8 Websites to Learn Rockabilly Guitar Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

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Rockabilly Guitar is another popular genre that is being played, enjoyed and endorsed pretty greatly these days. The nodes that are used on Rockabilly Guitar are somehow similar to the Blues Guitar that is a popular genre of music.

With that being said, you can expect the complications involved with the Rockabilly guitar as you have to not only tune the guitar perfectly but also ensure that you are playing it in the right manner and only with the selective nodes and strings. Ultimately, it would require a great skillset from you and you need to have that ready if you are willing to learn playing the Rockabilly guitar.

If you have experience playing guitar, then it would not be a harder task for you to get yourself acquainted with the genre as you are already familiar with the nodes, chords, strings and the basic guitar playing techniques. What you need to be careful about here is that how not to touch those nodes that are not used in the Rockabilly guitar and the best practices to achieve this.

There are several online websites that can help you with learning the Rockabilly Guitar from scratch or if you want to switch to it from some other genre. While you might be confused between them. Here are a few websites with their brief descriptions to help you get a better idea.

8 Websites to Learn Rockabilly Guitar Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire 

truefire learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

TrueFire.com is one of the best websites to learn guitar. No matter what genre you are looking for to learn on the guitar, this website has an extensive library with courses on all the skills, nodes, tones and chords that you are going to need while playing the guitar.

The best part is that the website has tons of free materials that anyone can access with a free and easy to sign up procedure that is going to help you a lot without having to break your bank with learning the Rockabilly Guitar.

You can easily learn the right skills, postures and techniques for flatpicking, hammer-Ons, Harmony, Bending, Boogie, Chords Progression, and a lot more. The website also sheds a great deal of light on the effect chains and Comping so that you can be proficient with the Rockabilly genre over the guitar and you won’t have to worry about a thing again.

With Truefire.com, you will be getting a way to channel the energy in the right manner and get a sense of appreciation towards an art and your skills as well.

2) GuitarTricks 

guitartricks learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

The name of this website tells the tale and you don’t need to worry about anything while you are learning from this website. There are tens of courses listed on GuitarTricks.com that will allow you to gain the right edge of learning and you will be enjoying a seamless and trouble-free learning experience.

The interesting part is that Rockabilly Guitar lessons are listed as intermediate difficulty levels so you can expect that the teaching narrative is informative that will allow you to gain the right command over all the chords easily and you will be able to practice along in no time at all.

GuitarTricks.com also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to enjoy a seamless learning experience as there is a progress monitor dashboard that lets you track the performance you have made over your learning journey and make every skill count.

Not only that, but you also get access to an interactive toolbox that is located right below the progress bar and you can have easy to use and some highly efficient tools here that will make the whole learning process a lot more fun.

The website allows you to have a deeper look in to the instructor’s life and their career so you can gain all the motivation that you are ever going to need to learn the right skills.

You can also find a New portal with the right news on all the happenings around the world in the field of guitar and you can filter them out for Rockabilly Guitar as well to supplement your learning process.

3) Udemy 

udemy learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

I believe that words will never be enough to describe the popularity and efficiency of Udemy in the world of online learning as it holds one of the vastest libraries across the world that can help you with the online learning process. There are millions of courses listed on Udemy.com out of which you can find several thousands on the Rockabilly Guitar as well.

The interface is great, and there are no monthly subscription fees or anything like that required on the website. You just have to pay for the course that you want to learn from and that should be enough as you will be getting the lifetime access to that course material and other resources that come along with the course.

This allows you to learn at your own comfortable pace and create a schedule at your own convenience. You can also repeat and revise any course, topic or part if you feel like it.

With thousands of course, you get the liberty to create your own curriculum to learn Rockabilly Guitar and that is simply a great thing to have. You can choose what you need to learn based on the experience level of yours, and some other contributing factors.

Not only that, but you will also be able to select other courses, buy them and continue learning from all of them at the same time with the help of Udemy.com.

4) ActiveMelody 

activemelody learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

ActiveMelody.com is another free website that allows you to have the right edge of learning Guitar lessons on any genre. The website is free to use and there are tons of resources listed that can help you with the learning.

There is not only video lessons and courses on Guitar Rhythm and picking styles but a great deal of other content like written instructions and stuff like that so you can have a better and in-depth understanding that is going to help you greatly while you are learning, practicing or playing the Rockabilly Guitar.

