15 Websites to Learn Self Expression Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

Self-expression is one of the most important things in our life. Although it may not seem like it, self-expression allows people to build confidence in themselves and allows them to distinguish themselves from other human beings around them.

The very meaning of self-expression is to express your own feelings and thoughts from time to time.

There are many a few ways for a person to express themselves. For example some people fit self-expression in to their hobbies, meaning that they use writings, paintings or other creative activities as a means to define who they are and how they feel.

Some people do it through the art of dancing, defining themselves using their own movements. Even the way you dress can be used to define yourself.

However as easy as these things sound, they simply aren’t. It can be a difficult thing to do, as a lot of people are afraid to tell others how they feel. This is where things such as self-expression lessons come in.

15 Websites to Learn Self Expression Lessons Online Reviews

1) MasterClass

MasterClass Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

RuPaul is a name known to quite a few people around the world. The famous American drag queen is a renowned actor, singer, model, songwriter as well as other things, one of them being a popular television personality.

Actors, singers, and models are all about expressing themselves, and RuPaul’s ability to do it so well is what made him so famous, along with his other talents. In these lessons, he speaks out to the people taking said lessons.

He introduces himself, and makes you familiar with the adventure that you are about to embark on with him. He talks about the legends that have shaped him, and encourages you to find idols to look up to as well.

RuPaul asks you to find people to keep around you, who will support you on your journey to express yourself. He advises you to let go of the past and teaches you how to look forward.

Along with this, he teaches you multiple other things, and shows you how to stand out in a crowd to truly express yourself.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

Udemy is a website filled with thousands of different lessons for every single thing. Naturally, this also includes classes that help you to express yourself. These lessons are related to all forms of self-expression, whether through the form of painting or through writing.

There are lessons that will teach you that the fear of rejection is a normal one to have, and it is, in no way, bigger than any of the other fears we have.

These lessons will tell you about self-rejection, about what fear is and how we have one of the biggest parts in creating it for ourselves. They will tell you how to use your own emotional intelligence in an effective way to develop your own self.

They teach you how your own development is one of the main steps forward when it comes to self-expression and to communicate with others in an effective way.

A wide majority of these lessons have the goal of teaching you how to stand up for yourself to truly define the way you feel.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

Featuring a wide variety of different lessons for a wide variety of different things, Lynda is a project of LinkedIn, the famous American social network that primarily focuses on things such career development and networking on a professional basis.

As you would expect from multiple different self-expression lessons, there are many different views on how to express yourself.

While some approach a more modern take such as using social media as a means of expressing yourself, other lessons approach a more conventional take, such as using poetry, paining, writing and the practice of poetry as a means to convey how you feel, something that has been done by people for centuries.

One lesson focuses on taking anything that appears in your mind, and painting it. This is one of the most effective ways of expressing what you are feeling to other people as well as yourself.

Sketching is also a great way of doing this, as the lesson will teach you. Other lessons will also do similar things, and teach you how to express thoughts.

4) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

Skillshare is a website where people from all over the world try to help other people by featuring lessons based on creative hobbies like writing, painting, poetry and others.

Because of this, most of the self-expression classes that you’ll see on here will revolve around that exact basis. There is a wide variety of different lessons to choose from.

As mentioned previously, these lessons focus on things like art and writing, however there are other lessons that teach you how to express yourself through your own action, and how to use social media as a means to express your thoughts to other people and let them hear how you feel about a specific thing.

There are lessons that will teach you how to describe something that you may have gone through in your own life by utilizing poetic language. Some will teach you to photograph your thoughts, and spread them on social media.

Others will teach you how to use art as a means to convey your thoughts, while some tell you how to find yourself.

5) Study

Study Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

This lesson on study.com, teaches you about what self-expression is. About how self-expression can be a different thing for every other person.

It teaches us why each person expressing themselves is important, as it is a way for every single person to distinguish themselves from others, so everyone feels like a separate human being, instead of each and every single one of us being identical machines.

One of the main things that the lesson focuses on, is how expressing our feelings can be helpful not only for us, but also for others.

