3 Websites To Learn Shekere Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Shekere Lessons Online

Learn Shekere Lessons Online

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The shekere is an instrument consisting of a gourd with beads and a net which layers the gourd. It is an instrument mostly used in West-Africa. It is also very popular in Latin American folk traditions.

The shekere is used by simply shaking it or hitting it against a hand. In other words, it is a percussion instrument. The sound of the instrument greatly depends upon the structure of the gourd.

Making a shekere can take several months as the procedure of drying a gourd and extracting its seeds can consume a lot of time. A certain level of skill is also required to make a shekere. The shekere comes in many forms and varieties, but is only used as a musical instrument.

But enough about making a shekere, as you might be interested in the act of playing a shekere. There are a variety of different ways to play the instrument.

Using this article, we will discuss about the websites that will teach you how to play the shekere in different ways. All of these websites will offer online courses about playing the instrument. They will teach you in an effective and different kinds of ways.

3 Websites To Learn Shekere Lessons Online Review

1) ArtistWorks

Artistworks Learn Shekere Lessons Online

Artist Works is regarded as one of the best websites to provide online lessons for musical instruments. They have a wide range of different online lessons which are given by master musicians.

Each and every instrument listed on the website has a huge library of videos that will teach you all the fundamentals and basics. They also provide advanced methods of learning how to play the instrument.

Providing you with a great interface, the website covers almost every musical instrument in a very effective manner. They have lessons on how to play percussion instruments. A percussion instrument is basically a musical instrument that is played by being hit or scraped by a person.

The benefit of taking online lessons for percussion instruments is that not only it will teach you the means of playing a shekere, but also other popular percussion instruments like a drum.

The online lesson is taught by Luis Conte who is a great percussionist himself. He provides a series of high-quality online lessons that will teach all the Latin styles of playing a percussion. The lesson starts at a beginner level and ends at an advanced level.

This website should be your first choice, if you’re interested in learning more than just the process of playing a shekere. The online course by Luis Conte is definitely a great way to improve your skill on percussion instruments.

2) MichaelPluznick

Michaelpluznick Learn Shekere Lessons Online

This website is named after the studio musician, artist, and percussion instructor, Michael Pluznick who is also the site’s owner. The website is pretty straight-forward when it comes to providing online lessons. It gives different and unique online lessons on music.

The website’s interface can seem to be a bit overwhelming when you first look at it, but it is actually quite simple once you get used to it. All the features provided by the website are divided into different sections.

They also provide a whole shopping cart section where you can check your account details like purchase history, and status of your queued cart. There are a number of online music lessons listed on the website including shekere lessons.

Surprisingly, all the lessons are taught by Michael himself. The lessons are mostly meant for complete beginners to learn all the basics about the instrument. Some lessons are also taught through the use of skype.

These online private lessons via skype gives you the option of having a one-on-one online session with Michael. The website also provides you with a 20-minute long demo lesson which is totally free.

Michael gives a step-by-step guide on learning and improving your ability to play a shekere. Overall, the website will be a great pick for those looking to learn in a simple and productive manner.

3) X8Drums

X8drums Learn Shekere Lessons Online

X8 Drums is a great website completely dedicated to teaching percussion instruments. With an easy and interactive interface, they provide a variety of online lessons on percussion instruments. They also feature an online shop where a number of musical instruments are available.

The website provides you with a filter option, which makes sorting out according to the required needs of user easier. They provide online lessons for djembe drums, cajon instruments, congas instruments, percussion instruments and many more.

The shekere lesson featured in the website is also taught by Michael Pluznick. He teaches you in an easy and quick manner, while making sure you would learn all the basics. You will learn the basic rhythm of a shekere and how to hold it while playing the instrument.

X8 Drums provides a great deal of features and a very user-friendly approach to learning online lessons. You will learn all the basic aspects of playing a shekere in a very short amount of time.

While maintaining great quality, the course is basic enough for a person with no prior knowledge about music instruments to understand easily.

In short, X8 Drums is a solid choice for beginners looking for online lessons that will teach them how to play a shekere in a very quick and easy way.

Choosing The Best Shekere Lesson Online

Playing a musical instrument is a very healthy activity, offering a lot of advantages. These advantages are but not limited to producing and increasing your perseverance, sharpening your concentration, reducing stress and endorsing happiness.

One might simply be interested on learning how to play a percussion instrument, or a shekere in general. It surely is not an easy task to learn how to play one, but isn’t impossible either if you’re willing to spend enough time.

After reviewing a number of websites, we’ve come up with a list of websites that will teach you everything required for playing a shekere. All these websites are mentioned in the article along with a brief analysis.

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