You also get to enjoy a forum that is filled with experienced players, learning students, beginners who want to step in the world and aspirants who are just making their minds yet. So, you can interact with them, discuss gear, make friends and enjoy a seamless learning through the time you will be spending on this website.

There might not be lots of courses on the Rockabilly Guitar listed on this website, but you already know that quantity doesn’t define the quality and whatever lesson that you might be choosing here on the website, should help you significantly in taking one step further in your journey towards becoming a pro Rockabilly Guitar Player.

5) GuitarMasterClass 

guitarmasterclass learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

GuitarMasterClass.net is the website that gives you a nostalgic feel by the first look on it and you might feel like you have opened some website a decade ago.

Nevertheless, don’t let the design fool you as it is one of the best websites out there that you can get your hands on with the right content listed to get your hands around any genre of guitar and make it count towards your learning journey.

The website is totally free to use so that is another plus. There are filters in the right column that will help you search for the right course that you might be needing on a difficulty scale from 1-10.

Not only that, but you can also enjoy a seamless learning experience by choosing the lesson Type, Music Category and a search bar to use the keywords for searching any course on the website.

The best part about GuitarMasterClass.net is its scale generator tool that allows you to generate scales online with the help of a simulation tool that will make the practicing process a whole lot fun for you. There are several courses listed on the website on Rockabilly Guitar, including Rockabilly Riffing, Rockabilly Country, Rockabilly Style Solo, Slap Guitar and more.

All these courses will help you choose the right sort of skill that you are looking to learn with the Rockabilly Guitar and make them count when you are finally ready to take the spotlight.

6) Reed 

reed learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

Reed.co.uk is unlike any other online learning platform as not only this is based out of UK and with strict education policies and law there, you can expect that the content you are going to find on the website has been checked by several layers of scrutiny to ensure the maximum information is being delivered through these lessons.

All the lessons that you are going to find on this website are courses that can also help you get a certification upon completion to add the right learning value and significance for the career as well. You are going to enjoy a wide variety of courses with a sense of peace that these courses are designed by practicing high standards of online education.

Coming to Rockabilly Guitar lessons, there are plenty to find on this website. The lessons and courses range from beginner to expert levels so that you can choose a course according to your skill level that you already have and make them count.

You will be able to get certifications on Rockabilly Guitar courses as well so that you can make them work towards building a professional career within the musical industry.

7) CharityJob 

charityjob learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

This is another website based out of UK, but this is not an e-learning website like you might find on the internet. They are offering a platform where you can search for jobs, volunteering opportunities, and career advice on the website.

In addition to all that, the website is free to sign-up with and join so you will not have any problems on that part. The most interesting part is that they are offering some of the best online courses out there and that too for free.

These courses including the course on Rockabilly Guitar are some of the best courses that can help you with getting the employable skills.

The Rockabilly Guitar course that you will find listed on CharityJob.co.uk is not only at a minimal course but it is a great thing to have for an absolute beginner who is looking to step into the world of guitar or want to switch to Rockabilly Guitar.

You will be learning 6 great Rockabilly solos that cover all the basic skills, chords and strings that you are going to need while playing the rockabilly guitar.

8) Wyzant 

charityjob learn rockabilly guitar lessons online

Wyzant.com is nothing like those ordinary websites that have pre-recorded courses listed on them and you can watch the videos to learn the skills that you might want.

While online video lessons and courses are designed with a narrative to cover a vast range of students with different sorts of goals and needs, Wyzant.com allows you a truly personal way of learning online or in-person.

With the help of Wyzant.com, you can find tutors on the website that will be able to teach you all the right skills that you want to need with the Rockabilly Guitar. You have the ability to filter out these tutors and teachers based on their skill level, availability timings, regional location, language and a lot more.

While there are only experienced teachers listed on Wyzant.com, you are going to have a truly personalized learning experience with them on the Rockabilly guitar as you can ask questions, personalize the training according to your goals that you have set and even practice along with them to ensure that you are getting it right and not making any sorts of mistakes.

Choosing The Best Rockabilly Guitar Lesson Online

Rockabilly Guitar can get a bit complexed to learn for most but you can rest assured that online learning can help you get the right command over the genre.

All you need to have is the urge to learn and the right motivation that will keep you going and practice as much as you can. These courses will help you get all the resources that you are going to need over the guitar.

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