed via most internet-enabled devices such as your laptop or smartphones. The affordable and accessible classes are hosted via Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

Over the past 11 years, more than 100,000 lessons have been delivered to several students that are located in different places. Furthermore, there are 80 teachers that are ready to work with you. So, you can start learning through these singing lessons today without leaving your home or office.

In addition to training and improving your voice, there are also lessons that are designed for people that want to learn how to play various musical instruments. These instruments include guitar, piano, saxophone, and drums.

Choosing the Best Singing Lesson Online

If you have a passion for singing and you hope to take your fondness of music to the next level, either as a career or just for the fun of it, then you should consider one of the various learning websites discussed above.

Each online singing lesson comprises of well-trained music instructors who are experts with vast years of working experience and knowledge on the subject matter.

It is crucial that you take advantage of the available platforms and resources that will prove to be of immense value as you proceed on the path to becoming a star and singing icon.


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