If we take the time to convey our feelings, we will be able to tell all others how we feel, and even though some people may not agree with you, others might be inspired to follow the same path, helping every individual grow as a person.

It also discusses types of self-expression, and how each type is same, yet different in their own ways. The lesson also explains to both teachers and students how self-expression is an important part of the classroom.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

As you can probably guess from the name of the lesson, it primarily focuses on using your emotional intelligence to express your thoughts and feelings in a respectful manner.

The main three points that this lesson focuses on are emotional expression, assertiveness, and independence, all 3 of which are some of the most important emotional intelligence competencies.

The lesson takes you through a journey to discover the way you communicate, how others feel about you when you communicate in a specific manner and how this kind of thing can have a positive impact on your relations with others.

The lesson will attempt to develop a need of bettering yourself inside of you, while also letting you know that not everything can always go your way, which is why you should never let failure let you down.

It helps you by letting you utilize your failures as growing experiences and ways to correct your mistakes in the future. Above all else, it focuses on getting you to stand out and express yourself as a leader.

7) YouForYouth

YouForYouth Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

A lesson made for students, it tells them how to improve both their creativity as well as their means to express themselves. It uses a range of media to approach students and teach them in a comfortable manner.

Featuring on creativity, it takes a more technological approach as compared to the more conventional one. It encourages students to work together and with their teachers.

You can form a group with your fellow students and your instructor can choose how to assist you and help you grow. You yourself can decide whether you want to focus on, allowing you to improve in whatever you feel like you need to improve in.

The group of students can work together in the project to improve themselves in certain aspects, while the teacher or instructor can point out their flaws and assist them when it comes to improving them.

It lets each individual student think for themselves, while also building leadership qualities in them as they guide each other each other towards success, something that can help a lot with self-expression.

8) Intuitive Art Workshop

Tracy-s-School Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

This is more of a guide as compared to a lesson, which is why it states itself as a workshop.

In this workshop, you not only work on your craftsmanship skills when it comes to painting, you also work on yourself and develop confidence and the ability to express yourself.

The lesson teaches you how there are many people, maybe including even you, that think they are not good enough to take up art.

However it also teaches you how this is completely wrong, and how anyone can be a great artist if they try hard enough, and if they believe in themselves.

It teaches you to not try to compare your works or yourself to others, because everyone works in different ways, and that creativity is in no way a competition.

Learning this can help you to become more creative, and teach you that you don’t need to create something better than others, instead, all you have to do is create something of yourself. Something that is unique and expresses how you feel.

9) Carolynstern

Carolynstern Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

This is another lesson which takes self-expression through emotional intelligence as its main focus. Split into a total of six different videos, each one focusing on different aspects and different competencies of emotional intelligence.

By taking this lesson with your complete undivided attention, you’ll be able to tell exactly how you communicate, and how it comes off to your colleagues and others, allowing you to eliminate any things that you’d like to eliminate from your communication methods and letting you work with said colleagues with a better understanding of one another.

In short, it allows you to express yourself in a way that others will be able to understand and help you with, helping both them and you.

Another thing that the lesson will teach you is how to express yourself non-verbally, while obviously focusing on verbal expression as well.

Across these 6 videos, you will learn 5 different tips that will help you greatly when expressing yourself through words, while also discovering what to and not to do when expressing thoughts.


Cphr Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

A lesson split into 6 different videos, this lesson focuses only on boosting your self-expression by teaching you how to express yourself through both your statements, and your actions.

The videos pay attention to three different things, which are in some ways similar to each other and help you become a better thinker. These three things are independence when it comes to the way you think, emotional expression, and assertiveness.

Throughout these lessons, Carolyn Stern, a corporate trainer who is also a university professor and a certified Emotional Intelligence Expert will be your instructor.

She will teach you how to balance your own independence, so others do not feel like you are imposing them, while you yourself can gain empowerment in your own mind.

The lesson will allow you to express yourself in a way which comes off as both impressive and understandable for your peers and superiors alike.

You will also learn how to effectively communicate with others, something that can be very helpful for maintaining strong relations with other people.

11) KidPass

KidPass Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

An online class that has been made specifically for children, preferably those around the ages of 7-11, this class covers things such as drawing and painting, and how children can express the things that they feel through them.

The 1 hour class is made to be fun for kids, being interactive while also being intuitive and a learning experience for all children around the world.

Another good thing about the class is that it is online and can be taken with a group of other children, allowing your kids to take these classes with their friends and learn in a fun and new manner.

The online part of the class has its advantages, as children can clear out any mistakes that they are making while also being provided with support from the instructor.

You can also believe that your children will be learning something new, since no same lesson is ever repeated, allowing your children to gain more and more knowledge by the day. The class is a good way to familiarize children with self-expression.

12) Classpert

Classpert Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

This lesson focuses on teaching you to take some time out of your packed schedule in an attempt to connect with yourself.

Whether you wish to focus on going on a journey to find yourself or whether you want to find a way to express yourself better, this lesson will help you through your struggle and teach you how to become better at the latter.

First of all, the lesson talks about your interests, and no matter what your interests lie in, for example crafting, writing, drawing or singing, the lesson will focus on them as long as they are o a creative nature and help you improve the way you express yourself through them.

One of the things that the lesson mentions is that even if you are a person of middle age, it is still okay to not know who you are and it is ok to change as a person once you’ve grown older. The 5 minute lesson each day will help you find out more about yourself.

13) Gulftalent

Gulftalent Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

A lesson on gulftalent.com, it is provided to you by Simpliv LLC, a company that has provided learners with a wide variety of different lessons and guides, which many a few have found helpful in their own ways.

Package 3 of the Leading with Emotional intelligence Minor program, this one features competencies of emotional intelligence such as independence and emotional expression, while also talking about assertiveness.

Assertiveness can be a sensitive thing, as if you try too hard, people will thing that you are imposing them and start to lose respect for you, while if you don’t try at all you will start to lose belief in your own self.

The lesson tells you about what to and what not to do when trying to gain the attention of your colleagues or superiors so that you can communicate in a better and impressive manner that will help you to improve both your workplace and casual relationships.

Anyone who wishes to learn about emotional intelligence and/or wants to learn how to express themselves better is qualified to take the lesson.

14) Teachers Pay Teachers

TeachersPayTeachers Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

A website made for teachers and how they can improve their methods when it comes to educating children, most of the lessons you will find on here will be most suited to teachers, or your students if you are one.

There are many resources that are suited for kindergarten kids that will be able to both enjoy them, while also being able to comfortably learn from them in a way that they will understand and will be able to remember.

For example, one of the products is a game that has been made specifically or self-expression. The game asks children questions regarding a numerous amount of things, some of the main ones being bullying, self-esteem, divorce and friendship.

Depending on how the kids view these subjects you and the game will be able to help them overcome any problems that they may be facing while also creating a learning opportunity for them to improve how they think, and their confidence.

There are also books and activities that allow them to express themselves through activities like art and song.

15) Sedl

Sedl Learn Self Expression Lessons Online

This lesson features a vide which shows some children from the school of hearts use a variety of different technological equipment such as a camera and computers to develop a short film which focuses on the science fiction genre.

The technological aspect of this practice can be a good thing, as a lot of children prefer technological methods as opposed to the conventional methods of drawing and writing when it comes to expressing themselves.

In this lesson, you as a student, can work together with you classmates by working on a project similar to something that the children at the school of hearts worked on, however you can choose to focus on something else entirely, such as history or math.

This practice can both be fun for you, as it will be an interesting experience that you go through with your friends, while also being a good one for how you express yourself, as working together in a group of people can improve your communication skills and help you to develop a sense of leadership.

Choosing the Best Self Expression Lesson Online

As you can guess by all the lessons listed above and if you have ever searched some up online, there are more than a few lessons to choose from.

The lessons above can really help you when it comes to building your self-esteem and your self-expression skills, while also providing you a base to grow on.

There are many other classes to choose from as well, if you feel like these do not take an approach suited to you.


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